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Funko Pop 8 Bit vinyl figurines strip your favorite characters from throughout pop culture down to their pixelated base.

These hyper-stylized collectibles incorporate characters from all areas of film, television, and gaming and, often times, have a standard Pop equivalent in other product lines. The design is a cross between standard Funko Pops and late ’80s video game renderings which eliminates smooth edges and curves as well as fine details as if made of standard Lego blocks.

Like Funko Rides or Dorbz, the 8 Bit line does not separate numbering sequences based on genre which makes for a varied checklist that has comic book characters next to video game or movie characters. Since the launch of this line, though, the checklist has leaned heavily on video game franchises.

Despite the ability for this line to mirror all other Funko lines, the checklist grows fairly slowly and has not overwhelmed the market with 8 Bit variants of every Funko Pop license.

Our checklist includes all of the figures released in this line including variants, chase, and retail exclusives. You can scroll through the various franchises represented on this list or select one from the list below to go directly to those figures.

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Funko Pop 8 Bit Checklist

Friday the 13th

26Jason VoorheesFriday the 13th
26Jason VoorheesNES ColorsFriday the 13thGameStop

Funko Originals

10Freddy FunkoLEFunko Shop
SEFreddy FunkoBlue GITD500SDCC18
SEFreddy FunkoGreen GITD500SDCC18

Mega Man

13Mega ManGameStop
13Magnet MissleRedChaseGameStop
13Black Hole BombE318
13Gyro AttackGITDLEFan Expo18/GameStop

Mortal Kombat


Nightmare on Elm Street

22Freddy Krueger
25Freddy KreugerNES ColorsGameStop


ComboGeorge, Lizzie, and RalphWalmart

Space Invaders

33Medium Invader
33Medium InvaderBlueGameStop
33Medium InvaderTealGameStop
33Medium InvaderPinkGameStop
33Medium InvaderYellowGameStop
33Medium InvaderOrangeGameStop
33Medium InvaderGITDGameStop