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From animation to action, classic to contemporary, Funko Pop Movies brings all of the greatest cinematic characters to your display case with stylized vinyl figurines.

With a checklist quickly approaching 1,000 figures, this is one of the most expansive collectible lines by any manufacturer. And there is no end to its expansion in the near future.

The collection includes dozens of variant figures and retail exclusives. Coupled with the numerous editions from annual comic conventions, finding all the characters desired could prove challenging for collectors.

In addition to the main Funko Movies line, there are a handful of movies with their own line including Funko Pop Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Funko Pop Harry Potter, and Funko Pop Star Wars.

Our checklist includes all of the base and variant figures released and is updated as new additions to the line are announced. Clicking a link within this checklist will redirect you to eBay or one of our affiliate retailers.

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Funko Pop Movies Checklist
Base Figures – 300+
Black and White – B&W
Glow in the Dark – GITD
Emerald City Comic Con – ECCC
New York Comic Con – NYCC
San Diego Comic-Con – SDCC
Combo PackSquints & Wendy PeffercornSandlotTarget
Combo PackFrog BrothersLELost BoysFunko Shop
Combo PackMatthew Patel & Demon ChickScott Pilgrim vs the WorldSDCC18
Combo PackGrinch & Cindy-Lou WhoGrinchBarnes & Noble
Combo PackWayne & GarthWayne's WorldTarget
Combo PackWayne & GarthHockeyWayne's WorldTarget
Combo PackBaby & JohnnyDirty DancingTarget
Combo PackRomeo & JulietRomeo and JulietTarget
Combo PackRose & JackTitanicTarget
Combo PackMichael Bolton & SamirOffice SpaceECCC19
Combo PackGideon Graves & Ramona FlowersScott Pilgrim vs the WorldECCC18
Combo PackKatayangi TwinsScott Pilgrim vs the WorldNYCC18/Funko Shop
Combo PackVegan PoliceScott Pilgrim vs the WorldSDCC19
Combo PackBluntman & ChronicJay and Silent BobNYCC19/FYE
Combo PackDr. Peter Venkman (Slimed) & Slimer (Metallic)2500GhostbustersSDCC14
Combo PackDr. Peter Venkman, Dr. Raymond Stantz, Dr. Egon Spengler, Winston ZeddmoreMarshmallowedGhostbustersSDCC14
Combo PackThe Gatekeeper, Zuul, The KeymasterGhostbustersWalmart
Combo PackAbby Yates, Patty Tolan, Erin Gilbert, Jillian HoltzmanGhostbustersFYE/HMV
Combo PackBob Barker & Happy GilmoreHappy Gilmore
Combo PackZero & GustaveLEGrand Budapest HotelECCC20
Combo PackEvil Minion, Carl & DaveGITDDespicable Me 2Barnes & Noble
Combo PackTourist Dave & Tourist JerryDespicable Me 3FYE
Combo PackUniversal Monsters 4-PackB&WMonstersGemini Collectibles
Combo PackUniversal Monsters 4-PackMetallic300MonstersGemini Collectibles
Combo PackDurotan & OrgrimWarcraftFYE
Combo PackThe TwinsMiss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
Combo PackFreddy Krueger / Jason VoorheesNightmare on Elm Street/Friday the 13th
Combo PackFreddy Krueger / Jason VoorheesBloodyNightmare on Elm Street/Friday the 13thBoxLunch
Combo PackClark Griswold & Cousin EddieChristmas VacationFYE
Combo PackAragorn & ArwenLord of the RingsSDCC17/Barnes & Noble
Combo PackDeadite & AshArmy of DarknessHMV
Combo PackThe Grady TwinsThe ShiningTarget
Combo PackThe Grady TwinsBloodyChaseThe ShiningTarget
Combo PackMia & SebastianLa La Land
Combo PackThe Wet BanditsHome AloneBest Buy
Combo PackDennis Nedry & DilophosaurusJurassic ParkEntertainment Earth
1Jason VoorheesFriday the 13th
1Jason VoorheesGITDChaseFriday the 13th
2Freddy KruegerNightmare on Elm Street
2Freddy KruegerGITDChaseNightmare on Elm Street
3Michael MyersHalloween
3Michael MyersGITDChaseHalloween
7Dorothy & TotoWizard of Oz
8Wicked WitchWizard of Oz
8Wicked WitchMetallicWizard of OzSDCC11
9Winged MonkeyWizard of Oz
9Winged MonkeyMetallicWizard of OzSDCC11
10V for VendettaV for Vendetta
10V for VendettaMetallicV for VendettaSDCC12
