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The 2019 Topps Now Baseball series of on-demand trading cards continue the popular series for a fourth season (third complete season).

Every day, cards are released that commemorate the greatest moments from the previous day’s games. Cards are available for 24 hours to purchase and printed based on demand.

Particularly notable moments may also include autograph, relic, or relic/auto combo cards in specific short runs. The first relic card of the 2019 series was a table cloth relic from Manny Machado’s press conference for the San Diego Padres.

Every season sees this set grow with more. The 2019 Topps Now Baseball set includes auto/relic book cards for the first time in Now history.

Off-season acquisitions and trades, as well as player awards and Hall of Fame inductions, are also included, usually as insert sets separate from the standard numbering sequence.

Our checklist includes all of the cards released in this series as well as final print runs for each release. We will also follow the releases closely and provide more detailed information regarding the commemorated moments as well as statistics on the set itself.

Previous sets: 2018, 2017, 2016 (partial season)

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2019 Topps Now Baseball Checklist
Base Set – 1081 Cards
Spring Training (ST) – 4 Cards
American League All-Star Team (AL) – 5 Cards
National League All-Star Team (NL) – 6 Cards
Home Run Derby (HRD) – 22 Cards
National Baseball Hall of Fame Inductees (HOF) – 1 Card
Autograph Relic Book (BC) – 2 Cards
World Series Matchups (WSM) – 12 Cards
The World Series (TWS) – 1 Card
Offseason (OS) – 45 Cards
Topps MLB All-Star Rookie Team (RC) – 12 Cards
Award Winner (AW) – 7 Cards
Moment of the Year (MOY) – 2 Cards
-#PlayerTeamRCVariantPrint Run
ST1Manny MachadoPadres1285
ST1aManny MachadoPadresRelic99
ST1bManny MachadoPadresBlue Relic49
ST1cManny MachadoPadresPurple Relic25
ST1dManny MachadoPadresRed Relic10
ST1eManny MachadoPadresOrange Relic5
ST1fManny MachadoPadresGold Relic1
ST2Nolan ArenadoRockies320
ST3Bryce HarperPhillies12387
ST4Bryce HarperPhillies2868
1aIchiroMarinersAutograph Relic99
1bIchiroMarinersBlue Auto Relic49
1cIchiroMarinersPurple Auto Relic25
1dIchiroMarinersRed Auto Relic10
1eIchiroMarinersOrange Auto Relic5
1fIchiroMarinersGold Auto Relic1
2Stephen PiscottyAthletics321
3Domingo SantanaMariners355
4Khris DavisAthletics355
5Major League BaseballMLB864
5aMajor League BaseballMLBRed Relic10
5bMajor League BaseballMLBOrange Relic5
5cMajor League BaseballMLBGold Relic1
6Yusei KikuchiMarinersRC1587
6aYusei KikuchiMarinersRCAutograph99
6bYusei KikuchiMarinersRCBlue Auto49
6cYusei KikuchiMarinersRCPurple Auto25
6dYusei KikuchiMarinersRCRed Auto10
6eYusei KikuchiMarinersRCOrange Auto5
6fYusei KikuchiMarinersRCGold Auto1
7aIchiroMarinersAutograph Relic99
7bIchiroMarinersBlue Auto Relic49
8Ken Griffey JrMariners1916
