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2020 Topps Now MLB trading cards may go down as the strangest of the Now baseball products.

Delayed alongside the 2020 baseball season, Topps filled the void with cards dedicated to a baseball player video game tournament and a six round bracket that pitted today’s best players against each other.

When the official set began in July, the immediate print run king wasn’t Mike Trout or Christian Yelich but, rather, Dr. Anthony Fauci and his opening day first pitch.

As with previous Topps Now MLB sets, numbered autograph and relic cards are scattered throughout the checklist with color variants each offering their own limited print run.

Cards are available for 24 via the Topps website and final print runs are determined by the number ordered during that time frame.

Our checklist is separated by baseball team. You can scroll through the list or go directly to your favorite team by selecting them from the list below. Several cards were branded with the MLB logo, usually indicating multiple players or a league record, and those cards are designated as such and not with a player’s team.

Clicking a link within the checklist will direct you to an affiliate retailer or to relevant eBay listings for that card.

2020 Topps Now MLB Checklist

Base Set – Growing
Bracket Bonanza (BB) – 63 cards

Spring Training (ST) – 4 cards
The Show Player Tournament (TSPT) – 4 cards


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
28Anthony Rendon373
28aAnthony RendonBlue Auto49
28bAnthony RendonPurple Auto25
28cAnthony RendonRed Auto10
28eAnthony RendonGold Auto1
31Shohei Ohtani788
35Justin Upton257
52Mike Trout3289
53Jo Adell4279
53aJo AdellAutograph99
53bJo AdellBlue Auto49
53cJo AdellPurple Auto25
53dJo AdellRed Auto10
53eJo AdellOrange Auto5
53fJo AdellGold Auto1
69Dylan Bundy256
70Shohei Ohtani862
71Mike Trout2494
84Mike Trout1357
85Anthony Rendon287
155Albert Pujols797
174Jo Adell1542
210Mike Trout1680
214Shohei Ohtani731
215Mike Trout5768
215aMike TroutAutograph99
215bMike TroutBlue Auto49
215cMike TroutPurple Auto25
215dMike TroutRed Auto10
215eMike TroutOrange Auto5
215fMike TroutGold Auto1
220Jo Adell700
245Dylan Bundy213
262Albert Pujols1567
277Jared Walsh505
285Albert Pujols1517
285aAlbert PujolsAutograph99
285bAlbert PujolsBlue Auto49
285cAlbert PujolsPurple Auto25
285dAlbert PujolsRed Auto10
285eAlbert PujolsOrange Auto5
285fAlbert PujolsGold Auto1
297Jared Walsh497
BB1-1Mike Trout1083
BB1-4Anthony Rendon165
BB1-16Shohei Ohtani279
BB2-1Mike Trout959
BB3-1Mike Trout912
BB4-1Mike Trout934
RC04Jared Walsh856


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
21Alex Bregman343
105Yordan AlvarezRC1266
117Kyle Tucker211
126Myles Straw239
259Houston Astros187
292George Springer222
330Carlos Correa221
330Jose Altuve221
330Michael Brantley221
334Houston Astros230
364Carlos Correa361
364aCarlos CorreaBlue Auto49
364bCarlos CorreaPurple Auto25
364cCarlos CorreaRed Auto Relic10
364dCarlos CorreaOrange Auto Relic5
364eCarlos CorreaGold Auto Relic1
365George Springer264
371George Springer292
371aGeorge SpringerPurple Auto25
371bGeorge SpringerRed Auto Relic10
371cGeorge SpringerOrange Auto Relic5
371dGeorge SpringerGold Auto Relic1
385Houston Astros201
386Josh Reddick191
387Carlos Correa278
387aCarlos CorreaBlue Auto Relic49
387bCarlos CorreaPurple Auto Relic25
387cCarlos CorreaRed Auto Relic10
387dCarlos CorreaOrange Auto Relic5
387eCarlos CorreaGold Auto Relic1
388Michael Brantley179
388aMichael BrantleyPurple Auto Relic25
388bMichael BrantleyRed Auto Relic10
388cMichael BrantleyOrange Auto Relic5
388dMichael BrantleyGold Auto Relic1
389Houston Astros213
416George Springer303
416aGeorge SpringerAutograph99
416bGeorge SpringerBlue Auto49
416cGeorge SpringerPurple Auto25
416dGeorge SpringerRed Auto Relic10
416eGeorge SpringerOrange Auto Relic5
416fGeorge SpringerGold Auto Relic1
422Carlos Correa404
422aCarlos CorreaPurple Auto25
422bCarlos CorreaRed Auto10
422cCarlos CorreaOrange Auto5
422dCarlos CorreaGold Auto1
423George Springer254
424Kyle Tucker265
425Framber Valdez284
426Houston Astros333
426aHouston AstrosRed Relic10
426bHouston AstrosOrange Relic5
426cHouston AstrosGold Relic1
BB1-11Alex Bregman140
BB1-18Justin Verlander164
BB1-28Jose Altuve116
OS01Cristian Javier190


