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2020 Topps Throwback Thursday baseball cards are a weekly on-demand offering that combines baseball’s best with classic card designs from throughout the Topps library.

Cards are released in packs of six every Thursday and are available exclusively from Topps.com for one week. Final print runs are determined solely on consumer demand.

This set was introduced in 2016 and has been an annual release. Previous checklists can be found below:

Our checklist is separated by team. Scroll through the entire list or skip to your favorite team by choosing them from the list below. Clicking a link within the checklist will direct you to an affiliate retailer or to relevant eBay listings for that card.

2020 Topps Throwback Thursday Checklist

Base Set – 312 Cards


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
6Shohei Ohtani2010 Topps 2020580
13Shohei Ohtani1984 Topps482
18Mike Trout1984 Topps482
27Mike Trout2003 Bazooka Joe450
52Anthony Rendon1974 Topps Traded530
66Mike Trout1998 Stadium Club Double Threat550
66Shohei Ohtani1998 Stadium Club Double Threat550
93Shohei Ohtani1989 Topps Record Breakers638
113Mike Trout1997-98 Topps Basketball1155
144Shohei Ohtani1956 Topps Flags of the World911
182Albert Pujols1970-71 Topps Basketball646
188Mike Trout1961-62 Hockey Highlights515
195Mike Trout1980 Topps WANTED Poster855
197Shohei Ohtani1980 Topps WANTED Poster855
229Mike Trout1954 World on Wheels1665
295Shohei Ohtani1971 Topps Baseall501


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrintn Run
4Alex Bregman Jr2010 Topps 2020580
17Gerrit Cole1984 Topps482
18Alex Bregman1984 Topps482
31Yordan AlvarezRC1997 Topps917
67Yordan AlvarezRC1985 Topps Rambo666
73Jose UrquidyRC1996-97 Topps Finest Basketball Apprentices358
76Nolan Ryan1996-97 Topps Finest Basketball Apprentices358
94Yordan AlvarezRC1989 Topps Record Breakers638
122Craig Biggio1977 Topps Baseball Family661
136Carlos Correa1989 Topps #1 Draft Pick594
139Yordan AlvarezRC1956 Topps Flags of the World911
157Yordan AlvarezRC1987 Topps Future Stars2600
172Alex Bregman2000 Topps Team USA Basketball369
184Yordan AlvarezRC1970-71 Topps Basketball646
308Yordan AlvarezRC1951 Topps Magic Football


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
24Rickey Henderson1991 Bowman Football474
34Jesus LuzardoRC1997 Topps917
56Reggie Jackson1972-73 Topps Hockey437
72Mark McGwire1985 Topps Rambo666
74Jesus LuzardoRC1996-97 Topps Finest Basketball Apprentices358
77Barry Zito1996-97 Topps Finest Basketball Apprentices358
90Vida Blue1971 Topps Basketball570
119Jesus LuzardoRC1959 Topps Football657
132AJ Puk1971 Topps Brady Bunch620
132Jesus Luzardo1971 Topps Brady Bunch620
155Rickey Henderson1985 Topps Woolworth All-Time Record Holders611
205Rickey Henderson1992 Stadium Club QB Legends848
219Tony La Russa1960 Topps Managers432
233Rickey Henderson1954 World on Wheels1665
268Jesus LuzardoRC1992-93 Topps Hockey Super Rookie2602
297Jesus LuzardoRC1971 Topps Baseall501

Blue Jays

#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
13Cavan Biggio1984 Topps482
28Vladimir Guerrero Jr.2003 Bazooka Joe450
37Bo BichetteRC1994 Bowman’s Best1181
85Bo BichetteRC1971 Topps Basketball570
92Vladimir Guerrero Jr1989 Topps Record Breakers638
103Roberto Alomar1962 Topps Switch Hitter335
121Vladimir Guerrero Jr1977 Topps Baseball Family661
122Cavan Biggio1977 Topps Baseball Family661
125Roberto Alomar1977 Topps Baseball Family661
126Bo Bichette1977 Topps Baseball Family661
130Vladimir Guerrero Jr1971 Topps Brady Bunch620
130Bo Bichette1971 Topps Brady Bunch620
130Cavan Biggio1971 Topps Brady Bunch620
160Vladimir Guerrero Jr1987 Topps Future Stars2600
166Bo BichetteRC1999 Bowman Scouts’ Choice905
255Bo BichetteRC1966 Topps Baseball1363
269Bo BichetteRC1992-93 Topps Hockey Super Rookie2602
307Bo BichetteRC1951 Topps Magic Football


