Funko Looney Tunes Checklist

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This checklist compiles all of the Funko Looney Tunes figures released through their many collections and brandings. Some of the characters also appear under brandings for Space Jam and Duck Dodgers and are listed with those respective checklists.

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Funko Pop Bugs 80th Checklist

Master List – Funko Pop Animation

837Bugs Bunny (King)MetallicTarget
840Bugs Bunny (In Fruit Hat)
841Bugs Bunny (Show Outfit)

Funko Pop Looney Tunes Checklist

Master ListFunko Pop Animation

207Michigan J. FrogECCC17
255Daffy Duck2000SDCC17
261Pete Puma1000SDCC17
263GossamerSpecialty Series
263GossamerFlocked3500Funko Shop
287Speedy Gonzales3500NYCC17
307Bugs Bunny
307Bugs BunnyFlockedTarget
308Daffy Duck
309Sylvester & Tweety
309Sylvester & TweetyFlockedTarget
310Elmer Fudd (Viking)
311Bugs Bunny (Opera)
326Gremlin3000Funko Shop
395Pepe Le PewSDCC18
396Playboy PenguinSDCC18
734Wile E. CoyoteLEFunko Shop
735Road RunnerLEFunko Shop
842Bugs Bunny as SupermanFYE
ComboMr. Hyde and Bugs Bunny850Toy Tokyo, SDCC17

Funko Dorbz Looney Tunes Checklist

Master List – Funko Dorbz

305Bugs Bunny
305Bugs Bunnyw/ CarrotChase
306Elmer Fudd
307Daffy Duck
307Daffy DuckSupermanChase
308Pete Puma
454Elmer FuddViking1000ECCC18


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