8aIchiroMarinersPurple Auto Relic25
8aKen Griffey JrMarinersPurple Auto Relic25
8bIchiroMarinersRed Auto Relic10
8bKen Griffey JrMarinersRed Auto Relic10
8cIchiroMarinersOrange Auto Relic5
8cKen Griffey JrMarinersOrange Auto Relic5
8dIchiroMarinersGold Auto Relic1
8dKen Griffey JrMarinersGold Auto Relic1
9Yusei KikuchiMariners1656
9aIchiroMarinersRed Auto10
9aYusei KikuchiMarinersRed Auto10
9bIchiroMarinersOrange Auto5
9bYusei KikuchiMarinersOrange Auto5
9cIchiroMarinersGold Auto Relic1
9cYusei KikuchiMarinersGold Auto Relic1
10Mike TroutAngels1754
10aMike TroutAngelsAutograph99
10bMike TroutAngelsBlue Auto49
10cMike TroutAngelsPurple Auto25
10dMike TroutAngelsRed Auto10
10eMike TroutAngelsOrange Auto5
10fMike TroutAngelsGold Auto1
11Robinson CanoMets517
12Pete AlonsoMetsRC2040
13Bryce HarperPhillies1396
13aBryce HarperPhilliesPurlple Relic25
13bBryce HarperPhilliesRed Relic10
13cBryce HarperPhilliesOrange Relic5
13dBryce HarperPhilliesGold Relic1
14Lorenzo CainBrewers304
15Christin StewartTigersRC545
16Fernando TatisPadresRC3061
16aFernando TatisPadresRCAutograph Relic99
16bFernando TatisPadresRCBlue Auto Relic49
16cFernando TatisPadresRCPurple Auto Relic25
16dFernando TatisPadresRCRed Auto Relic10
16eFernando TatisPadresRCOrange Auto Relic5
16fFernando TatisPadresRCGold Auto Relic1
16gFernando TatisPadresRCRed Auto Relic10
16hFernando TatisPadresRCOrange Auto Relic5
16iFernando TatisPadresRCGold Auto Relic1
17Eloy JimenezWhite SoxRC2626
17aEloy JimenezWhite SoxRCAutograph Relic99
17bEloy JimenezWhite SoxRCBlue Auto Relic49
17cEloy JimenezWhite SoxRCPurple Auto Relic25
17dEloy JimenezWhite SoxRCRed Auto Relic10
17eEloy JimenezWhite SoxRCOrange Auto Relic5
17fEloy JimenezWhite SoxRCGold Auto Relic1
18George SpringerAstros290
19Los Angeles DodgersDodgers486
20Paul GoldschmidtCardinals606
21Manny MachadoPadres274
22Mitch MorelandRed Sox235
23Eloy JimenezWhite SoxRC1097
24Bryce HarperPhillies2400
25Christian YelichBrewers233
26Cody BellingerDodgers296
27Christian YelichBrewers364
28Elvis LucianoBlue JaysRC362
29Trea TurnerNationals205
30Chris PaddackPadresRC615
31Mike ClevingerIndians337
32Pete AlonsoMetsRC1804
32aPete AlonsoMetsRCAutograph99
32bPete AlonsoMetsRCBlue Auto49
32cPete AlonsoMetsRCPurple Auto25
32dPete AlonsoMetsRCRed Auto10
32ePete AlonsoMetsRCOrange Auto5
32fPete AlonsoMetsRCGold Auto1
33Fernando Tatis JrPadresRC1419
34Ronald Acuna JrBraves1391
35Dustin PetersonTigersRC352
36Blake SnellRays188
37Bryce HarperPhillies1229
38Adalberto MondesiRoyals258
39Zack GreinkeDiamondbacks264
40Jacob deGromMets597
41Los Angeles DodgersDodgers256
42Gleyber TorresYankees471
43Trevor BauerIndians245
44Nick MarkakisBraves215
45Fernando Tatis JrPadresRC755
46Jorge PolancoTwins424
47Carlos SantanaIndians266
48Cody BellingerDodgers378
49Mike TroutAngels712
50Kevin NewmanPirates411
51Mike TroutAngels875
52Aaron JudgeYankees580
52Clint FrazierYankees580
53Carson KellyDiamondbacks244
54Gary SanchezYankees584
