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Funko Pop Fantastic Beasts are based on characters from the popular film franchise. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is a film trilogy, based on the J.K. Rowling book of the same name, taking place in the world of Harry Potter.

Figure variants and retail exclusives have been included since the first film was released and are popular among comic conventions. The Rock Candy line also features characters from this franchise.

The numbering sequence for this set is independent of Funko Pop Harry Potter despite the films sharing a universe.

One of the most popular and valuable figures on the secondary market is the 2017 Comic Con exclusive figure of Occamy (#12). This figure sells for over $100 regularly on eBay and is consistently the highest priced figure of this collection.

The third Fantastic Beasts film is expected for a November 2021 release and two more films are planned beyond that so this line is expected to grow for several years.

Clicking a link within the checklist will direct you to an affiliate retailer or relevant eBay listings to purchase that figure.

Fantastic Beasts

1Newt ScamanderBarnes and Noble
2Newt Scamander (w/ Egg)
3Queenie Goldstein
4Tina Goldstein
5Jacob Kowalski
6Seraphina Picquery
7Percival Graves
8NifflerFlockedHot Topic
9Nifflerw/ CoinpurseTarget
10Newt Scamander & PickettHot Topic
12Occamy 6″SDCC17/Hot Topic
13Gellert GrindelwaldLENYCC17
26FwooperLEFunko Shop

Crimes of Grindelwald

14Newt Scamander
14Newt Scamanderw/ BookChase
15Albus Dumbledore
16Gellert Grindelwald
21ChupacabraOpen MouthHot Topic
22Niffler 10″Target
23Newt ScamanderIn SuitcaseBarnes & Noble/Cosmic Comics
27Newt Scamanderw/ PostcardMichael’s
28ZouwuGITDFunko Shop
30Grindelwald & ThestralHot Topic
31NaginiSDCC19/Barnes and Noble
Two PackBaby Nifflers
Two PackBaby NifflersBlack and GrayBoxLunch