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
12Matt Olson536
54Jesus LuzardoRC1349
56Stephen Piscotty432
62Austin Allen290
73Austin Allen313
73Marcus Semien313
81Jesus LuzardoRC805
86Matt Chapman293
97Ramon Laureano347
108Stephen Piscotty273
112Oakland Athletics280
233Ramon Laureano248
266Mike Minor247
271Tony Kemp265
312Mark Canha242
351Chad Pinder312
352Oakland Athletics374
380Chad Pinder295
381Liam Hendricks335
385Oakland Athletics201
RC02Sean MurphyRC734

Blue Jays

#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
25Vladimir Guerrero Jr566
29Nate Pearson1982
29aNate PearsonAutograph99
29bNate PearsonBlue Auto49
29cNate PearsonPurple Auto25
29dNate PearsonRed Auto10
29eNate PearsonOrange Auto5
29fNate PearsonGold Auto1
87Bo BichetteRC2444
87aBo BichetteRCAuto Relic99
87bBo BichetteRCBlue Auto Relic49
87cBo BichetteRCPurple Auto Relic25
87dBo BichetteRCRed Auto Relic10
87eBo BichetteRCOrange Auto Relic5
87fBo BichetteRCGold Auto Relic1
88Travis Shaw346
96Bo BichetteRC1804
106Bo BichetteRC1422
133Toronto Blue Jays280
184Teoscar Hernandez336
209Teoscar Hernandez260
225Toronto Blue Jays320
306Hyun-Jin Ryu413
OS08Hyun-Jin Ryu234
OS41George Springer908


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
14Marcell Ozuna298
15William Conteras571
39Travis d’Arnaud398
66Nick Markakis332
79Ronald Acuna Jr862
120Dansby Swanson352
139Cristian Pache1805
139aCristian PacheAutograph99
139bCristian PacheBlue Auto49
139cCristian PachePurple Auto25
139dCristian PacheRed Auto10
139eCristian PacheOrange Auto5
139fCristian PacheGold Auto1
147Adam Duvall263
160Ronald Acuna Jr699
161Ian Anderson1746
192Marcell Ozuna289
199Adam Duvall373
200Adam Duvall1191
200Marcell Ozuna1191
212Ronald Acuna Jr689
213Freddie Freeman509
216Ronald Acuna Jr891
240Adam Duvall434
241Atlanta Braves745
242Freddie Freeman514
257Ian Anderson610
307Ronald Acuna Jr1028
308Freddie Freeman391
337Freddie Freeman506
337aFreddie FreemanAutograph99
337bFreddie FreemanBlue Auto49
337cFreddie FreemanPurple Auto25
337dFreddie FreemanRed Auto10
337eFreddie FreemanOrange Auto5
337fFreddie FreemanGold Auto1
346Ian Anderson709
346aIan AndersonPurple Auto25
346bIan AndersonRed Auto10
346cIan AndersonOrange Auto5
346dIan AndersonGold Auto1
347Marcell Ozuna385
348Atlanta Braves423
369Ronald Acuna Jr1268
369aRonald Acuna JrAutograph99
369bRonald Acuna JrBlue Auto49
369cRonald Acuna JrPurple Auto25
369dRonald Acuna JrRed Auto Relic10
369eRonald Acuna JrOrange Auto Relic5
369fRonald Acuna JrGold Auto Relic1
370Travis d’Arnaud307
378Dansby Swanson389
378aDansby SwansonAutograph99
378bDansby SwansonBlue Auto49
378cDansby SwansonPurple Auto25
378dDansby SwansonRed Auto Relic10
378eDansby SwansonOrange Auto Relic5
378fDansby SwansonGold Auto Relic1
379Ian Anderson690
390Atlanta Braves428
390aAtlanta BravesRelic99
390bAtlanta BravesBlue Relic49
390cAtlanta BravesPurple Relic25
390dAtlanta BravesRed Relic10
390eAtlanta BravesOrange Relic5
390fAtlanta BravesGold Relic1
405Freddie Freeman382
406Austin Riley371
406aAustin RileyAutograph99
406bAustin RileyPurple Auto49
406cAustin RileyPurple Auto25
406dAustin RileyRed Auto Relic10
406eAustin RileyOrange Auto Relic5
406fAustin RileyGold Auto Relic1
408Freddie Freeman396
408aFreddie FreemanAutograph99
408bFreddie FreemanBlue Auto49
408cFreddie FreemanPurple Auto25
408dFreddie FreemanRed Auto Relic10
408eFreddie FreemanOrange Auto Relic5
408fFreddie FreemanGold Auto Relic1
409Cristian Pache806
409aCristian PachePurple Auto25
409bCristian PacheRed Audo10
409cCristian PacheOrange Auto5
409dCristian PacheGold Auto1
414Cristian Pache1122
417Bryse Wilson397
417aBryse WilsonAutograph99
417bBryse WilsonBlue Auto49
417cBryse WilsonPurple Auto25
417dBryse WilsonRed Auto Relic10
417eBryse WilsonOrange Auto Relic5
417fBryse WilsonGold Auto Relic1
418Marcell Ozuna425
419Freddie Freeman354
BB1-5Freddie Freeman173
BB1-25Ronald Acuna Jr432
BB2-4Freddie Freeman144
BB2-13Ronald Acuna Jr.415
BB3-7Ronald Acuna Jr.436
BB4-3Ronald Acuna Jr.439
OS16Freddie Freeman327
OS34Freddie Freeman974
OS34aFreddie FreemanAutograph99
OS34bFreddie FreemanBlue Auto49
OS34cFreddie FreemanPurple Auto25
OS34dFreddie FreemanRed Auto10
OS34eFreddie FreemanOrange Auto5
OS34fFreddie FreemanGold Auto1


