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2017 Topps Throwback Thursday Checklist

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2017 Topps Throwback Thursday baseball cards return for their second season as an online-exclusive collection. Each week pays tribute to a classic design from Topps’ extensive history and mixes contemporary and classic baseball players. Throwback Thursday cards are available via the Topps website for one week and are printed based on consumer demand.

Our checklist includes all the cards as well as the final print runs and can be broken down by many parameters. Because each week is sold as a single pack, print runs are the same for each design.

2017 Topps Throwback Thursday Checklist
Cards #1-#61988 Topps MLB All Star
Cards #7-#121952 Topps Baseball
Cards #13-#181957/58 Topps Basketball
Cards #19-#241962 Topps Baseball
Cards #25-#301968 Topps Baseball
Cards #31-#361988 Topps Baseball
Cards #37-#42 – 1986 Topps Football
Cards #43-#481957 Topps Baseball
Cards #49-#541972 Topps Baseball
Cards #55-#60 – 1990 Topps Football
Cards #61-#67 – 2007 Topps Baseball
Cards #68-#73 – 1956 Topps Baseball
Cards #74-#79 – 1954 Bowman Baseball
Cards #80-#851990 Topps Baseball
Cards #86-#91 – 1697 Baseball Fence Busters
Cards #92-#97 – 1996 Star Power
Cards #98-#103 – 1976 All-Time All-Stars
Cards #104-#109 – 1991 Topps Beverly Hills 90210
Cards #110-#115 – 1984 Topps Baseball
Cards #116-#121 – 1984 Topps Football
Cards #122-#127 – 1978 Topps Record Breakers
Cards #128-#133 – 1987 Topps Record Breakers
Cards #134-#141 – 1975 Topps Baseball Team
Cards #142-#147 – 1959 Topps Baseball Thrils
Cards #148-#153 – 1974 Topps Monster Initial
Cards #154-#161 – 1985 Topps Father & Son
Cards #162-#167 – 1965 Topps World Series
Cards #168-#173 – 2008 Topps Year in Review
Cards #174-#179 – 97/98 Bowman’s Best Mirror Image
Cards #180-#185 – 1992 Home Alone
-#PlayerTeamPrint RunRC
1Jeff BagwellAstros327
2Craig BiggioAstros327
3Tim RainesExpos327
4Gary CarterExpos327
5Ivan RodriguezRangers327
6Nolan RyanRangers327
7Ted WilliamsRed Sox1049
8Hank AaronBraves1049
9Nolan RyanRangers1049
10Alex RodriguezYankees1049
11Mike TroutAngels1049
12Kris BryantCubs1049
13Satchel PaigeIndians339
14Lou BrockCardinals339
15Fergie JenkinsCubs339
16Tony GwynnPadres339
17Dave WinfieldPadres339
18Jackie RobinsonDodgers339
19Andrew BenintendiRed Sox1329RC
20Alex BregmanAstros1329RC
21Yoan MoncadaWhite Sox1329RC
22Aaron JudgeYankees1329RC
23Josh BellPirates1329RC
24Dansby SwansonBraves1329RC
25Johnny BenchReds475
26Nolan RyanMets475
27Willie StargellPirates475
28Carlton FiskRed Sox475
29Paul MolitorBrewers475
30Andre DawsonExpos475
31Alex BregmanUSA309
32Nori AokiJapan309
33Manny MachadoDominican Republic309
34Miguel CabreraVenezuela309
35Carlos CorreaPuerto Rico309
36Xander BogaertsNetherlands309
37Derek JeterUSA353
38Ken Griffey JrUSA353
39Ichiro SuzukiJapan353
40Ivan RodriguezPuerto Rico353
41Yoenis CespedesCuba353
42Robinson CanoDominican Republic353
43Kris BryantCubs615
44Corey SeagerDodgers615
45Bryce HarperNationals615
46Adrian BeltreRangers615
47Mookie BettsRed Sox615
48Francisco LindorIndians615
49Andrew McCutchenPirates398
50Mike TroutAngels398
51Ken Griffey JrMariners398
52Buster PoseyGiants398
53Clayton KershawDodgers398
54Rickey HendersonAthletics398
55Ken Griffey JrMariners382
56Adrian GonzalezMarlins382
57Stephen StrasburgNationals382
58Bryce HarperNationals382
59Carlos CorreaAstros382
60Dansby SwansonDiamondbacks382RC
61Rickey HendersonAthletics620
62Mike PiazzaMets620
63Frank ThomasWhite Sox620
64Derek JeterYankees620
65Pedro MartinezRed Sox620
66Nolan RyanRangers620
67Wade BoggsRed Sox620
68Aaron JudgeYankees1086RC