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
1Ronald Acuna Jr2010 Topps 2020580
12Dale Murphy2007 Triple Threads449
46Ronald Acuna Jr1996 Topps Gallery: Modernist408
61Chipper Jones1998 Stadium Club Double Threat550
61John Smoltz1998 Stadium Club Double Threat550
95Ronald Acuna Jr1989 Topps Record Breakers638
106Ozzie Albies1962 Topps Switch Hitter335
107Chipper Jones1962 Topps Switch Hitter335
138Chipper Jones1989 Topps #1 Draft Pick594
143Ronald Acuna Jr1956 Topps Flags of the World911
162Mike Soroka1987 Topps Future Stars2600
201Ronald Acuna Jr1984 Topps Cereal Series2073
210Hank Aaron1992 Stadium Club QB Legends848
237Atlanta Braves2002 Topps Playoff Bound385
244Ronald Acuna Jr1976 Topps Bubble Gum Champ615
278Freddie Freeman1972 Topps Baseball Cy Young645
285Ronald Acuna Jr1983 Topps Football Record Breakers939
292Hank Aaron1988 Topps Football 1000 Yard Club503
302Ronald Acuna Jr1980 Topps Superman 2534
312Eddie Mathews1951 Topps Magic Football


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
29Christian Yelich2003 Bazooka Joe450
141Christian Yelich1956 Topps Flags of the World911
187Christian Yelich1961-62 Hockey Highlights515
282Devin WilliamsRC1972 Topps Baseball Cy Young645
288Josh Hader1983 Topps Football Record Breakers939


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
82Yadier Molina1974 Topps All Star Catchers406
82Joe Torre1974 Topps All Star Catchers406
116Bob Gibson1959 Topps Football657
145Mark McGwire1992-93 Topps Basketball801
178Jack Flaherty2001 Stadium Club Football Stepping Up460


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
41Nico HoernerRC1994 Bowman’s Best1181
44Javier Baez1996 Topps Gallery: Modernist408
59Kris Bryant1972-73 Topps Hockey437
62Sammy Sosa1998 Stadium Club Double Threat550
62Kerry Wood1998 Stadium Club Double Threat550
83Willson Contreras1974 Topps All Star Catchers406
83Joe Girardi1974 Topps All Star Catchers406
109Nico HoernerRC1997-98 Topps Basketball1155
168Nico HoernerRC1999 Bowman Scouts’ Choice905
225Yu Darvish1995/96 Stadium Club Hockey579
262Anthony Rizzo1972 World Series415
272Nico HoernerRC1971 Topps Football Posters430


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
75Zac GallenRC1996-97 Topps Finest Basketball Apprentices358
78Randy Johnson1996-97 Topps Finest Basketball Apprentices358


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
17Hyun-Jin Ryu1984 Topps482
18Cody Bellinger1984 Topps482
38Gavin LuxRC1994 Bowman’s Best1181
40Dustin MayRC1994 Bowman’s Best1181
50Mookie Betts1974 Topps Traded530
60Will Smith1972-73 Topps Hockey437
79Willl Smith1974 Topps All Star Catchers406
79Mike Pianna1974 Topps All Star Catchers406
86Dustin MayRC1971 Topps Basketball570
96Cody Bellinger1989 Topps Record Breakers638
97Gavin LuxRC1978 Topps Hockey872
115Sandy Koufax1959 Topps Football657
124Corey Seager1977 Topps Baseball Family661
128Joc Pederson1971 Topps Brady Bunch620
128Mookie Betts1971 Topps Brady Bunch620
128Cody Bellinger1971 Topps Brady Bunch620
142Mookie Betts1956 Topps Flags of the World911
159Gavin LuxRC1987 Topps Future Stars2600
165Dustin MayRC1999 Bowman Scouts’ Choice905
177Walker Buehler2001 Stadium Club Football Stepping Up460
191Cody Bellinger1961-62 Hockey Highlights515
202Mookie Betts1984 Topps Cereal Series2073
220Tommy Lasorda1960 Topps Managers432
228Corey Seager1995/96 Stadium Club Hockey579
235Los Angeles Dodgers2002 Topps Playoff Bound385
243Cody Bellinger1976 Topps Bubble Gum Champ615
248Dustin MayRC1992 Topps Kids793
253Clayton Kershaw1966 Topps Baseball1363
259Corey Seager1972 World Series415
267Dustin MayRC1992-93 Topps Hockey Super Rookie2602
274Clayton Kershaw1971 Topps Football Posters430
284Corey Seager1983 Topps Football Record Breakers939
296Walker Buehler1971 Topps Baseall501
300Jackie Robinson1971 Topps Baseall501


