2016 Topps Now baseball card checklist

2016 Topps Now Baseball Checklist

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2016 Topps Now Baseball cards highlight the biggest moments of the game in real time.

Each card is released to commemorate a feat from the previous day and is available for sale for 24 hours. Final print runs are determined by consumer demand.

This series began mid-season as the inaugural NOW product. Subsequent seasons include a much larger checklist. For a statistical rundown of this set, please visit our 2016 Rundown.

Our checklist includes all of the cards in this collection. Clicking a link within the checklist will direct you to an affiliate retailer or to relevant eBay listings for that card.

2016 Topps Now Baseball Checklist

Base Set – 665 Cards

All Star Game (AS) – 2 Cards

Chicago Cubs Team Set (CHC) – 15 Cards

Texas Rangers Team Set (TEX) – 15 Cards

Los Angeles Dodgers Team Set (LAD) – 15 Cards

Washington Nationals Team Set (NAT) – 15 Cards

Off-Season (OS) – 45 Cards

Cleveland Indians Team Set (CLE) – 15 Cards

Boston Red Sox Team Set (BOS) – 15 Cards

San Francisco Giants Team Set (SF) – 15 Cards

New York Mets Team Set (NYM) – 15 Cards

Baltimore Orioles Team Set (BAL) – 15 Cards

Toronto Blue Jays Team Set (TOR) – 15 Cards


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
8Albert Pujols244
38Albert Pujols527
106Mike Trout1245
114C.J. Cron273
144Matt Shoemaker216
182Albert Pujols413
204C.J. Cron298
227Mike Trout718
255Matt Shoemaker196
260Albert Pujols324
267Albert Pujols261
293Los Angeles Angels362
314Albert Pujols270
321Mike Trout679
328Mike Trout761
383Albert Pujols523
390Albert Pujols670
409Mike Trout755
415Ricky Nolasco278
419Kole Calhoun476
419Albert Pujols476
419Mike Trout476
420Albert Pujols656
459Mike Trout410
469Albert Pujols316
495Los Angeles Angels256
AS2Mike Trout1898
OS-31Mike Trout1488
OS-31AMike TroutBlack Auto99
OS-31BMike TroutBlue Auto49
OS-31CMike TroutPurple Auto25
OS-31DMike TroutRed Auto10
OS-31EMike TroutGold Auto1
OS-TBAMike TroutPurple Auto25
OS-TBBMike TroutRed Auto10
OS-TBCMike TroutGold Auto1


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
11Tyler WhiteRC1350
66Marwin Gonzalez253
79Evan Gattis212
84George Springer450
96Carlos Correa536
101Houston Astros357
109Carlos Correa452
118George Springer320
126Carlos Correa381
170Erik Kratz552
172Carlos Correa315
177George Springer298
214Jose Altuve326
232Luis Valbuena236
251Carlos Correa246
287Alex Bregman2310
306Carlos Correa269
307Joe Musgrove558
319Dallas Keuchel234
364Jose Altuve546
366Alex Bregman923
381Yulieski Gurriel777
397Carlos Correa261
474Carlos Correa442
485Jose Altuve358
OS-21Alex BregmanRC665


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
38Reggie Jackson527
77Danny Valencia414
81Khris Davis569
253Ryon Healy323
276Coco Crisp251
280Ryon Healy295
374Kendall Graveman226
424Khris Davis188

