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Funko Pop Pets are cute vinyl collectible figures. There’s really nothing else you need to know about this line of vinyl figurines fashioned off of various breeds of dogs and cats.

As the line expands, proud pet owners will be able to find a figure that closely resembles their beloved animal and display it where they can’t take their real buddies.

So far, the series is pretty limited with breed color variations receiving their own sequence number as opposed to sharing a number. Despite an endless supply of inspiration and variant possibilities, demand for this series appears to be dictating a limited expansion.

Pets joins a select club of Funko lines not to feature licensed properties such as Funko Pop Originals, Funko Pop Zodiac, or Funko Pop Monsters. That lack of licensed properties probably adds to the collection’s slow growth.

Much of this collection has been vaulted by Funko which means collecting these figures will require searching on the secondary market.

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1Siberian Husky
2German Shepherd
4French Bulldog
5Labrador RetrieverYellow
8French BulldogGray
9French BulldogBlack and White
10Labrador RetrieverBlack
11Labrador RetrieverBrown
12Maine Coon