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
65Christian Yelich333
175Eric Sogard251
201Josh Hader377
234Milwaukee Brewers199
235Corbin Brunes239
255Milwaukee Brewers206
316Brandon Woodruff193
BB1-9Christian Yellich214
BB2-5Christian Yelich170
BB3-3Christian Yelich260
BB4-2Christian Yelich276
BB5-1Christian Yelich325
BB6-1Christian Yelich392
OS05Devin WilliamsRC361
OS29Devin WilliamsRC1063
RC07Devin WilliamsRC817
RC07aDevin WilliamsRCAutograph99
RC07bDevin WilliamsRCBlue Auto49
RC07cDevin WilliamsRCPurple Auto25
RC07dDevin WilliamsRCRed Auto10
RC07eDevin WilliamsRCOrange Auto5
RC07fDevin WilliamsRCGold Auto1


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
109Dylan Carlson1694
137Kolten Wong282
195Brad Miller365
305Yadier Molina981
340Yadier Molina413
RC06Kwang-Hyun KimRC881
OS42Nolan Arenado1027


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
9Kyle Hendricks590
27Javier Baez472
48Javier Baez479
99Yu Darvish519
100Chicago Cubs532
182Kyle Scharber624
182Jason Heyward624
182Ian Happ624
258Jason Heyward310
258Idelmaro Vargas310
261Alec Mills1969
268Javier Baez449
275Javier Baez366
322Yu Darvish475
BB1-6Kris Bryant201
BB1-29Javier Baez165
BB2-16Javier Baez157
OS11Yu Darvish293


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
55Andy Young706
58Kole Calhoun237
67Kole Calhoun265
146Zac GallenRC504


