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Funko Captain America Checklist

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This checklist compiles all of the Funko Captain America figures through their many collections and brandings.

This checklist is divided by any Funko brand that contains a Captain America figure. Sometimes, within a brand, there will be other franchises listed on the front of the box. When this is the case, those franchises are separated as subsections of the main brand. If there are no subsections, assume that the branding is the same throughout the list.

The following Funko brands include Captain America figurines. You may scroll through the list or jump to a preferred brand by selecting it below. Clicking a link within this checklist will direct you to an affiliate retailer or to relevant eBay listings.

Funko Pop Art Series

Master List – Funko Pop Art Series

32Captain America (Avengers)Target
33Captain America (Falcon Winter Soldier)
46Captain America (Infinity Saga)

Funko Pop Comic Covers

Master List – Funko Pop Comic Covers

27Avengers #4 (Captain America)

Funko Pop Die-Cast

Master List – Funko Pop Die Cast

1Captain AmericaLESummer Convention 2021

Funko Pop Games

Master List – Funko Pop Games


627Captain America
627Captain AmericaGITDBest Buy

Funko Pop Marvel

Master List – Funko Pop Marvel


10Captain America

Avengers: Age of Ultron

67Captain America
92Captain America (Unmasked)

Avengers: Endgame

450Captain America
450Captain AmericaGITDFYE
450Captain AmericaRetro SuitHot Topic
450Captain AmericaCard 3PKEntertainment Earth
464Captain AmericaHot Topic
481Captain America (w/Mjolnir)MCC
573Captain America

Avengers: Infinity War

288Captain America
299Captain AmericaWalmart
698Captain America vs Thanos (Movie Moments)Hot Topic

Captain America

41Captain AmericaUnmaskedToytastik
42Black Widow
43Winter SoldierUnmasked
44Winter Soldier
219Captain AmericaWWIIECCC17
282Stan LeeWalmart
283Stan LeeWalmart

Captain America: Civil War

125Captain America
126Iron Man
127FalconHot Topic
128War Machine
129Winter Soldier
130Black Panther
130Black PantherGlitterWalmart
131Agent 13
132Black Widow
133Scarlet Witch
135Giant Man
136Iron ManHot Topic
137Captain AmericaGameStop
138Black Panther (Unmasked)Walgreens
139Crossbones (Unmasked)Barnes and Noble
140Crossbones (Battle Damage)Target
168Winter SoldierTarget
Combo PackCaptain America, Iron Man, Agent 13, Black Panther & Crossbones5000Disney Store (Europe)
Combo PackCaptain America & Iron ManFYE
Combo PackCaptain America & Iron ManAction PoseMCC
Combo PackCaptain America, Iron Man, Hawkeye & Spider-Man

Captain America: The First Avenger

219Captain AmericaSpring Convention 2017
282Stan LeeWalmart
999Captain America w/ Prototype ShieldLEEntertainment Earth

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

811John F. Walker
814Captain America


6Captain AmericaBucky CapSDCC17
159Captain AmericaKohl’s
159Captain AmericaSepiaAmazon
497Captain America (Patina)Target
532Cap Snowman (DIY)Walmart
584Captain AmericaWood DecoEntertainment Earth
648Captain America (Blacklight)Target
933Gingerbread Captain America

Marvel GamerVerse

627Captain America
627Captain AmericaGITDBest Buy

Marvel Studios

377Captain AmericaGold Chrome

Marvel Universe

6Captain America
6Captain AmericaB&WGemini Collectibles
6Captain AmericaMetallicSDCC
6Captain AmericaUnmaskedComikaze
6Captain AmericaMetallic, UnmaskedPopcultcha


364Venomized Captain America

Funko Pop Minis

Master List – Funko Pop Minis

76Captain AmericaFive Below
143Gingerbread Captain AmericaFive Below
143Gingerbread Captain AmericaGITDFive Below

Funko Dorbz

Master List – Funko Dorbz

Avengers: Endgame

493Captain America3,000Funko Shop
ComboCaptain America, Thanos, Hulk3,000Funko Shop

Captain America 3

107Captain America
110Black Panther
111Winter Soldier

Captain America: Civil War

108Black Widow
112Iron Man
171Scarlet Witch


1Captain America
ComboCaptain America & Red SkullSDCC18

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