69Mike TroutAngels1086
70Francisco LindorIndians1086
71Anthony RizzoCubs1086
72Manny MachadoOrioles1086
73Javier BaezCubs1086
74Cody BellingerDodgers1475RC
75Ian HappCubs1475RC
76Bradley ZimmerIndians1475RC
77Andrew BenintendiRed Sox1475RC
78Aaron JudgeYankees1475RC
79Trey ManciniOrioles1475RC
80Edinson VolquezMarlins289
81Nolan RyanAngels289
82Clayton KershawDodgers289
83Randy JohnsonMariners289
84Jon LesterRed Sox289
85Sandy KoufaxDodgers289
86Aaron JudgeYankees2245RC
87Mike PiazzaDodgers2245
88Cody BellingerDodgers2245RC
89Mark McGuireAthletics2245
90Mike TroutAngels2245
91Albert PujolsCardinals2245
92Aaron JudgeYankees1118RC
93David OrtizRed Sox1118
94Giancarlo StantonMarlins1118
95Mark McGwireAthletics1118
96Yoenis CespedesAthletics1118
97Frank ThomasWhite Sox1118
98Aaron JudgeYankees1029RC
99Carlos CarreaAstros1029
100Andrew BenintendiRed Sox1029RC
101Gary SanchezYankees1029
102Mike TroutAngels1029
103Cory SeagerDodgers1029
104Andrew BenintendiRed Sox333RC
105Giancarlo StantonMarlins333
106Jose AltuveAstros333
107Nolan ArenadoRockies333
108Alex BregmanAstros333RC
109Manny MachadoOrioles333
110Albert PujolsAngels892
111Aaron JudgeYankees892RC
112Andrew McCutchenPirates892
113Buster PoseyGiants892
114Charlie BlackmonRockies892
115Mookie BettsRed Sox892
116Aaron JudgeYankees901RC
117Jose AltuveAstros901
118Kris BryantCubs901
119Mike TroutAngels901
120Giancarlo StantonMarlins901
121Bryce HarperNationals901
122Cody BellingerDodgers606RC
123Giancarlo StantonMarlins606
124Aaron JudgeYankees606RC
125J.D. MartinezDiamondbacks606
126Edwin EncarnacionIndians606
127Joey GalloRangers606
128Aaron JudgeYankees1166RC
129Cody BellingerDodgers1166RC
130Mark McGwireAthletics1166
131Mike TroutAngels1166
133Ted WilliamsRed Sox1166
134Los Angeles DodgersDodgers564
135Boston Red SoxRed Sox564
136Chicago CubsCubs564
137Cleveland IndiansIndians564
138Houston AstrosAstros564
139Washington NationalsNationals564
140New York YankeesYankees564
141Arizona DiamondbacksDiamondbacks564
142Aaron JudgeYankees591RC
143Francisco LindorIndians591
143Bradley ZimmerIndians591
144Jose AltuveAstros591
144Carlos CorreaAstros591
145Andrew BenintendiRed Sox591
145Mookie BettsRed Sox591
145Jackie Bradley JrRed Sox591
146Brian GoodwinNationals591
146Bryce HarperNationals591
147Kris BryantCubs591
147Anthony RizzoCubs591
147Javier BaezCubs591
148Aaron JudgeYankees692RC
149Jose AltuveAstros692
150Didi GregoriusYankees692
151Carlos CoreaAstros692
152Clayton KershawDodgers692
153Anthony RizzoCubs692
154Cody BellingerDodgers692RC
155Kris BryantCubs692
156Nolan RyanAstros478
156Justin VerlanderAstros478
157Craig BiggioAstros478
157Jose AltuveAstros478
158Jeff BagwellAstros478
158Carlos CorreaAstros478
159Sandy KoufaxDodgers478
159Clayton KershawDodgers478
160Jackie RobinsonDodgers478
160Cody BellingerDodgers478
161Mike PiazzaDodgers478
161Justin TurnerDodgers478
162Jose AltuveAstros420
162Carlos CorreaAstros420
163George SpringerAstros420
164Brad PeacockAstros420
165Alex BregmanAstros420RC
166Jose AltuveAstros420
167Houston AstrosAstros420
168Aaron JudgeYankees453RC
169Giancarlo StantonMarlins453
170Houston AstrosAstros453
171Cody BellingerDodgers453RC
172Derek JeterYankees453
173Chicago CubsCubs453
174Mike TroutAngels453
174Jose AltuveAstros453
175Kris BryantCubs453
175Giancarlo StantonMarlins453
176Rick PorcelloRed Sox453
176Corey KluberIndians453
177Max ScherzerNationals453
178Michael FulmerTigers453
178Aaron JudgeYankees453
179Corey SeagerDodgers453
179Cody BellingerDodgers453
180New York MetsMets276
181New York YankeesYankees276
182Washington NationalsNationals276
183Boston Red SoxRed Sox276
184Chicago CubsCubs276
185Houston AstrosAstros276