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
5Dustin MayRC1395
6Enrique Hernandez790
34Edwin Rios631
38Mookie Betts886
46Clayton Kershaw370
90Justin Turner348
102Mookie Betts1662
116Keibert Ruiz1342
135Clayton Kershaw537
149Cody Bellinger405
153Mookie Betts632
166Mookie Betts713
167Clayton Kershaw518
183Cody Bellinger444
203Mookie Betts509
203Will Smith509
208Clayton Kershaw938
232Gavin LuxRC1824
323Mookie Betts477
355Clayton Kershaw511
356Los Angeles Dodgers331
377Justin Turner325
377Cody Bellinger325
384Cody Bellinger2899
384aCody BellingerAutograph99
384bCody BellingerBlue Auto49
384cCody BellingerPurple Auto25
384dCody BellingerRed Auto Relic10
384eCody BellingerOrange Auto Relic5
384fCody BellingerGold Auto Relic1
393Will Smith440
393aWill SmithBlue Auto Relic49
393bWill SmithPurple Auto Relic25
393cWill SmithRed Auto Relic10
393dWill SmithOrange Auto Relic5
393eWill SmithGold Auto Relic1
394Justin Turner294
395Los Angeles Dodgers355
395aLos Angeles DodgersRelic99
395bLos Angeles DodgersBlue Relic49
395cLos Angeles DodgersPurple Relic25
395dLos Angeles DodgersRed Relic10
395eLos Angeles DodgersOrange Relic5
395fLos Angeles DodgersGold Relic1
407Walker Buehler273
412Los Angeles Dodgers712
413Max Muncy401
413aMax MuncyAutograph99
413bMax MuncyBlue Auto49
413cMax MuncyPurple Auto25
413dMax MuncyRed Auto Relic10
413eMax MuncyOrange Auto Relic5
413fMax MuncyGold Auto Relic1
427Mookie Betts501
429Will Smith466
429aWill SmithPurple Auto25
429bWill SmithRed Auto Relic10
429cWill SmithOrange Auto Relic5
429dWill SmithGold Auto Relic1
430Corey Seager463
430aCorey SeagerPurple Auto25
430bCorey SeagerRed Auto10
430cCorey SeagerOrange Auto5
430dCorey SeagerGold Auto1
431Mookie Betts1029
432Corey Seager539
432Justin Turner539
433Walker Buehler508
433aWalker BuehlerAutograph99
433bWalker BuehlerBlue Auto49
433cWalker BuehlerPurple25
433dWalker BuehlerRed Auto Relic10
433eWalker BuehlerOrange Auto Relic5
433fWalker BuehlerGold Auto Relic1
438Will Smith727
439Justin Turner886
440Mookie Betts1357
441Enrique Hernandez751
442Cody Bellinger1129
443Julio Urias883
444Corey Seager898
445Los Angeles Dodgers810
446Cody Bellinger781
446aCody BellingerBlue Auto Relic49
446bCody BellingerPurple Auto Relic25
446cCody BellingerRed Auto Relic10
446dCody BellingerOrange Auto Relic5
446eCody BellingerGold Auto Relic1
447Mookie Betts853
448Los Angeles Dodgers522
449Los Angeles Dodgers680
450Clayton Kershaw685
450aClayton KershawRed Relic10
450bClayton KershawOrange Relic5
450cClayton KershawGold Relic1
455Corey Seager538
456Justin Turner656
456Duke Snider656
456aJustin TurnerRed Relic10
456aDuke SniderRed Relic10
456bJustin TurnerOrange Relic5
456bDuke SniderOrange Relic5
456cJustin TurnerGold Relic1
456cDuke SniderGold Relic1
457Mookie Betts759
458Austin Barnes512
459Walker Buehler680
459aWalker BuehlerAuto Relic99
459bWalker BuehlerBlue Auto Relic49
459cWalker BuehlerPurple Auto Relic25
459dWalker BuehlerRed Auto Relic10
459eWalker BuehlerOrange Auto Relic5
459fWalker BuehlerGold Auto Relic1
461Justin Turner649
463Corey Seager708
463aCorey SeagerPurple Auto Relic25
463bCorey SeagerRed Auto Relic10
463cCorey SeagerOrange Auto Relic5
463dCorey SeagerGold Auto Relic1
465Julio Urias585
470Corey Seager567
470Cody Bellinger567
471Los Angeles Dodgers577
472Clayton Kershaw1074
472aClayton KershawRelic99
472bClayton KershawBlue Relic49
472cClayton KershawPurple Relic25
472dClayton KershawRed Relic10
472eClayton KershawOrange Relic5
472fClayton KershawGold Relic1
473Joc Pederson504
474Los Angeles Dodgers637
474aLos Angeles DodgersRed Relic10
474aLos Angeles DodgersRed Relic10
474bLos Angeles DodgersOrange Relic5
474bLos Angeles DodgersOrange Relic5
474cLos Angeles DodgersGold Relic1
474cLos Angeles DodgersGold Relic1
475Max Muncy549
476Dustin May562
476Victor Gonalez562
476Blake Treinen562
479Mookie Betts2687
480Los Angeles Dodgers1465
481Julio Urias2052
482Los Angeles Dodgers2687
482aLos Angeles DodgersRelic99
482bLos Angeles DodgersBlue Relic49
482cLos Angeles DodgersPurple Relic25
482dLos Angeles DodgersRed Relic10
482eLos Angeles DodgersOrange Relic5
482fLos Angeles DodgersGold Relic1
483Corey Seager2191
483aCorey SeagerPurple Auto Relic25
483bCorey SeagerRed Auto Relic10
483cCorey SeagerOrange Auto Relic5
483dCorey SeagerGold Auto Relic1
BB1-2Cody Bellinger253
BB1-22Walker Buehler192
BB1-23Clayton Kershaw156
BB1-26Mookie Betts224
BB2-2Cody Bellinger217
BB2-12Clayton Kershaw172
BB2-14Mookie Betts237
BB3-2Cody Bellinger273
BB3-8Mookie Betts316
OS15Mookie Betts412
RC10Tony GonsolinRC670
ST01Mookie Betts605
ST01David Price605
ST04Mookie Betts926
OS43Trevor Bauer


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
33Mike Yastrzemski401
138Joey Bart2955
140Evan Longoria267
159Donovan Solano269
165Mike Yastrzemski463
190Alex Dickerson261
191San Francisco Giants418
262Willie Mays1567
ST02Alyssa Nakken4781
TSPT-4Hunter Pence129


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
8Shane Bieber549
36Shane Bieber883
68Cleveland Indians268
113Shane Bieber322
124Carlos Santana257
131Aaron CivaleRC514
143Triston McKenzie1350
156Cesar Hernandez294
189Shane Bieber433
196Franmil Reyes265
219Cesar Hernandez364
252Shane Bieber421
284Zach Plesac353
298Jose Ramirez526
304Jordan Luplow283
309Cesar Hernandez319
321Shane Bieber756
342Josh Naylor263
BB1-27Francisco Lindor135
BB2-15Francisco Lindor137
OS06Shane Bieber306
OS14Jose Ramirez168
OS31Shane Bieber685
OS31aShane BieberAutograph99
OS31bShane BieberBlue Auto49
OS31cShane BieberPurple Auto25
OS31dShane BieberRed Auto10
OS31eShane BieberOrange Auto5
OS31fShane BieberGold Auto1
OS40Amed Rosario, Andres Gimenez490