Blue Jays

#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
49Justin Smoak252
141Edwin Encarnacion207
159Michael Saunders280
323Devon Travis323
363Toronto Blue Jays239
401Josh Donaldson524
502Edwin Encarnacion253
533Toronto Blue Jays315
537Jose Bautista255
538Edwin Encarnacion365
538-BEdwin EncarnacionBlack Auto99
538-CEdwin EncarnacionBlue Auto49
538-DEdwin EncarnacionPurple Auto25
538-EEdwin EncarnacionRed Auto10
538-FEdwin EncarnacionGold Auto1
539Toronto Blue Jays252
539-BToronto Blue JaysBlack Relic99
539-CToronto Blue JaysBlue Relic49
539-DToronto Blue JaysPurple Relic25
539-EToronto Blue JaysRed Relic10
539-FToronto Blue JaysGold Relic1
546Marco Estrada186
547Josh Donaldson198
550Toronto Blue Jays550
560Josh Donaldson1041
560-BJosh DonaldsonBlack Relic99
560-CJosh DonaldsonPurple Relic25
560-DJosh DonaldsonRed Relic10
560-EJosh DonaldsonGold Relic1
560-FJosh DonaldsonBlue Relic49
561Toronto Blue Jays443
583Marco Estrada250
597Josh Donaldson269
598Edwin Encarnacion261
TOR-1Jose Bautista145
TOR-2Edwin Encarnacion145
TOR-3Josh Donaldson145
TOR-4Kevin Pillar145
TOR-5Michael Saunders145
TOR-6Russell Martin145
TOR-7Troy Tulowitzki145
TOR-8Justin Smoak145
TOR-9Devon Travis145
TOR-10J.A. Happ145
TOR-11Aaron Sanchez145
TOR-12Marco Estrada145
TOR-13Marcus Stroman145
TOR-14Francisco Liriano145
TOR-15Roberto Osuna145


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
117Freddie Freeman310
157Freddie Freeman432
163Julio Teheran291
257Chase D’Arnaud180
366Dansby Swanson923
367Dansby Swanson1450
382Jace Peterson270
429Dansby Swanson646
442Adonis Garcia273
479Aaron BlairRC309
489Ender Inciarte273
513Freddie Freeman221
540Freddie Freeman271


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
58Aaron Hill246
345Milwaukee Brewers236
492Milwaukee Brewers243
523Chris Carter178


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
19Jaime Garcia300
52Stephen Piscotty217
52Matt Holliday217
56Matt Carpenter298
91Randal Grichuk428
140Adam Wainwright316
161Frank Thomas1060
254Adam Wainwright272
271Aledmys DiazRC1087
275Matt Adams319
336St. Louis Cardinals313
337Alex Reyes838
359Stephen PiscottyRC527
431St. Louis Cardinals334
432St. Louis Cardinals345
448Lou Brock561
452Aledmy DiazRC482
520Yadier Molina332
528Jedd Gyorko268
OS-28Seung-Hwan OhRC665