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
105Tim Raines1962 Topps Switch Hitter335
121Vladimir Guerrero1977 Topps Baseball Family661
209Vladimir Guerrero1992 Stadium Club QB Legends848


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
81Buster Posey1974 Topps All Star Catchers406
81Gary Carter1974 Topps All Star Catchers406
88Mike Yastrzemski1971 Topps Basketball570
100Willie Mays1978 Topps Hockey872
123Mike Yastrzemski1977 Topps Baseball Family661
214Mike Yastremski1998 WCW World Champ1789
291Willie Mays1988 Topps Football 1000 Yard Club503
293Randy Johnson1988 Topps Football 1000 Yard Club503
304Mike Yastrzemski1980 Topps Superman 2534


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
43Francisco Lindor1996 Topps Gallery: Modernist408
104Francisco Lindor1962 Topps Switch Hitter335
108Jose Ramirez1962 Topps Switch Hitter335
111Kenny Loften1997-98 Topps Basketball1155
125Sandy Alomar Jr1977 Topps Baseball Family661
149Jim Thome1992-93 Topps Basketball801
169Francisco Lindor2000 Topps Team USA Basketball369
196Shane Bieber1980 Topps WANTED Poster855
279Shane Bieber1972 Topps Baseball Cy Young645
311Bob Feller1951 Topps Magic Football


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
7Alex Rodriguez2007 Triple Threads449
16Ichiro1984 Topps482
58Kyle LewisRC1972-73 Topps Hockey437
124Kyle Seager1977 Topps Baseball Family661
131Ichiro1971 Topps Brady Bunch620
131Ken Griffey Jr1971 Topps Brady Bunch620
147Ken Griffey Jr1992-93 Topps Basketball801
153Ichiro Suzuki1985 Topps Woolworth All-Time Record Holders611
198Randy Johnson1980 Topps WANTED Poster855
208Ichiro1992 Stadium Club QB Legends848
211Kyle Lewis1998 WCW World Champ1789
223Kyle LewisRC1995/96 Stadium Club Hockey579
234Ichiro1954 World on Wheels1665
252Ken Griffey Jr1992 Topps Kids793
270Kyle LewisRC1992-93 Topps Hockey Super Rookie2602
281Kyle LewisRC1972 Topps Baseball Cy Young645
290Ichiro1988 Topps Football 1000 Yard Club503


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
42Jordan YamamotoRC1994 Bowman’s Best1181
217Don Mattingly1960 Topps Managers432


#PlayerRCThrowackPrint Run
15Pete Alonso1984 Topps482
17Jacob deGrom1984 Topps482
20Pete Alonso1991 Bowman Football474
30Noah Syndergaard2003 Bazooka Joe450
64Pete Alonso1998 Stadium Club Double Threat550
64Jacob deGrom1998 Stadium Club Double Threat550
91Pete Alonso1989 Topps Record Breakers638
117Jacob deGrom1959 Topps Football657
127Darryl Strawberry1971 Topps Brady Bunch620
127Dwight Gooden1971 Topps Brady Bunch620
133Darryl Strawberry1989 Topps #1 Draft Pick594
148Pete Alonso1992-93 Topps Basketball801
156Bartolo Colon1985 Topps Woolworth All-Time Record Holders611
158Pete Alonso1987 Topps Future Stars2600
174Marcus Stroman2000 Topps Team USA Basketball369
183Mike Piazza1970-71 Topps Basketball646
194Pete Alonso1980 Topps WANTED Poster855
203Jacob deGrom1984 Topps Cereal Series2073
226Michael Conforto1995/96 Stadium Club Hockey579
251Gary Carter1992 Topps Kids793