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
61Kyle Seager601
61Ken Griffey Jr601
61Jay Buhner601
61Edgar Martinez601
187Marco Gonzales247
264Kyle LewisRC3284
264aKyle LewisRCAutograph99
264bKyle LewisRCBlue Auto49
264cKyle LewisRCPurple Auto25
264dKyle LewisRCRed Auto10
264eKyle LewisRCOrange Auto5
264fKyle LewisRCGold Auto1
OS02Kyle LewisRC1158
OS28Kyle LewisRC3013
RC09Kyle LewisRC2395


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
142Sixto Sanchez705
186Starling Marte199
194Starling Marte226
224Jazz Chisholm460
230Sixto Sanchez500
246Jorge Alfaro246
287Brian Anderson189
339Miami Marlins234
357Sixto Sanchez531
358Garrett Cooper288
359Miami Marlins370
OS18Don Mattingly359
OS30Don Mattingly464
OS30aDon MattinglyAutograph99
OS30bDon MattinglyBlue Auto49
OS30cDon MattinglyPurple Auto25
OS30dDon MattinglyRed Auto10
OS30eDon MattinglyOrange Auto5
OS30fDon MattinglyGold Auto1


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
7Yoenis Cespedes610
26David Peterson709
30Andres Gimenez926
60Rick Porcello301
101Tomas Nido499
164Jacob deGrom469
173Amed Rosario384
205Pete Alonso918
223Jacob deGrom443
239Michael Conforto342
281Brandon Nimmo275
288Todd Frazier449
296Jacob deGrom599
BB1-15Pete Alonso382
BB1-19Jacob deGrom258
BB2-10Jacob deGrom230
BB3-5Jacob deGrom294
OS10Jacob deGrom227
OS38Francisco Lindor1082
OS39Carlos Carrasco466


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
2Dr. Anthony Fauci51512
32Washington Nationals320
57Juan Soto588
76Juan Soto986
94Juan Soto633
172Max Scherzer386
206Trea Turner394
251Michael A Taylor188
301Washington Nationals387
317Andrew Stevenson283
BB1-10Juan Soto289
BB1-20Max Scherzer185
BB1-21Stephen Strasburg175
BB1-24Patrick Corbin129
BB1-31Trea Turner133
BB2-6Juan Soto229
BB2-11Max Scherzer162
BB3-4Juan Soto325
BB3-6Max Scherzer291
BB4-4Max Scherzer271
BB5-2Max Scherzer277


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
44Pat Valaika415
77Pat Valaika349
77Pedro Severino349
93Austin Hays326
141Ryan Mountcastle743
295John Means190
RC05Ryan Mountcastle735
RC05aRyan MountcastleAutograph99
RC05bRyan MountcastleBlue Auto49
RC05cRyan MountcastlePurple Auto25
RC05dRyan MountcastleRed Auto10
RC05eRyan MountcastleOrange Auto5
RC05fRyan MountcastleGold Auto1


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
40Fernando Tatis Jr460
40Tommy Pham460
75Fernando Tatis Jr1072
80Fernando Tatis Jr1367
111Fernando Tatis Jr842
121Fernando Tatis Jr2766
125Fernando Tatis Jr946
132Manny Machado474
136San Diego Padres2133
144Trent GrishamRC676
168Wil Myers350
185Mike Clevinger338
222Fernando Tatis Jr1801
226Dinelson Lamet299
227Jurickson Profar274
263Mike Clevinger468
313Trent GrishamRC594
353Fernando Tatis Jr2780
353aFernando Tatis JrAutograph99
353bFernando Tatis JrBlue Auto49
353cFernando Tatis JrPurple Auto25
353dFernando Tatis JrRed Auto10
353eFernando Tatis JrOrange Auto5
353fFernando Tatis JrGold Auto1
354Wil Myers512
360Luis Patino547
361Fernando Tatis Jr1595
362San Diego Padres450
363San Diego Padres795
376Ryan Weathers619
BB1-32Fernando Tatis Jr246
OS17Manny Machado192
OS36Blake Snell589
OS37Yu Darvish572


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
16Zack Wheeler438
83Spencer Howard1040
98Alec Bohm2292
103JT Realmuto337
104Bryce Harper428
151Alec Bohm1684
152Philadelphia Phillies359
169Scott Kingery372
188Spencer Howard658
207Alec Bohm590
231Alex Bohm659
250Aaron Nola317
282Zach Eflin226
283Mickey Moniak749
303Bryce Harper598
BB1-8Bryce Harper210
OS04Alec Bohm649
RC01Alec Bohm1070
RC01aAlec BohmAutograph99
RC01bAlec BohmBlue Auto49
RC01cAlec BohmPurple Auto25
RC01dAlec BohmRed Auto10
RC01eAlec BohmOrange Auto5
RC01fAlec BohmGold Auto1


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
64Kevin Newman290
193Ke’Bryan Hayes1288
280Steven Brault242
300Jacob Stallings364
310Mitch Keller327
315Ke’Bryan Hayes662


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
276Kyle Gibson245
311Ronald Guzman220
311Joey Gallo220


