Funko Pop South Park Checklist

By: Tony Frye

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Funko Pop South Park vinyl figures feature the characters from one of television’s most beloved and groundbreaking animated programs.

Because this set is a standalone sepearate from Funko Pop Television or Funko Pop Animation, the potential for expansion is considerable but the series has been slow to add new figures over the years.

South Park premiered on Comedy Central in August, 1997 and has produced over 300 episodes in the years since. The show has inspired various collectibles as well as a feature film and a video game. The show has also been a lightning rod for controversy, partially due to its timely satire of current events — much more timely than most animated shows can achieve.

The series has been renewed through season 26 which will be released in 2022.

Like other longstanding animated shows, South Park has created a giant universe of characters and scenarios that may come to be featured in this Funko collection.

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3Ike Broflovski
5Zombie KennyHot Topic
6Mint-Berry CrunchSDCC17/GameStop
7The CoonSDCC17/Hot Topic
10Professor Chaos
11Terrancew/ Canadian flagChase
12Phillipw/ Canadian flagChase
13Goth StanHot Topic
14Cartman w/ ClydeGameStop
17Cartman (Cop)
18Mr. GarrisonSpecialty Series
19Human Kite
20Tool Shed
21Mr. Hankey
22Randy Marsh
23Butters (Marjorine)
24Kyle (Jersey Guy)
26Stan (Shadow Hachi)
27Cartman (Faith + 1)
28Kenny (Princess)
Combo PackStan and KyleBest Buy