55Dansby SwansonBraves325
56Albert PujolsMLB451
57Josh HaderBrewers231
58Mike TroutAngels791
59Cody BellingerDodgers386
60Chicago CubsCubs345
61Edwin EncarnacionMariners221
62Mike TroutAngels692
63Bryce HarperPhillies563
64Whit MerrifieldRoyals472
64George BrettRoyals472
65Jarrod DysonDiamondbacks168
66Pete AlonsoMetsRC1215
67Boston Red SoxRed Sox423
68Billy HamiltonRoyals203
69Whit MerrifieldRoyals382
70Mitch HanigerMariners223
71Jose AltuveAstros264
72Seattle MarinersMariners220
73Khris DavisAthletics188
74Pete AlonsoMetsRC1313
75Mitch MorelandRed Sox188
76Rafael DeversRed Sox185
77Eloy JimenezWhite SoxRC1110
77aEloy JimenezWhite SoxRCAutograph99
77bEloy JimenezWhite SoxRCBlue Auto49
77cEloy JimenezWhite SoxRCPurple Auto25
77dEloy JimenezWhite SoxRCRed Auto10
77eEloy JimenezWhite SoxRCOrange Auto5
77fEloy JimenezWhite SoxRCGold Auto1
78Jackie Bradley JrRed Sox233
79Khris DavisAthletics204
80Jose AltuveAstros312
81Chris DavisOrioles342
82Jose AltuveAstros445
83Elvis AndrusRangers201
84Hunter DozierRoyals195
85Jean SeguraPhillies251
86German MarquezRockies203
87Fernando Tatis JrPadresRC927
88Major League BaseballMLB421
89Lorenzo CainBrewers236
90Christian YelichBrewers421
90aChristian YelichBrewersAutograph99
90bChristian YelichBrewersBlue Auto49
90cChristian YelichBrewersPurple Auto25
90dChristian YelichBrewersRed Auto10
90eChristian YelichBrewersOrange Auto5
90fChristian YelichBrewersGold Auto1
91Yasiel PuigReds324
92Joc PedersonDodgers275
93Luis UriasPadresRC559
93Fernando Tatis JrPadresRC559
94Philadelphia PhilliesPhillies322
95Ronald Acuna JrBraves865
96James PaxtonYankees360
97Mike MinorRangers182
98Garrett HampsonRockiesRC318
99Houston AstrosAstros184
100Brett GardnerYankees668
101Carlos CarrascoIndians307
102Marcell OzunaCardinals317
103Mookie BettsRed Sox209
103Mitch MorelandRed Sox209
104Lane ThomasCardinalsRC471
105Charlie BlackmonRockies182
106Fernando Tatis JrPadresRC813
107Enrique HernandezDodgers223
108Taylor ClarkeDiamondbacks270
109Cole TuckerPiratesRC787
110Christian YelichBrewers339
111Eddie RosarioTwins202
112Albert PujolsMLB638
112Babe RuthMLB638
113Ozzie AlbiesBraves262
113Ronald Acuna JrBraves262
114Michael ChavisRed SoxRC558
115Yusei KikuchiMarinersRC730
116James PaxtonYankees296
117Austin RomineYankees299
118David BoteCubs233
119Ramon LaureanoAthletics378
120Cody BellingerDodgers316
121Nolan ArenadoRockies314
122Gio UrshelaYankees272
123Zack WheelerMets323
124Darzinzon HernandezRed SoxRC326
125Javier BaezCubs234
126Dwight Smith JrOrioles154
127Eddie RosarioTwins183
128Mike FordYankeesRC709
129Austin HedgesPadres181
130Chris PaddackPadresRC484
130aChris PaddackPadresRCRed Auto10
130bChris PaddackPadresRCOrange Auto5
130cChris PaddackPadresRCGold Auto1
131Chad PinderAthletics152
132Trevor BauerIndians210
133Albert PujolsAngels599
134Nelson CruzTwins484
134Eddie RosarioTwins484
134CJ CronTwins484
135Max ScherzerNationals575
136Carter KieboomNationalsRC2109
