Kinks and Beats Daily

Kinks and Beats episodes by album

A complete listing of Kinks and Beats episodes arranged by the albums each episode’s subject songs appeared on for the Kinks, Beatles, and solo artists.

Elvis’ Christmas Album

Elvis’ Christmas Album is one of rock’s most enduring holiday offerings with several definitive renditions and a side dedicated to traditional fare.

The Phil Spector Christmas Album

Holiday music would be very different without the Phil Spector Christmas album. Despite his faults, he knew how to orchestrate the feel of Christmas.

Jackson 5 Christmas Album cover

The Jackson 5 Christmas Album

The Jackson 5 Christmas album is one of the most enduring and belovd albums of the season but, regardless of the season, it’s a Motown masterpiece.

The White Album

50 years after its release, The White Album receives a complete overhaul and the results will make you fall in love all over again.

Egypt Station

Egypt Station, Paul McCartney’s 18th solo studio recording, falls somewhere in the middle of his extensive catalog with just enough quality to save it from itself.

Perfect Songs: Waterloo Sunset

Waterloo Sunset by The Kinks is one of those songs that every songwriter wishes they had written but few will ever come close to composing.

Five Kinks Songs You Should Own

Take away the hits that everybody knows and take a listen to these five songs by The Kinks that should be in everyone’s collection.