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Funko Game of Thrones Checklist

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This checklist compiles all of the Funko Game of Thrones figures through their many collections and brandings.

This checklist is divided by any Funko brand that contains a Game of Thrones figure. Scroll through the entire list or jump directly to a specific list by selecting it from the list below. Clicking a link within this checklist will direct you to an affiliate retailer or to relevant eBay listings for that figure.

Funko Pop Game of Thrones Checklist

Master List – Funko Pop Game of Thrones

1Tyrion Lannister
1Tyrion LannisterScarredPopultcha
2Ned Stark
2Ned StarkHeadless1008SDCC13
3Daenerys Targaryen
3Daenerys Targaryenw/ Gold DragonBarnes and Noble
3Daenerys Targaryenw/ Red Dragon
4Khal Drogo
5The Hound
6White Walker
6White WalkerGITDHMV
7Jon Snow
7Jon SnowBeyond the WallWalmart
7Jon SnowBloodyHot Topic
8Robb Stark
9Arya Stark
10Jamie Lannister
11Cersei Lannister
12Renly Baratheon
13Brienne of Tarth
13Brienne of TarthBloodyHot Topic
14Joffrey Baratheon
17Tywin Lannister
17Tywin LannisterGold Armor
21Tyrion Lannister in Battle Armor
22ViserionHot Topic
22Icy ViserionGITDBoxLunch
23Grey Wind7-Eleven
24Daenerys Targaryen (Wedding Dress)
25Daenerys Targaryen (Blue Dress)
26Jon Snow (Castle Black)
26Jon Snow (Castle Black)MuddyHot Topic
27Samwell Tarly
28Sansa Stark
29Petyr Baelish
30Oberyn Martell
31The Mountain
32Grey Worm
34Viserion 6″
35Jaime Lannister (Gold Hand)
37Ramsay BoltonGameStop
38Iron Throne 6″NYCC
38Margaery Tyrell
40Jorah Mormont
41Stannis Baratheon
42MelisandreTranslucentBarnes and Noble
44Night King
44Night KingGITDGameStop
44Night KingMetallicAT&T
44Night KingTranslucentSDCC17/HBO
46Drogon 6″Hot Topic
47Rhaegal 6″
48Mag the Mighty 6″SDCC16/Hot Topic
49Jon Snow
50Tyrion Lannister (Essos)
51Cersei Lannister (Queen)
52Bran Stark
53Tormund Giantsbane
53Tormund GiantsbaneSnowyBAM!
54The Mountain (Armoured)SDCC17/BoxLunch
55Wun Wun 6″
56Lyanna MormontNYCC17
57Jaqen H’gharNYCC17
59Daenerys Targaryen (Beyond the Wall)
60Giant WightECCC18/FYE
61Jon Snow
62Davos Seaworth
63Daenerys Targaryen on Dragonstone Throne
64Olenna TyrellSDCC18/BoxLunch
65Beric DondarrionNYCC18/Barnes & Noble
66Yara Greyjoy
67Bran StarkThree-Eyed Raven
68Lord Varys
69Children of the Forest
69Children of the ForestMetallicHBO Shop
71Tyrion Lannister (Iron Throne)
72Jon Snow (Iron Throne)
73Cersei Lannister (Iron Throne)
74Night King (Iron Throne)
74Night King (Iron Throne)MetallicHBO Shop
75Daenerys Targaryen (Iron Throne)
76NymeriaHot Topic
76Arya StarkECCC19/BoxLunch
77MissandeiNYCC19/Barnes & Noble
78The Mountain 6″Walmart
79Arya Stark (w/ Two Headed Spear)
80Jon Snow
81Theon Greyjoy
82Sansa Stark (Queen of North)
83King Bran the Broken
84Night King (Crystal)
84Night King (Dark Crystal)GITDHBO Shop
85The Mountain 6″ (Unmasked)
86Daenerys & Jorah at the Battle of Winterfell
87Ser Brienne of TarthBoxLunch
88Hodor Holding the Door
Combo PackThe CreatorsNYCC18/Barnes & Noble
Combo PackBattle of the Bastards
Combo PackKhal & KhaleesiThinkGeek
Combo PackKhal, Khaleesi & Rhaegal
Combo PackJon Snow & Bran StarkBAM!
Combo PackDaenerys (Mhysa) & Drogon (Metallic)
Combo PackDrogon, Rhaegal & Viserion
Combo PackDrogon, Rhaegal & ViserionMetallicGameStop
Combo PackDrogon, Viserion & RhaegalLEECCC20/Barnes and Noble

Funko Pop House of the Dragon Checklist

Master List – Funko Pop House of the Dragon

1Alicent HightowerLESummer Convention 2022
2Viserys Targaryen
3Alicent Hightower
4Corlys Velaryon
5Daemon Targaryen
6Rhaenyra Targaryen
8Otto Hightower
9Daemon Targaryen w/ Dragon EggFunko Shop

Funko Pop Digital Game of Thrones Checklist

Master List – Funko Pop Digital

Find these figures on eBay
88Jaime Lannister2700NFT Redemption
89Many Faced Arya Stark2700NFT Redemption
90Jaqen H’Ghar2700NFT Redemption
91The Hound2700NFT Redemption
92Daenerys Targaryen999NFT Redemption
93Jon Snow4500NFT Redemption

Funko Pop Rides Game of Thrones Checklist

Master List – Funko Pop Rides

15Daenerys & Drogon
58Night King & Icy Viserion
60Mounted Night Walker
60Mounted White WalkerGITDAmazon
67Jon Snow & Rhaegal
68Daenerys & Fiery Drogon

Funko 5 Star Game of Thrones Checklist

Master List – Funko 5 Star

Daenerys Targaryen
Jon Snow
Night King
Tyrion Lannister

Funko Dorbz Game of Thrones Checklist

Master List – Funko Dorbz

142Ned Stark
144Jon Snow
146Night King
371Cersei Lannister
372Jaime Lannister
373Arya Stark
374Jon Snow
484Ghost2500Funko Shop
485Lady2500Funko Shop
486Grey Wind2500Funko Shop
487Summer2500Funko Shop
488Nymeria2500Funko Shop
489ShaggyDog2500Funko Shop
Combo PackJoffrey, The Hound, White WalkerSDCC16
Combo PackDragons 4-PackSDCC18
Combo PackDirewolves2500Funko Shop

Funko Rock Candy Game of Thrones Checklist

Master List – Funko Rock Candy

Arya Stark
Brienne of Tarth
Lady Sansa

Funko Vynl Game of Thrones Checklist

Master List – Funko Vynl

Jon Snow & Daenerys Targaryen

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