137Vladimir Guerrero JrBlue JaysRC19396
137aVladimir Guerrero JrBlue JaysRCAutograph99
137bVladimir Guerrero JrBlue JaysRCBlue Auto49
137cVladimir Guerrero JrBlue JaysRCPurple Auto25
137dVladimir Guerrero JrBlue JaysRCRed Auto10
137eVladimir Guerrero JrBlue JaysRCOrange Auto5
137fVladimir Guerrero JrBlue JaysRCGold Auto1
138Brandon DruryBlue Jays592
139Cody BellingerDodgers684
140Lorenzo CainBrewers429
141Tim AndersonWhite Sox500
142Tony KempAstros181
143Christian YelichBrewers273
144Gary SanchezYankees400
145Mike MinorRangers152
146Albert PujolsAngels353
147Victor RoblesNationals612
147Carter KeiboomNationals612
147Juan SotoNationals612
148Zach EflinPhillies259
149Reynaldo LopezWhite Sox142
150Cody BellingerDodgers301
151Elvis LucianoBlue JaysRC318
152Matt AdamsNationals163
153Justin SmoakBlue Jays149
154Cody BellingerDodgers550
155Ehire AdrianzaTwins240
155Eddie RosarioTwins240
155Max KeplerTwins240
156CC SabathiaYankees1035
156aCC SabathiaYankeesAutograph99
156bCC SabathiaYankeesBlue Auto49
156cCC SabathiaYankeesPurple Auto25
156dCC SabathiaYankeesRed Auto10
156eCC SabathiaYankeesOrange Auto5
156fCC SabathiaYankeesGold Auto1
157Pete AlonsoMetsRC616
158Rick ProcelloRed Sox170
159Griffin CanningAngelsRC558
160Mike TroutAngels475
161Buster PoseyGiants185
162Yonder AlonsoWhite Sox143
163Arizona DiamondbacksDiamondbacks148
164Cody BellingerMLB283
164Tim AndersonMLB283
165Brandon LoweMLBRC743
165Pete AlonsoMLBRC743
166Noah SyndergaardMets833
166aNoah SyndergaardMetsAutograph99
166bNoah SyndergaardMetsBlue Auto49
166cNoah SyndergaardMetsPurple Auto25
166dNoah SyndergaardMetsRed Auto10
166eNoah SyndergaardMetsOrange Auto5
166fNoah SyndergaardMetsGold Auto1
167Stephen StrasburgNationals376
168Nicky DelmonicoWhite Sox206
169Kyle HendricksCubs291
170Tyler NaquinIndians173
171Josh PhegleyAthletics155
172Nick SenzelRedsRC2217
173Evan LongoriaGiants171
174Nick SenzelRedsRC1271
175Ryan BraunBrewers245
176Vladimir Guerrero JrBlue JaysRC2454
177Boston Red SoxRed Sox243
178Eugenio SuarezReds312
178Jesse WinkerReds312
178Derek DietrichReds312
179Brandon DixonTigers168
180Starling MartePirates170
181Hunter RenfroePadres430
182Chicago CubsCubs292
183Nick SenzelRedsRC887
184Pablo SandovalGiants221
185Anthony RizzoCubs387
186Chris PaddackPadresRC532
187Bryce HarperPhillies517
188DJ LeMahieuYankees232
189Kris BryantCubs299
190Robinson CanoYankees306
191Pete AlonsoMetsRC687
192Ramon LaureanoAthleticsRC329
193Mike FiersAthletics419
193aMike FiersAthleticsAutograph99
193bMike FiersAthleticsBlue Auto49
193cMike FiersAthleticsPurple Auto25
193dMike FiersAthleticsRed Auto10
193eMike FiersAthleticsOrange Auto5
193fMike FiersAthleticsGold Auto1
194Hyun-Jin RyuDodgers249
195Justin TurnerDodgers226
196Joey GalloRangers264
197Manuel MargotPadres196
198Jose RamirezIndians199
199Chris SaleRed Sox275
200Jorge PolancoTwins222
200Kyle GibsonTwins222
201Jason HeywardCubs268
202Jackie Bradley JrRed Sox263
203Stephen PiscottyAthletics179