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
10Yoshi TsutsugoRC1199
10aYoshi TsutsugoRCAutograph99
10bYoshi TsutsugoRCBlue Auto49
10cYoshi TsutsugoRCPurple Auto25
10dYoshi TsutsugoRCRed Auto10
10eYoshi TsutsugoRCOrange Auto5
10fYoshi TsutsugoRCGold Auto1
18Ji-Man Choi449
22Tampa Bay Rays243
78Michael Perez289
148Kevin Kiermaier229
158Tyler Glasnow227
247Tampa Bay Rays212
328Manuel Margot203
329Blake Snell191
335Hunter Renfroe194
336Tampa Bay Rays225
368Shane McClanahan
374Randy ArozarenaRC1152
374aRandy ArozarenaRCPurple Auto25
374bRandy ArozarenaRCRed Auto Relic10
374cRandy ArozarenaRCOrange Auto Relic5
374dRandy ArozarenaRCGold Auto Relic1
375Tyler Glasnow276
382Randy ArozarenaRC1030
396Austin Meadows315
396aAustin MeadowsRed Auto Relic10
396bAustin MeadowsOrange Auto Relic5
396cAustin MeadowsGold Auto Relic1
397Michael BrosseauRC665
397aMichael BrosseauRCAuto Relic99
397bMichael BrosseauRCBlue Auto Relic49
397cMichael BrosseauRCPurple Auto Relic25
397dMichael BrosseauRCRed Auto Relic10
397eMichael BrosseauRCOrange Auto Relic5
397fMichael BrosseauRCGold Auto Relic1
398Tampa Bay Rays443
399Randy ArozarenaRC1058
399aRandy ArozarenaRCAutograph99
399bRandy ArozarenaRCBlue Auto49
399cRandy ArozarenaRCPurple Auto25
399dRandy ArozarenaRCRed Auto Relic10
399eRandy ArozarenaRCOrange Auto Relic5
399fRandy ArozarenaRCGold Auto Relic1
400Mike Zunino314
401Diego Castillo322
402Manuel Margot201
403Manuel Margot396
403aManuel MargotRed Relic10
403bManuel MargotOrange Relic5
403cManuel MargotGold Relic1
404Charlie Morton207
404aCharlie MortonPurple Auto25
404bCharlie MortonRed Auto10
404cCharlie MortonOrange Auto5
404dCharlie MortonGold Auto1
410Kevin Kiermaier310
410aKevin KiermaierRed Relic10
410bKevin KiermaierOrange Relic5
410cKevin KiermaierGold Relic1
411Joey Wendle261
411Hunter Renfroe261
415Randy ArozarenaRC1157
420Randy Arozarena470
420Evan Longoria470
421Randy ArozarenaRC1082
421aRandy ArozarenaRCAutograph99
421bRandy ArozarenaRCBlue Auto49
421cRandy ArozarenaRCPurple Auto25
421dRandy ArozarenaRCRed Auto Relic10
421eRandy ArozarenaRCOrange Auto Relic5
421fRandy ArozarenaRCGold Auto Relic1
435Randy ArozarenaRC2718
435aRandy ArozarenaRCBlue Auto Relic49
435bRandy ArozarenaRCPurple Auto Relic25
435cRandy ArozarenaRCRed Auto Relic10
435dRandy ArozarenaRCOrange Auto Relic5
435eRandy ArozarenaRCGold Auto Relic1
436Charlie Morton422
436aCharlie MortonRed Auto Relic10
436bCharlie MortonOrange Auto Relic5
436cCharlie MortonGold Auto Relic1
437Tampa Bay Rays647
437aTampa Bay RaysPurple Relic25
437bTampa Bay RaysRed Relic10
437cTampa Bay RaysOrange Relic5
437dTampa Bay RaysGold Relic1
451Brandon Lowe392
451aBrandon LoweAuto Relic99
451bBrandon LoweBlue Auto Relic49
451cBrandon LowePurple Auto Relic25
451dBrandon LoweRed Auto Relic10
451eBrandon LoweOrange Auto Relic5
451fBrandon LoweGold Auto Relic1
452Blake Snell384
452aBlake SnellRed Auto Relic10
452bBlake SnellOrange Auto Relic5
452cBlake SnellGold Auto Relic1
453Ji-Man Choi591
460Randy ArozarenaRC1999
460aRandy ArozarenaRCPurple Auto Relic25
460bRandy ArozarenaRCRed Auto Relic10
460cRandy ArozarenaRCOrange Auto Relic5
460dRandy ArozarenaRCGold Auto Relic1
462Randy ArozarenaRC3083
462aRandy ArozarenaRCAuto Relic99
462bRandy ArozarenaRCBlue Auto Relic49
462cRandy ArozarenaRCPurple Auto Relic25
462dRandy ArozarenaRCRed Auto Relic10
462eRandy ArozarenaRCOrange Auto Relic5
462fRandy ArozarenaRCGold Auto Relic1
464Brandon Lowe514
466Brett Phillips1149
466aBrett PhillipsRed Relic10
466bBrett PhillipsOrange Relic5
466cBrett PhillipsGold Relic1
467Randy ArozarenaRC3234
469Randy ArozarenaRC2366
477Randy ArozarenaRC3043
477aRandy ArozarenaRCRed Auto Relic10
477bRandy ArozarenaRCOrange Auto Relic5
477cRandy ArozarenaRCGold Auto Relic1
478Blake Snell1339
TSPT-2Blake Snell129