11LeatherfaceTexas Chainsaw Massacre
11LeatherfaceBloodyChaseTexas Chainsaw Massacre
12Bilbo BagginsHobbit
12Bilbo BagginsSpiderwebsHobbitHot Topic
15Alan & Baby CarlosHangover
17Edward ScissorhandsEdward Scissorhands
18Rocky BalboaRocky
19Apollo CreedRocky
20Clubber LangRocky
21Ivan DragoRocky
23Dr. ManhattanWatchmen
25Hannibal LecterSilence of the Lambs
26CorneliusPlanet of the Apes
27Dr. ZaiusPlanet of the Apes
28General UrsusPlanet of the Apes
29Ape SoldierPlanet of the Apes
31PredatorClearPredatorGemini Collectibles
31PredatorClear, BloodyPredatorHot Topic
32Ace VenturaAce Ventura
33GruDespicable Me 2
34AgnesDespicable Me 2
35CarlDespicable Me 2
35CarlGITD1008Despicable Me 2SDCC13
35CarlMustacheDespicable Me 2Entertainment Earth
35CarlPurpleDespicable Me 2SDCC14
36DaveDespicable Me 2
36DavePurpleDespicable Me 2SDCC14
36DaveMetallic1008Despicable Me 2SDCC13
37Evil MinionDespicable Me 2
37Evil MinionMetallic480Despicable Me 2SDCC13
38Tin ManWizard of Oz
39ScarecrowWizard of Oz
40Cowardly LionWizard of Oz
40Cowardly LionFlockedWizard of OzGemini
41Glinda the GoodWizard of Oz
42JayJay and Silent Bob Strike Back
43Silent BobJay and Silent Bob Strike Back
44Bilbo BagginsInvisibleHobbit
46Legolas GreeneafHobbit
46Legolas GreenleafBlue EyedHobbitHot Topic
47Thorin OakenshieldHobbit
49Marty McFlyBack to the Future
50Dr. Emmett BrownBack to the Future
52BillyGITD, BloodySawSDCC14
53AshArmy of Darkness
54DeaditeArmy of Darkness
54DeaditeGITDArmy of DarknessBangkok Comic Com
56ChuckyChild's Play 2
56ChuckyBloodyChild's Play 2Hot Topic
57SamTrick 'R' Treat
58Captain SpauldingThe Devils Rejects
59EnderEnder's Game
60PetraEnder's Game
61Vincent VegaPulp Fiction
61Vincent VegaBloodyPulp FictionSDCC14
61Marty McFlyError NumberBack to the Future
62JulesPulp Fiction
62JulesBloodyPulp FictionSDCC14
62Dr. Emmett BrownError NumberBack to the Future
62Dr. Emmett BrownError Number, GITDBack to the FutureMegacon14
63Mia WallacePulp Fiction
64JimmiePulp Fiction
65Butch CoolidgePulp Fiction
68The BrideKill Bill
69BillKill Bill
70O-Ren IshiiKill Bill
71GoGo YubariKill Bill
71GoGo YubariBloodyKill BillEntertainment Earth
72Crazy 88Kill Bill
81The DudeBig Lebowski
82WalterBig Lebowski
83DonnyBig Lebowski
84MaudeBig Lebowski
85The JesusBig Lebowski
86Tony MontoyaScarface
89Robby the RobotForbidden Planet
89Robby the RobotTurquoiseForbidden PlanetGemini Collectibles
89Robby the RobotPurpleForbidden PlanetGemini Collectibles
90Iron GiantIron Giant
91ManoloBook of Life
92MariaBook of Life
93XibalbaBook of Life
94La MuerteBook of Life
95HiccupHow to Train Your Dragon 2
96AstridHow to Train Your Dragon 2
97StormflyHow to Train Your Dragon 2
98HookfangHow to Train Your Dragon 2
99Barf and BelchHow to Train Your Dragon 2
100ToothlessHow to Train Your Dragon 2
100ToothlessMetallicHow to Train Your Dragon 2Hot Topic
100ToothlessRacing StripesHow to Train Your Dragon 2Walmart
101Optimus PrimeTransformers
101Optimus PrimeMetallicTransformersBarnes & Noble
102Bumblebeew/ Arm BlasterTransformersWalmart
103Autobot DriftTransformers
104Dr. Peter VenkmanGhostbusters
105Dr. Raymond StantzGhostbusters
106Dr. Egon SpenglerGhostbusters
109Stay Puft Marshmallow ManGhostbusters
109Stay Puft Marshmallow ManGITDGhostbustersSDCC14
109Stay Puft Marshmallow ManToastedGhostbustersHot Topic
109Stay Puft Marshmallow ManPinkGhostbustersSDCC14
109Stay Puft Marshmallow ManPink, GITDGhostbustersSDCC14
110Optimus Primew/ SwordTransformersHot Topic
112FrankensteinGITDMonstersHot Topic
113Bride of FrankensteinMonsters
113Bride of FrankensteinGITDMonstersHot Topic
114Wolf ManMonsters
114Wolf ManFlockedMonstersToy Tokyo
114Wolf ManGITDMonstersNYCC
116Creature from the Black LagoonMonsters
116Creature from the Black LagoonGITDMonstersGemini Collectibles
116Creature from the Black LagoonGITDMonstersGemini Collectibles
117Phantom of the OperaMonsters
118Metaluna MutantMonsters
122SauronLord of the Rings