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
2Juan Soto2010 Topps 2020580
13Trea Turner1984 Topps482
14Howie Kendrick1984 Topps482
14Juan Soto1984 Topps482
14Stephen Strasburg1984 Topps482
45Stephen Strasburg1996 Topps Gallery: Modernist408
134Stephen Strasburg1989 Topps #1 Draft Pick594
171Anthony Rendon2000 Topps Team USA Basketball369
190Juan Soto1961-62 Hockey Highlights515
231Trea Turner1954 World on Wheels1665
261Stephen Strasburg1972 World Series415
309Trea Turner1951 Topps Magic Football


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
89Brooks Robinson1971 Topps Basketball570
152Cal Ripken Jr1985 Topps Woolworth All-Time Record Holders611
192Cal Ripken Jr1961-62 Hockey Highlights515


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
23Fernando Tatis Jr.1991 Bowman Football474
48Adrian MorejonRC1996 Topps Gallery: Modernist408
57Trent GrishamRC1972-73 Topps Hockey437
65Fernando Tatis Jr.1998 Stadium Club Double Threat550
65Chris Paddack1998 Stadium Club Double Threat550
112Tony Gwynn1997-98 Topps Basketball1155
114Fernando Tatis Jr1997-98 Topps Basketball1155
175Fernando Tatis Jr2001 Stadium Club Football Stepping Up460
186Tony Gwynn1970-71 Topps Basketball646
200Fernando Tatis Jr1984 Topps Cereal Series2073
216Fernando Tatis Jr1998 WCW World Champ1789
227Manny Machado1995/96 Stadium Club Hockey579
236San Diego Padres2002 Topps Playoff Bound385
245Manny Machado1976 Topps Bubble Gum Champ615
247Fernando Tatis Jr1992 Topps Kids793
258Trent GrishamRC1966 Topps Baseball1363
275Dave Winfield1971 Topps Football Posters430
301Fernando Tatis Jr1980 Topps Superman 2534


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
9Bryce Harper2007 Triple Threads449
53Didi Gregorius1974 Topps Traded530
84JT Realmuto1974 Topps All Star Catchers406
84Mike Lieberthal1974 Topps All Star Catchers406
98Bryce Harper1978 Topps Hockey872
179Bryce Harper2001 Stadium Club Football Stepping Up460
273Bryce Harper1971 Topps Football Posters430


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
207Roberto Clemente1992 Stadium Club QB Legends848
264Bill Mazeroski1972 World Series415
289Roberto Clemente1988 Topps Football 1000 Yard Club503


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
151Nolan Ryan1985 Topps Woolworth All-Time Record Holders611
173Joey Gallo2000 Topps Team USA Basketball369


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
11Evan Longoria2007 Triple Threads449
35Brendan McKayRC1997 Topps917
164Brendan McKayRC1999 Bowman Scouts’ Choice905
180Charlie Morton2001 Stadium Club Football Stepping Up460
189Kevin Kiermaier1961-62 Hockey Highlights515
213Yoshitomo TsutsugoRC1998 WCW World Champ1789
239Tampa Bay Rays2002 Topps Playoff Bound385
249Randy ArozarenaRC1992 Topps Kids793
254Tyler Glasnow1966 Topps Baseball1363
260Brandon Lowe1972 World Series415
265Randy ArozarenaRC1992-93 Topps Hockey Super Rookie2602
283Randy ArozarenaRC1983 Topps Football Record Breakers939
305Kevin Kiermaier1980 Topps Superman 2534

Red Sox

#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
5Rafael Devers2010 Topps 2020580
22Roger Clemens1991 Bowman Football474
70Mo Vaughn1985 Topps Rambo666
123Carl Yastrzemski1977 Topps Baseball Family661
242Rafael Devers1976 Topps Bubble Gum Champ615
250Ted Williams1992 Topps Kids793
306Jackie Bradley Jr1980 Topps Superman 2534