Red Sox

#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
72Alex Verdugo409
82Mitch Moreland311
181Bobby Dalbec1014
221Boston Red Sox341
228Bobby Dalbec701
243Bobby Dalbec1021
270Tanner Houck545
293Tanner Houck578


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
24Tyler Stephenson1031
51Sonny Gray566
89Joey Votto444
154Trevor Bauer388
202Joey Votto405
217Eugenio Suarez396
254Luis Castillo298
265Tyler Stephenson660
265aTyler StephensonAutograph99
265bTyler StephensonBlue Auto49
265cTyler StephensonPurple Auto25
265dTyler StephensonRed Auto10
265eTyler StephensonOrange Auto5
265fTyler StephensonGold Auto1
294Joey Votto390
302Trevor Bauer415
338Trevor Bauer307
OS09Trevor Bauer326
OS32Trevor Bauer632
OS32aTrevor BauerAutograph99
OS32bTrevor BauerBlue Auto49
OS32cTrevor BauerPurple Auto25
OS32dTrevor BauerRed Auto10
OS32eTrevor BauerOrange Auto5
OS32fTrevor BauerGold Auto1
TSPT-1Amir Garrett176


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
13Daniel Bard324
91Charlie Blackmon439
253Charlie Blackmon266
BB1-3Nolan Arenado153
BB1-30Trevor Story112
BB2-3Nolan Arenado130


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
17Brady Singer650
23Kansas City Royals265
244Brady Singer567
260Adalberto Mondesi289
318Alex Gordon875
318aAlex GordonAutograph99
318bAlex GordonBlue Auto49
318cAlex GordonPurple Auto25
318dAlex GordonRed Auto10
318eAlex GordonOrange Auto5
318fAlex GordonGold Auto1


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
47Tyler Alexander454
74Detroit Tigers435
127Casey Mize2341
127aCasey MizeAutograph99
127bCasey MizeBlue Auto49
127cCasey MizePurple Auto25
127dCasey MizeRed Auto10
127eCasey MizeOrange Auto5
127fCasey MizeGold Auto1
RC08Willi CastroRC726


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
19Nelson Cruz504
50Nelson Cruz349
110Nelson Cruz253
123Kenta Maeda385
197Byron Buxton347
218Byron Buxton414
229Nelson Cruz387
229Harmon Killebrew387
267Byron Buxton321
299Max Kepler330
341Alex Kirilloff1003
BB1-13Josh Donaldson158
OS07Kenta Maeda195
TSPT-3Trevor May150

White Sox

#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
11Luis RobertRC15161
11aLuis RobertRCAutograph99
11bLuis RobertRCBlue Auto49
11cLuis RobertRCPurple Auto25
11dLuis RobertRCRed Auto10
11eLuis RobertRCOrange Auto5
11fLuis RobertRCGold Auto1
20Luis RobertRC11966
42Chicago White Sox995
43Luis RobertRC6413
45Nick Madrigal1369
63Luis RobertRC3021
115Yasmani Grandal832
115Jose Abreu832
115Eloy Jimenez832
115Yoan Moncada832
118Tim Anderson403
118Yoan Moncada403
122Tim Anderson272
128Dane Dunning621
134Lucas Giolito272
145Jose Abreu361
150Jose Abreu437
157Lucas Giolito1568
157aLucas GiolitoAutograph99
157bLucas GiolitoBlue Auto49
157cLucas GiolitoPurple Auto25
157dLucas GiolitoRed Auto10
157eLucas GiolitoOrange Auto5
157fLucas GiolitoGold Auto1
170Yasmani Grandal280
176Chicago White Sox359
177Luis RobertRC6100
177aLuis RobertRCAutograph99
177bLuis RobertRCBlue Auto49
177cLuis RobertRCPurple Auto25
177dLuis RobertRCRed Auto10
177eLuis RobertRCOrange Auto5
177fLuis RobertRCGold Auto1
204Luis RobertRC4577
236Jose Abreu276
237Dane Dunning454
256Jose Abreu332
286Garrett Crochet1753
290Chicago White Sox292
314Garrett Crochet930
326Jose Abreu315
327Lucas Giolito443
327aLucas GiolitoAutograph99
327bLucas GiolitoBlue Auto49
327cLucas GiolitoPurple Auto25
327dLucas GiolitoRed Auto Relic10
327eLucas GiolitoOrange Auto Relic5
327fLucas GiolitoGold Auto Relic1
349Luis RobertRC3479
349aLuis RobertRCAutograph99
349bLuis RobertRCBlue Auto49
349cLuis RobertRCPurple Auto25
349dLuis RobertRCRed Auto10
349eLuis RobertRCOrange Auto5
349fLuis RobertRCGold Auto1
350Tim Anderson439
OS03Luis RobertRC1602
OS12Jose Abreu318
OS33Jose Abreu858
RC03Luis RobertRC3962
RC03aLuis RobertRCAutograph99
RC03bLuis RobertRCBlue Auto49
RC03cLuis RobertRCPurple Auto25
RC03dLuis RobertRCRed Auto10
RC03eLuis RobertRCOrange Auto5
RC03fLuis RobertRCGold Auto1


