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Funko Ghostbusters Checklist

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This checklist compiles all of the Funko Ghostbusters figures through their many collections and brandings.

This checklist is divided by any Funko brand that contains a Ghostbusters figure. Sometimes, within a brand, there will be other franchises listed on the front of the box. When this is the case, those franchises are separated as subsections of the main brand. If there are no subsections, assume that the branding is the same throughout the list.

The following Funko brands include Ghostbusters figurines. You may scroll through the list or jump to a preferred brand by selecting it below. Clicking a link within this checklist will direct you to an affiliate retailer or to relevant eBay listings.

Funko Pop Movies

Master List – Funko Pop Movies


104Dr. Peter Venkman
105Dr. Raymond Stantz
106Dr. Egon Spengler
109Stay Puft Marshmallow Man
109Stay Puft Marshmallow ManGITDSDCC14
109Stay Puft Marshmallow ManToastedHot Topic
109Stay Puft Marshmallow ManPinkSDCC14
109Stay Puft Marshmallow ManPink, GITDSDCC14
302Patty Tolan
303Abby Yates
304Erin Gilbert
305Jillian Holtzmann
307Gertrude Eldridge
308Rowan’s Ghost
308Rowan’s GhostGITD
730Banquet RoomMovie Moments
743Dr. Egon Spengler
744Dr. Peter Venkman
744Dr. Peter VenkmanSlimedSDCC19, GameStop
745Dr. Raymond Stantz
746Winston Zeddemore
747Slimer (w/ Hot Dogs)
747Slimer (w/ Hot Dogs)TranslucentWalmart
748Scary Library GhostLEFunko Shop
749Stay Puft10″GameStop
ComboDr. Peter Venkman (Slimed) & Slimer (Metallic)2,500SDCC14
ComboDr. Peter Venkman, Dr. Raymond Stantz, Dr. Egon Spengler, Winston ZeddmoreMarshmallowedSDCC14
ComboThe Gatekeeper, Zuul, The KeymasterWalmart
ComboAbby Yates, Patty Tolan, Erin Gilbert, Jillian HoltzmanFYE, HMV

Ghostbusters: Afterlife

928Mr. Grooberson
934Mini Puft (w/ Cocktail Umbrella)
935Mini Puft (w/ Lighter)
936Mini Puft (on Fire)
936Mini Puft (on Fire)GITDTarget
937Mini Puft (w/ Graham Cracker)
938Mini Puft (in Cappuccino Cup)
956Mini Puft (w/ weights)LEFunko Shop

Funko Pop Rides

Master List – Funko Pop Rides


4Ecto-1 w/ Winston Zeddemore
4Ecto-1 w/ Egon SpenglerSlimed
23Ecto-1 w/ Jillian Holtzmann
24Ecto-1 w/ SlimerRedSDCC16

Ghostbusters: Afterlife

83Ecto-1 w/ Trevor

Funko Pop Towns

Master List – Funko Pop Towns

3Dr. Peter Venkman w/ Firehouse

Funko Hikari

Master List – Funko Hikari

Stay Puft Marshmallow1,500
Stay Puft MarshmallowBurnt1,500
Stay Puft MarshmallowIce1,500
Stay Puft MarshmallowPink Glitter1,000
Stay Puft MarshmallowRainbow500

Funko Soda

Master List – Funko Soda

Egon Spengler8,400
Egon SpenglerSlimed1,600
Peter Venkman10,500
Peter VenkmanSlimed2,000
Peter Venkman (International)6,700
Peter Venkman (International)Slimed1,300
Stay Puft12,500
Stay PuftRed2,500
Vinz Clortho10,500
Vinz ClorthoTerror Dog2,000
Vinz Clortho (International)5,000
Vinz Clortho (International)Terror Dog1,000

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