204Albert PujolsAngels1547
204aAlbert PujolsAngelsBlue Auto Relic49
204bAlbert PujolsAngelsPurple Auto Relic25
204cAlbert PujolsAngelsRed Auto Relic10
204dAlbert PujolsAngelsOrange Auto Relic5
204eAlbert PujolsAngelsGold Auto Relic1
205Josh ReddickAstros206
206Ketel MarteDiamondbacks172
207St. Louis CardinalsCardinals219
208Mike TroutAngels541
209Justin VerlanderAstros199
210Jake OdorizziTwins190
211Ronald Acuna JrBraves640
212Matt ChapmanAthletics252
213Felix HernandezMariners197
214Willson ContrerasCubs299
215Ramon LaureanoAthleticsRC246
216Vladimir Guerrero JrBlue JaysRC1373
217Zach EflinPhillies267
218Gerardo ParraNationals162
219George SpringerAstros237
220Cole IrvinPhilliesRC656
220aCole IrvinPhilliesRCAutograph99
220bCole IrvinPhilliesRCBlue Auto49
220cCole IrvinPhilliesRCPurple Auto25
220dCole IrvinPhilliesRCRed Auto Relic10
220eCole IrvinPhilliesRCOrange Auto Relic5
220fCole IrvinPhilliesRCGold Auto Relic1
221Hyun-Jin RyuDodgers240
222Major League BaseballMLB330
223Shohei OhtaniAngels1051
224Omar NarvaezMariners151
225George SpringerAstros288
226Kyle HendricksCubs281
227Keston HiuraBrewersRC1213
227aKeston HiuraBrewersRCAutograph99
227bKeston HiuraBrewersRCBlue Auto49
227cKeston HiuraBrewersRCPurple Auto25
227dKeston HiuraBrewersRCRed Auto Relic10
227eKeston HiuraBrewersRCOrange Auto Relic5
227fKeston HiuraBrewersRCGold Auto Relic1
228Chris SaleRed Sox361
229Vladimir Guerrero JrBlue JaysRC6770
229aVladimir Guerrero JrBlue JaysRCAuto Relic99
229bVladimir Guerrero JrBlue JaysRCBlue Auto Relic49
229cVladimir Guerrero JrBlue JaysRCPurple Auto Relic25
229dVladimir Guerrero JrBlue JaysRCRed Auto Relic10
229eVladimir Guerrero JrBlue JaysRCOrange Auto Relic5
229fVladimir Guerrero JrBlue JaysRCGold Auto Relic1
230Edwin JacksonBlue Jays214
231Shaun AndersonGiantsRC358
232Gleyber TorresYankees311
233Austin RileyBravesRC3022
233aAustin RileyBravesRCAutograph99
233bAustin RileyBravesRCBlue Auto49
233cAustin RileyBravesRCPurple Auto25
233dAustin RileyBravesRCRed Auto10
233eAustin RileyBravesRCOrange Auto5
233fAustin RileyBravesRCGold Auto1
234Jared WalshAngelsRC389
235Yasiel PuigReds210
236Michael ChavisRed SoxRC565
236aMichael ChavisRed SoxRCAutograph99
236bMichael ChavisRed SoxRCBlue Auto49
236cMichael ChavisRed SoxRCPurple Auto25
236dMichael ChavisRed SoxRCRed Auto10
236eMichael ChavisRed SoxRCOrange Auto5
236fMichael ChavisRed SoxRCGold Auto1
237Kenta MaedaDodgers233
238Jason KipnisIndians159
239Manny MachadoPadres151
240Brendan RodgersRockiesRC965
241Ryan PresslyAstros229
242Gio UrshelaYankees317
243Kris BryantCubs1242
244Mike TroutAngels1396
245Bryce HarperPhillies622
246Freddie FreemanBraves271
247Houston AstrosAstros218
248Sandy AlcantaraMarlins154
249Shane BieberIndians209
250Keston HiuraBrewersRC419
251Freddie FreemanBraves204
252Pete AlonsoMetsRC885
253Gleyber TorresYankees376
254Gary SanchezYankees290
255Jake ArrietaPhillies281
255JT RealmutoPhillies281
256Javier BaezCubs