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
3Giancarlo Stanton1105
4Gerrit Cole1139
37Aaron Judge1163
41Aaron Judge1162
49Aaron Judge1830
49Alex Rodriguez1830
59New York Yankees463
92Aaron Judge765
95Clint Frazier522
107Gerrit Cole376
162Luke Voit395
178New York Yankees402
179Deivi Garcia2034
180Gary Sanchez403
211Jonathan Holder355
238Deivi Garcia1038
248Gerrit Cole580
249Luke Voit316
269Luke Voit473
272Kyle Higashioka455
273DJ LeMahieu448
273Kyle Higashioka448
274Gerrit Cole511
278Luke Voit525
279New York Yankees727
289New York Yankees263
291JA Happ223
319DJ LeMahieu620
320Luke Voit616
331Aaron Judge683
332Gerrit Cole555
333Gleyber Torres482
343Gio Urshela457
344DJ LeMahieu425
344aDJ LeMahieuAutograph99
344bDJ LeMahieuBlue Auto49
344cDJ LeMahieuPurple Auto25
344dDJ LeMahieuRed Auto10
344eDJ LeMahieuOrange Auto5
344fDJ LeMahieuGold Auto1
345New York Yankees487
366Clint Frazier589
366Aaron Judge589
366Giancarlo Stanton589
367Giancarlo Stanton488
367aGiancarlo StantonRed Relic10
367bGiancarlo StantonOrange Relic5
367cGiancarlo StantonGold Relic1
372Deivi Garcia571
373Giancarlo Stanton489
383Giancarlo Stanton609
383aGiancarlo StantonRed Relic10
383bGiancarlo StantonOrange Relic5
383cGiancarlo StantonGold Relic1
391Luke Voit274
392Gleyber Torres319
392aGleyber TorresRed Auto Relic10
392bGleyber TorresOrange Auto Relic5
392cGleyber TorresGold Auto Relic1
BB1-7DJ LeMahieu199
BB1-12Aaron Judge397
BB1-14Gleyber Torres293
BB1-17Gerrit Cole298
BB2-7Aaron Judge401
BB2-8Gleyber Torres281
BB2-9Gerrit Cole308
OS13DJ LeMahieu255
ST03Aaron Judge775


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
1Major League Baseball3499
114Major League Baseball745
119Corey Seager513
119Kyle Seager513
129Casey Mize759
129Dane Dunning759
130Albert Pujols380
130Alex Rodriguez380
163Nick Markakis555
163Babe Ruth555
171Major League Baseball993
198Fernando Tatis Jr694
198Jose Abreu694
324Jose Ramirez370
324Freddie Freeman370
325Jared Walsh495
325Ke’Bryan Hayes495
428Will Smith726
428Will Smith726
434Corey Seager631
434Randy Arozarena631
434Carlos Correa631
434Giancarlo Stanton631
454Randy Arozarena1073
454Derek Jeter1073
454aRandy ArozarenaPurple Relic25
454aDerek JeterPurple Relic25
454bRandy ArozarenaRed Relic10
454bDerek JeterRed Relic10
454cRandy ArozarenaOrange Relic5
454cDerek JeterOrange Relic5
454dRandy ArozarenaGold Relic1
454dDerek JeterGold Relic1
468Tampa Bay Rays1211
468Los Angeles Dodgers1211
OS19Salvador Perez326
OS19Travis d’Arnaud326
OS20Jose Abreu429
OS20Freddie Freeman429
OS21DJ LeMahieu324
OS21Donovan Solano324
OS22Jose Ramirez351
OS22Manny Machado351
OS23Tim Anderson604
OS23Fernando Tatis Jr604
OS24Mike Trout1238
OS24Juan Soto1238
OS25Teoscar Hernandez410
OS25Mookie Betts410
OS26Eloy Jimenez509
OS26Ronald Acuna Jr509
OS27Nelson Cruz329
OS27Marcell Ozuna329
OS35Jose Abreu444
OS35Freddie Freeman444
WSM1Will Smith313
WSM1Mike Zunino313
WSM2Max Muncy336
WSM2Ji-Man Choi336
WSM3Enrique Hernandez310
WSM3Brandon Lowe310
WSM4Corey Seager317
WSM4Willy Adames317
WSM5Justin Turner305
WSM5Joey Wendle305
WSM6Chris Taylor481
WSM6Randy Arozarena481
WSM7Cody Bellinger378
WSM7Kevin Kiermaier378
WSM8Mookie Betts400
WSM8Austin Meadows400
WSM9Joc Pederson320
WSM9Manuel Margo320
WSM10Clayton Kershaw348
WSM10Charlie Morton348
WSM11Walker Buehler333
WSM11Blake Snell333
WSM12Dustin May390
WSM12Tyler Glasnow390