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Funko Dorbz Ridez pair your favorite Dorbz figures with vehicles like the Batmobile, Ecto-1, and the Invisible Airplane.

Many Dorbz Ridez figures are limited editions or retail/convention exclusives and can be quite valuable. The Ridez are not as frequently updated as many other Funko lines but many of the most popular franchises have been represented in the checklist very early on.

Funko Dorbz Ridez Checklist

1Batman BatmobileBatman 66
1Batman BatmobileRedBatman 66NYCC15
1Batman BatmobileBlueBatman 66Toy Tokyo
1Batman BatmobileGoldBatman 66Toy Tokyo
1Batman BatmobileChrome500Batman 66CCCC
2Egon and Ecto-1Marshmallow SplatteredGhostbusters
3Wonder Woman w/ Invisible JetWonder Woman
4Batman w/ BatmobileBatman vs Superman
5Fred w/ Mystery MachineScooby-Doo
5VanellopeWreck it RalphHot Topic, SDCC16
7Einstein w/ DeLoreanBack to the Future
8Fleegle300Banana SplitsNYCC16
9Bingo300Banana SplitsSDCC16
10Drooper300Banana SplitsNYCC16
11Snorky300Banana SplitsSDCC16
13Count ChoculaCount ChoculaToy Tokyo
14Fruit Brute w/ RideGITD1500Fruit BruteFunkoween
15Penelope Pitstop w/ Compact Pussycat2000Penelope PitstopNYCC16
17Beast w/ Blackbird JetX-MenWalmart
18Yummy Mummy w/ Ride3000Yummy MummyFunko Shop
19Muttley w/ Mean Machine3000Wacky RacesFunko Shop
20He-Man w/ Battle Cat5000Masters of the UniverseFunko Shop
21Skeletor w/ PanthorMasters of the UniverseSDCC17
22Frankenberry2000FrankenberryFunko Shop
23Booberry2000BooberryFunko Shop
24George Jetson w/ Spaceship5000JetsonsFunko Shop
25Hoth Han Solo w/ Taun TaunStar WarsD23 Expo
26Freddy Funko w/ Ice Cream Truck4000FunkoFunko Shop
27Ghost RiderMarvel
28Great GazooFlintstonesECCC
30Aladdin & Abu w/ Magic CarpetDisneySDCC17
31Storm w/ Stealth BlackbirdMarvelWalmart
32Big Gruesome in Creepy Coupe2000Wacky RacesFunko Shop
33Peter Perfect w/ Turbo Terrific1500Wacky RacesSDCC17
35Rufus Ruffcut & Sawtooth1500Wacky RacesSDCC17
37Mr Toad’s Wild Ride750Mr. Toad’s Wild RideNYCC17
38Gravel Slag w/ Boulder Mobile2000Wacky RacesNYCC17
39Brenner w/ Hawkins VanStranger Things
40Hopper w/ Sheriff Deputy TruckStranger Things
41Grinch and Max on SleighThe Grinch
42Wonder Woman w/ HorseWonder Woman
43Panthro w/ Thundertank3000ThundercatsFunko Shop
44Jolly Roger w/ Pirate ShipPirates of the CaribbeanDisney Resorts

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