Topps Wrapper Art set 5 includes Lauper, Kong, and vintage hoops

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Topps Wrapper Art set 5 has hit their website and it’s a great variety of classic Topps wrappers. The full checklist of this series can be found on the main page of the hub but this fifth release is as follows:

  • 13 – 1965 King Kong – Although Topps is advertising this as the extremely rare 1965 King Kong set, the artwork used is from the 1976 King Kong set. There is very little known about the packaging of 1965’s and many collectors debate whether the cards had a proper wrapper or if they were shipped in plain cellophane. There is no evidence, however, that 1965’s Kong set included stickers so even if the designs are the same between both sets, the blurb about stickers makes this clearly the 1976 wrapper.
  • 14 – 1985 Cyndi Lauper – Girls just want to have cards and few sets are more steeped in mid-80s graphic design than this Cyndi Lauper set.
  • 15 – 1957-58 Basketball – This was the first basketball set released by Topps and was the first basketball set by any company to be cut at the now-standard dimensions. Weighing in at 80 cards (there were only eight teams in the NBA at this point), the set featured tons of rookies and a healthy number of eventual Hall of Famers.

All three of these cards are available for one week and can be purchased as a set or individually. Final print runs, which will be included on our checklist as they become available, are determined by consumer demand.