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
10Ken Griffey Jr2007 Triple Threads449
15Eugenio Suarez1984 Topps482
26Joey Votto2003 Bazooka Joe450
32Aristides AquinoRC1997 Topps917
54Nicholas Castellanos1974 Topps Traded530
55Johnny Bench1972-73 Topps Hockey437
69Shogo AkiyamaRC1985 Topps Rambo666
102Aristides AquinoRC1978 Topps Hockey872
140Aristides AquinoRC1956 Topps Flags of the World911
163Aristides AquinoRC1999 Bowman Scouts’ Choice905
246Eugenio Suarez1976 Topps Bubble Gum Champ615
280Trevor Bauer1972 Topps Baseball Cy Young645
287Joey Votto1983 Topps Football Record Breakers939


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
87Nolan Arenado1971 Topps Basketball570
126Dante Bichette1977 Topps Baseball Family661
204Charlie Blackmon1984 Topps Cereal Series2073


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
15Jorge Soler1984 Topps482
36Bubba StarlingRC1997 Topps917
101George Brett1978 Topps Hockey872


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
218Ted Williams1960 Topps Managers432


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
222Sparky Anderson1960 Topps Managers432


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
51Josh Donaldson1974 Topps Traded530
135Joe Mauer1989 Topps #1 Draft Pick594
185Dave Winfield1970-71 Topps Basketball646
230Byron Buxton1954 World on Wheels1665
240Minnesota Twins2002 Topps Playoff Bound385
303Byron Buxton1980 Topps Superman 2534

White Sox

#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
19Frank Thomas1991 Bowman Football474
33Dylan CeaseRC1997 Topps917
39Luis RobertRC1994 Bowman’s Best1181
47Dylan CeaseRC1996 Topps Gallery: Modernist408
68Louis RobertRC1985 Topps Rambo666
110Luis RobertRC1997-98 Topps Basketball1155
120Dylan CeaseRC1959 Topps Football657
137Harold Baines1989 Topps #1 Draft Pick594
161Luis RobertsRC1987 Topps Future Stars2600
167Dylan CeaseRC1999 Bowman Scouts’ Choice905
176Eloy Jimenez2001 Stadium Club Football Stepping Up460
199Luis RobertRC1984 Topps Cereal Series2073
212Luis RobertRC1998 WCW World Champ1789
215Eloy Jimenez1998 WCW World Champ1789
224Jose Abreu1995/96 Stadium Club Hockey579
232Luis RobertRC1954 World on Wheels1665
256Luis RobertRC1966 Topps Baseball1363
266Luis RobertRC1992-93 Topps Hockey Super Rookie2602
276Frank Thomas1971 Topps Football Posters430
277Jose Abreu1972 Topps Baseball Cy Young645
286Luis RobertRC1983 Topps Football Record Breakers939
294Tom Seaver1988 Topps Football 1000 Yard Club503
298Tim Anderson1971 Topps Baseall501


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
3Gleyber Torres2010 Topps 2020580
8Babe Ruth2007 Triple Threads449
16CC Sabathia1984 Topps482
16Troy Tulowitzki1984 Topps482
21Aaron Judge1991 Bowman Football474
25Gleyber Torres2003 Bazooka Joe450
49Gerrit Cole1974 Topps Traded530
63Bernie Williams1998 Stadium Club Double Threat550
63Andy Pettitte1998 Stadium Club Double Threat550
71Dave Winfield1985 Topps Rambo666
80Gary Sanchez1974 Topps All Star Catchers406
80Thurman Munson1974 Topps All Star Catchers406
99Aaron Judge1978 Topps Hockey872
118Gerrit Cole1959 Topps Football657
129Don Mattingly1971 Topps Brady Bunch620
129Wade Boggs1971 Topps Brady Bunch620
146Aaron Judge1992-93 Topps Basketball801
150Babe Ruth1992-93 Topps Basketball801
154Mariano Rivera1985 Topps Woolworth All-Time Record Holders611
170Gerrit Cole2000 Topps Team USA Basketball369
181Aaron Judge1970-71 Topps Basketball646
193Derek Jeter1980 Topps WANTED Poster855
206Babe Ruth1992 Stadium Club QB Legends848
221Joe Torre1960 Topps Managers432
238New York Yankees2002 Topps Playoff Bound385
241Aaron Judge1976 Topps Bubble Gum Champ615
257Luke Voit1966 Topps Baseball1363
263Derek Jeter1972 World Series415
271Aaron Judge1971 Topps Football Posters430
299Bernie Williams1971 Topps Baseall501
310Gerrit Cole1951 Topps Magic Football