124SmaugYellow EyesChaseHobbit
124SmaugGoldHobbitHot Topic
125Hula MinionDespicable Me
125Hula MinionGITD1500Despicable MeNYCC15
126Fire Alarm MinionDespicable Me
127Jupiter JonesJupiter Ascending
128Caine WiseJupiter Ascending
129Queen JupiterJupiter Ascending
133The CrowThe Crow
133The CrowGlowThe CrowHot Topic
134PinheadHellraiser 3
137Samantha BakerSixteen Candles
138Jake RyanSixteen Candles
139Ted the GeekSixteen Candles
140Long Duck DongSixteen Candles
141Stay Puft DomoDomo Ghostbusters
142Domo GhostbusterDomo Ghostbusters
143Domo SlimerDomo Ghostbusters
144Andrew ClarkBreakfast Club
145Brian JohnsonBreakfast Club
146John BenderBreakfast Club
147Claire StandishBreakfast Club
148Allison ReynoldsBreakfast Club
149Richard VernonBreakfast Club
150ManoloBook of Life
151Jack BurtonBig Trouble in Little China
152Gracie LawBig Trouble in Little China
153Lo PanBig Trouble in Little China
153Lo PanGITDBig Trouble in Little ChinaPX Previews
154RainBig Trouble in Little China
155ThunderBig Trouble in Little China
156LightningBig Trouble in Little China
158Agent SmithMatrix
161SkipperPenguins of Madagascar
161SkipperCheesyPenguins of Madagascar
162KowalskiPenguins of Madagascar
163RicoPenguins of Madagascar
164PrivatePenguins of Madagascar
165Short FusePenguins of Madagascar
166Bored Silly KevinMinions
167Au NaturelMinions
167Au NaturelGITDMinions
168King BobMinions
170Eye MatieMinions
171Gone BattyMinionsSDCC15
172Ricow/ Mallet1000Penguins of MadagascarNYCC15
173Morton Schmidt21 Jump Street
174Greg Jenko21 Jump Street
178Daniel LaRussoKarate Kid
179Mr. MiyagiKarate Kid
180Johnny LawrenceKarate Kid
181Connor MacManusBoondock Saints
182Murphy MacManusBoondock Saints
183Ricky BobbyTalladega Nights
184Cal Naughton Jr.Talladega Nights
185Jean GirardTalladega Nights
187Ted w/ RemoteTed 2
187Ted w/ RemoteFlockedTed 2SDCC15
188Ted w/ BeerTed 2
189Korben DallasFifth Element
190LeelooFifth Element
191Jean BaptisteFifth Element
192Ruby RhodFifth Element
193LeelooFifth Element
194MangaloreFifth Element
195Diva PlavalagunaFifth Element
197King ArthurHoly Grail
198Sir. BedevereHoly Grail
199French TaunterHoly Grail
200Black KnightHoly Grail
201Tim the EnchanterHoly Grail
202Jason VoorheesUnmasked1008Friday the 13thSDCC15
204NapoleonNapoleon Dynamite
205PedroNapoleon Dynamite
206KipNapoleon Dynamite
207DebNapoleon Dynamite
208Uncle RicoNapoleon Dynamite
209Dr. Frank N FurterRocky Horror Picture Show
210Janet WeissRocky Horror Picture Show
211Brad MajorsRocky Horror Picture Show
212Riff RaffRocky Horror Picture Show
213MagentaRocky Horror Picture Show
214ColumbiaRocky Horror Picture Show
215Sir Thomas SharpeCrimson Peak
216Edith CushingCrimson Peak
217Mother GhostCrimson Peak
218Bruce LeeEnter the DragonBruce LeeBAIT
218Bruce LeeEnter the Dragon, GoldBruce LeeBAIT Anime Expo
218Bruce LeeEnter the Dragon, White PantsBruce LeeBAIT SDCC18
219Bruce LeeGame of DeathBruce LeeBAIT
219Bruce LeeGame of Death, GoldBruce LeeBAIT SDCC18
220Travis BickleTaxi Driver
221BecaPitch Perfect
222Fat AmyPitch Perfect
223AubreyPitch Perfect
224Freddy KruegerSyringe HandsNightmare on Elm StreetHot Topic
225Katniss Girl on FireHunger Games
226Katniss EverdeenHunger Games
227Effie TrinketHunger Games
228Peeta MellarkHunger Games
229President SnowHunger Games
230Katniss Wedding DressHunger Games
231Katniss the MockingjayHunger Games
232Holiday ToothlessHow to Train Your Dragon
233Brennan HuffStep Brothers
234Dale DobackStep Brothers
235Edith CushingCrimson PeakNYCC
236Dr. Emmett BrownBack to the FutureLoot Crate
237Peter La FleurDodgeball
238White GoodmanDodgeball
239GodzillaB&WGodzillaToy Tokyo
240ShaunShaun of the Dead
240ShaunBloodyShaun of the DeadEntertainment Earth
241EdShaun of the Dead
241EdBloodyShaun of the DeadEntertainment Earth
242Clark GriswoldChristmas Vacation
243Cousin EddieChristmas Vacation
244Iron Giant w/ CarIron Giant
245Marty McFlyHoverboardBack to the Future