Funko Pop Originals Checklist

Funko Pop Originals, labeled as Funko, are unique, non-licensed vinyl figures. Each figure is a limited edition often sold at comic conventions or through the Funko Shop exclusively.

Because of the generally ambiguous branding, it is often more useful to search for specific figures as opposed to the series in general. Due to the fact that each box is labeled as Funko, the numbering can overlap.

1Amazing CarlosWhite Helmet2000SDCC16
1Amazing CarlosSilver Helmet480SDCC16
1Amazing CarlosFunkoween1500Funkoween
2OttoBlue Shirt3000SDCC16
2OttoOrange Shirt480SDCC16
2OttoRed Shirt480SDCC16
3El Diablo3000ECCC17
4T-BoneBlackLEFunko Shop
5Sike-O-ShrinerGITD500Funko HQ
5Sike-O-ShrinerTealLEFunko Shop
7Psycho Santa3000Funko Shop
7Psycho SantaOrange3000Funko Shop
8PulpoBlue2500Funko Shop
8PulpoPurpleFunko HQ
9GillOrangeLEFunko Shop
11SaltyLEFunko Shop
12Fin Du ChompLEFunko Shop
12Fin Du ChompBlue3000ECCC19
13Frank Von VienerLEFunko Shop
14FlakyLEFunko Shop
15Egor ElfLEFunko Shop
16Big AlLavenderLEFunko Shop
16Big AlLEFunko Shop
17Rocko BillyLEFunko Shop
18WolfgangLEFunko Shop
18WolfgangPinkLEFunko Shop
19Monkey AssassinLEFunko Shop
20ChetLEFunko Shop
21TJLEFunko Shop
58Bat BoyFantastik Plastik WinnerLEFunko Shop
58Officer FreddyLENYCC19
63Hollywood FreddyFunko Hollywood Store
ComboSalty, Frank Von Viener, Fin Du ChompLEFunko Shop
HQFreddy FunkoFootballLEFunko Shop
SEFreddy Funko 9″B&W240SDCC13
SEFreddy FunkoTeal Baseball1000ECCC18
SEFreddy FunkoBlue Baseball3000Funko Shop
SEFreddy Funkow/ FishLEECCC19
SEFreddy Funkow/ Blue FishLEECCC19
SEFreddy Funko as Genie450SDCC19/Funko Fundays
SEFreddy Funko as GenieMetallicLESDCC19