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Funko Pop Towns pairs iconic characters with the buildings and landmarks they’re synonymous with. Each building includes a character pop and many of the sets can be combined with other pops from the franchise.

This is a fairly recent addition to the Funko line of figures and will be a big hit for folks who like to display their collection outside of the box.

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1Scooby-Doo w/ Haunted MansionScooby-Doo
2Spongebob w/ Gary and Pineapple HouseSpongebob Squarepants
3Dr. Peter Venkman w/ FirehouseGhostbusters
4U.A. High School w/ Deku UniformMy Hero AcademiaNY Toy Fair
5Kevin w/ Up HouseUpLEFall Convention
6Beetlejuice w/ Dantes Inferno RoomBeetlejuiceHot Topic
7Jack Skellington w/ Jack’s HouseNightmare Before Christmas
8Hagrid’s Hut w/ FangHarry Potter
9Batman w/ Hall of JusticeJustice League
10Demonic Pennywise w/ FunhouseIT
11Dagobah Yoda with HutStar Wars
12Freddy Funko w/ Funko HQFunkoSpring Convention
13Alfred Pennyworth w/ Wayne ManorBatman
14Fred Flintstone w/ HouseFlintstones
15Doc w/ Clock TowerBack to the Future
16Molly Weasley w/ The BurrowHarry Potter
19Butler w/ Haunted MansionDisneyland
20Walt Disney w/ Sleeping Beauty CastleDisneyland
21Mickey w/ Sleeping Beauty CastleDisneyland
22Big Boy w/ RestaurantBob’s Big Boy
23Skeletor w/ Snake MountainMOTU
24South Park Elementary w/ PC PrincipalSouth Park
25Michael Myers w/ Myers HouseHalloweenSpirit
26Cinderella Castle w/ Mickey MouseDisneyland
27Albus Dumbledore w/ HogwartsHarry Potter
28Space Mountain and Mickey MouseDisneylandAmazon
30John Hammond w/ The GatesJurassic ParkTarget
32Smee w/ Skull RockDisneylandLEFall Convention 2022