Funko Pop Back to the Future Checklist

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Back to the Future has featured in several Funko Pop lines over the years with a first wave released very early on the Pop Movies checklist.

This checklist compiles all of the Funko Pop Back to the Future figures released. Characters appearing in non Pop lines (Dorbz, Rock Candy, etc.) will be listed on the respective checklists for that collection.

Clicking a link within this checklist will direct you to an affiliate retailer or to relevant eBay listings for that figure.

Movies RidesTowns

Funko Pop Back to the Future Checklist

Master List – Funko Pop Movies

49Marty McFly
50Dr. Emmett Brown
61Marty McFlyError Number
62Dr. Emmett BrownError Number
62Dr. Emmett BrownError Number, GITDMegacon14
236Dr. Emmett BrownLoot Crate
245Marty McFlyHoverboardFUN
602Marty McFlyLEFan Expo
815Marty McFlyAnti-Radiation SuitLENYCC19/Funko Shop
816Marty McFlyCowboyHot Topic
957Marty 1955
958Marty w/ Glasses
959Doc w/ Helmet
960Doc 2015
961Marty in Puffy Vest
962Marty in Future Outfit
963Biff Tannen
965Marty Checking WatchSDCC20/Walmart

Funko Pop Back to the Future Rides

Master List – Funko Pop Rides

2Time Machine

Funko Pop Back to the Future Towns

Master List – Funko Pop Towns

15Doc w/ Clock Tower


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