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George Harrison may have one of the most underrated music catalogs of any of the most respected and famous musicians in rock history. For many years, half of his catalog was out of print or very difficult to find and most stores only carried two “best of” compilations and his debut album, All Things Must Pass. Now, after his passing, the entire catalog has been remastered and is readily available in music shops and on February 24, a day shy of his 74th birthday, his amazing body of work is coming out on vinyl with George Harrison – The Vinyl Collection.

George Harrison – The Vinyl Collection brings every classic Harrison release on 180-gram heavy weight vinyl. Each album is presented with the exact packaging as its original release and the sound source was taken from the original master tapes. There are also two picture discs, both from the Cloud 9 era, to round out this 18 disc collection.

The albums included are:

  • Wonderwall Music – 1968
  • Electronic Sound – 1969
  • All Things Must Pass – 1970
  • Living in the Material World – 1973
  • Dark Horse – 1974
  • Extra Texture – 1975
  • Thirty Three & 1/3 – 1976
  • George Harrison – 1979
  • Somewhere in England – 1981
  • Gone Troppo – 1982
  • Cloud Nine – 1987
  • Live in Japan – 1992
  • Brainwashed – 2002
  • When We Was Fab Picture Disc
  • I Got My Mind Set On You Picture Disc

Each album will be available as a standalone purchase but many collectors are sure to shell out the big money for this lovely box package. Pre-orders on Amazon are set at a $466.98 price.

The price point may seem a bit high but George Harrison – The Vinyl Collection does include a double album (Live in Japan) and a triple album (All Things Must Pass) which makes the price about $29 per disc.

If you choose to purchase each album individually, the price will be a little over $100 cheaper so the box and two picture discs may not be enough to sway more than the die hard completists.

It is worth noting that the sole album missing from George Harrison – The Vinyl Collection is his Grammy award winning, Concert for Bangladesh.