Funko Pop Rides Checklist

By: Tony Frye

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Funko Pop Rides pair your favorite pop culture icons with the vehicles that helped make them famous. Whether it’s the Batmobile or Darryl’s motorcycle, this line of vinyl figures is sure to have something for every collector.

Unlike other Pop lines that are divided by category (Movies, Marvel, Animation, etc), Funko Pop Rides encompasses every franchise from every genre that Funko has a license for. Despite the wide breadth of potential updates, Rides is not updated at near the rate as other Funko lines and often one figure at a time instead of batched in waves.

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1BatmobileBlue200BatmanNYCC13/Toy Tokyo
1BatmobileRed300BatmanSDCC14/Toy Tokyo
1BatmobileGold300BatmanSDCC14/Toy Tokyo
1BatmobileChromeBatmanSDCC16/Toy Tokyo
2Time MachineBack to the Future
3Tony’s ConvertibleScarface
4Ecto-1 w/ Winston ZeddemoreGhostbusters
4Ecto-1 w/ Egon SpenglerSlimedGhostbusters
5Turtle VanTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
8Daryl Dixon’s ChopperWalking Dead
9Crystal ShipBreaking Bad
10Deadpool’s Chimichanga TruckMarvel
10Deadpool’s Chimichanga TruckX-ForceMarvelSDCC15
10Deadpool’s Chimichanga TruckRed3000MarvelNYCC15
11Mean MachineWacky Racers
11Mean MachineMetallicWacky RacersToy Tokyo
12Director Coulson w/ LolaAgents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
13Ant-Man and Ant-ThonyAnt-Man
14Jake Car w/ FinnAdventure Time
15Daenerys & DrogonGame of Thrones
16Wonder Woman w/ Invisible JetWonder Woman
171970 Charger w/ Dom TorettoFast and the Furious
18Merryn w/ S.S. EirninSong of the DeepGameStop
19Indy’s RideLEIndiana JonesNYCC16
20Hogwarts Express EngineHarry Potter
21Hogwarts Express CarriageHarry Potter
22Hogwarts Express CarriageHarry Potter
23Ecto-1 w/ Jillian HoltzmannGhostbusters
24Ecto-1 w/ SlimerRedGhostbustersSDCC16
25A-Team Van w/ B.A. BaracusA Team
25Marvin the Martian3000Duck DodgersFunko Shop
26Wolverine’s MotorcycleX-MenMCC
28Flintmobile w/ Dino6000FlintstonesFunko Shop
29Phooeymobile3000Hong Kong PhooeyECCC17
32Baby w/ DeanSupernaturalSDCC17
33Ghost RiderMarvelPX Previews
33Ghost RiderGITDMarvelPX Previews
34Rick’s ShipRick and MortyHot Topic
35The Red OneLilo & StitchBoxLunch
36Deadpool on UnicornDeadpoolMCC
37Mad Max RickRick and Morty
38Orville w/ Miss Bianca & BernardRescuersDisney Treasures
39Park VehicleJurassic Park
40Espresso Trip Tina & UnicornBob’s BurgersSDCC18/BoxLunch
41Zim & Gir on The PigInvader ZimHot Topic
42The Nux Car5000Mad MaxSDCC18/Funko Shop
43Hercules & PegasusDisney
44James Bond w/ Aston Martin DB5James Bond
45Elastigirl on ElasticycleIncredibles 2
46Baby w/ SamSupernaturalHot Topic
46Baby w/ SamChromeChaseSupernaturalHot Topic
47Splash MountainDisneyDisney Parks
48Deadpool on ScooterDeadpool
49Ezra in BuggyHaunted MansionDisney Parks
50Michael Knight w/ KITTKnight Rider
51Spider-Man w/ SpidermobileMarvelWalgreens
52Pizza Planet Truck & Buzz LightyearToy StoryNYCC18/BoxLunch
54Alice at the Mad Tea PartyMad Tea PartyDisney Resorts
55Sora Riding Heartless WaveKingdom HeartsGameStop
56Woody w/ RCToy Story
57Carol Danvers on MotorcycleCaptain Marvel
58Night King & Icy ViserionGame of Thrones
59Freddy’s RideBlueLEFunkoFunko Shop
59Freddy’s RideTaxi2000FunkoNYCC16
59Freddy’s RideRed500FunkoSDCC16
60Mounted Night WalkerGame of Thrones
60Mounted White WalkerGITDGame of ThronesAmazon
61Cruella in CarDisney VillainsHot Topic
62Moana & Pua on BoatMoanaSDCC19/BoxLunch
63Witch King on FellbeastLord of the Rings
64Crash BandicootCrash Team Racing
65Matterhorn Bobsled & Abominable SnowmanDisneyDisney Parks
66Mickey in Matterhorn Bobsled1500DisneyNYCC19
67Jon Snow & RhaegalGame of Thrones
68Daenerys & Fiery DrogonGame of Thrones
70Disney Skyliner & Mickey MouseDisneyDisney Parks
71Gizmo in Red CarGremlinsHot Topic
72Gandalf on GwaihirLord of the Rings
73Jiraiya on ToadNaruto ShippudenHot Topic
74Elsa Riding Nokk6″Frozen II
75Speed Racer with the Mach 5Speed Racer
76Mulan Riding KhanMulan
77Mushu Riding Panda6″LEMulanECCC20/Hot Topic
78Cinderella’s CarriageCinderella
79Jungle CruiseJungle Cruise ExcursionsDisney Parks
80Cheshire at the Mad Tea PartyAlice in WonderlandWonderCon19/Funko Shop
81Ice Cube w/ Impala6″Ice Cube
82BanditSmokey and the Bandit
84He-Man on BattlecatMasters of the Universe
85Share Bear w/ Cloud MobileLECare BearsFunko Shop
86Valkyrie’s FlightAvengers: Endgame
88Matterhorn Bobsled Attraction and Donald DuckDisneyland 65th
89Mr. Toad in CarDisneyland 65th
90Clark GriswoldChristmas VacationWalmart
91Sweet Tooth & Ice Cream TruckTwisted MetalGameStop
92Dumbo Ride w/ MinnieDisneyland 65th
93Harry, Hermione, & Ron riding Gringotts DragonHarry Potter
94Peter Pan (in Flying Ride)Disneyland 65th
95Lloyd Christmas on BicycleDumb & Dumber
96Harry in Mutts Cutts VanDumb & Dumber
97WienermobileOscar Mayer
98Skeletor on PanthorMasters of the Unverse
99Sheriff Deadpool Riding HorseyLEMarvelFunko Shop
101Evel Knievel on MotorcycleEvel Knievel
102Stitch in RocketLilo & StitchFunko Fair 2021
2771950 BatmobileBatman 80th
2771950 BatmobileBlue MetallicBatman 80thAmazon

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