Privacy Policy

Hero Habit values every visitor and customer on our site. We promise to never sell or distribute any information you have provided to any third parties no matter how much they may beg us. While we won’t share your information and have taken every precaution to protect what you share with Hero Habit, we are not responsible with information you share with other users by utilizing our social media features. Please proceed with caution when exchanging information or negotiating sales or trades with other users of the site.

Many of the features on our site — such as product reviews, shopping carts, and social networking — may require the use of cookies. Further, clicking outbound links from our page may require cookies so that we, Hero Habit, can make money through our various affiliates. All of these cookies are critical to the functionality of our site and serve very specific needs.

If you have any questions about the policies used on this site, please reach out to the site administrator.