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
14Addison Russell331
26John Lackey244
29Kris Bryant1644
30Jake Arrieta1808
40Jake Arrieta365
60Javier Baez640
99Chicago Cubs724
129Chicago Cubs1278
136Albert Almora JrRC766
152Albert Almora JrRC738
164Wilson ContrerasRC2404
186Kris Bryant3075
191Javier Baez651
219Anthony Rizzo540
220Ben Zobrist479
221Kris Bryant726
222Addison Russell507
235Dexter Fowler386
246Kris Bryant1025
288Aroldis Chapman660
301Jon Lester671
305Kyle Hendricks347
322Jorge Soler317
339Chicago Cubs962
361Anthony Rizzo1126
370Kris Bryant1861
370-BKris BryantBlack Relic99
370-CKris BryantBlue Relic49
370-DKris BryantPurple Relic25
370-EKris BryantRed Relic10
370-FKris BryantGold Relic1
398Kris Bryant870
407Jorge Soler591
407Miguel Montero591
416Jon Lester444
423Jason Heyward357
439Chicago Cubs544
447Kyle Hendricks538
460Chicago Cubs878
460-BChicago CubsBlack Relic99
460-CChicago CubsBlue Relic49
460-DChicago CubsPurple Relic25
460-EChicago CubsRed Relic10
460-FChicago CubsGold Relic1
461Miguel Sano556
475Ben Zobrist2968
497Chicago Cubs452
504David Ross775
508Chicago Cubs902
554Jon Lester644
555Javier Baez756
556Travis Wood851
565Jake Arrieta732
566Kris Bryant837
572Chicago Cubs3836
572-BChicago CubsBlack Relic99
572-CChicago CubsBlue Relic49
572-DChicago CubsPurple Relic25
572-EChicago CubsRed Relic10
572-FChicago CubsGold Relic1
573David Ross886
587Javier Baez910
588Dexter Fowler739
589Miguel Montero926
607Addison Russell954
608Anthony Rizzo945
610Addison Russell743
610-BAddison RussellBlack Auto99
610-CAddison RussellBlue Auto49
610-DAddison RussellPurple Auto25
610-EAddison RussellRed Auto10
610-FAddison RussellGold Auto1
611Jon Lester717
612Javier Baez745
613Kris Bryant1816
613-BKris BryantBlack Auto199
613-CKris BryantGreen Auto99
613-DKris BryantBlue Auto49
613-EKris BryantPurple Auto25
613-FKris BryantRed Auto10
613-GKris BryantGold Auto1
614Kyle Hendricks1667
615Chicago Cubs2447
615-BChicago CubsBlack Relic99
615-CChicago CubsBlue Relic49
615-DChicago CubsPurple Relic25
615-EChicago CubsRed Relic10
615-FChicago CubsGold Relic1
616Anthony Rizzo1745
617Jon Lester1784
617Javier Baez1784
623Kyle SchwarberRC1341
628Kyle SchwarberRC1646
631Kyle SchwarberRC3036
631-BKyle SchwarberRCAuto199
631-CKyle SchwarberRCBlack Auto/Relic99
631-DKyle SchwarberRCBlue Auto/Relic49
631-EKyle SchwarberRCPurple Auto/Relic25
631-FKyle SchwarberRCRed Auto/Relic10
631-GKyle SchwarberRCGold Auto/Relic1
632Jake Arrieta1272
633Anthony Rizzo1461
634Ben Zobrist1175
635Chicago Cubs1519
645Jason Heyward1249
646Kris Bryant1688
646-BKris BryantBlack Auto199
646-CKris BryantGreen Auto99
646-DKris BryantBlue Auto49
646-EKris BryantRed Auto10
646-FKris BryantGold Auto1
647David Ross1288
648Aroldis Chapman1384
648-BAroldis ChapmanBlack Relic99
648-CAroldis ChapmanBlue Relic49
648-DAroldis ChapmanPurple Relic25
648-EAroldis ChapmanRed Relic10
648-FAroldis ChapmanGold Relic1
649Chicago Cubs1516
650Kris Bryant2628
651Addison Russell2886
652Anthony Rizzo2217
652-BAnthony Rizzo
652-CAnthony RizzoBlue Auto49
652-DAnthony RizzoPurple Auto25
652-EAnthony RizzoRed Auto10
652-FAnthony RizzoGold Auto1
654Jake Arrieta1967
655Kris Bryant3105
655Anthony Rizzo3105
656Dexter Fowler2161
656-BDexter FowlerBlack Auto99
656-CDexter FowlerBlue Auto49
656-DDexter FowlerPurple Auto25
656-EDexter FowlerRed Auto10
656-FDexter FowlerGold Auto1
657Javier Baez2204
657-BJavier BaezBlack Auto99
657-CJavier BaezBlue Auto49
657-DJavier BaezPurple Auto25
657-EJavier BaezRed Auto10
657-FJavier BaezGold Auto1
658David Ross
658-BDavid RossGreen Auto199
658-CDavid RossBlack Auto99
658-DDavid RossBlue Auto49
658-EDavid RossPurple Auto25
658-FDavid RossRed Auto10
658-GDavid RossGold Auto1
660Ben Zobrist2396
661Albert Almora2209
662Mike Montgomery2103
663Kris Bryant4516
663Anthony Rizzo4516
663-BKris BryantBlack Auto/Relic99
663-BAnthony RizzoBlack Auto/Relic99
663-CKris BryantBlue Auto/Relic49
663-CAnthony RizzoBlue Auto/Relic49
663-DKris BryantPurple Auto/Relic25
663-DAnthony RizzoPurple Auto/Relic25
663-EKris BryantRed Auto/Relic10
663-EAnthony RizzoRed Auto/Relic10
663-FKris BryantGold Auto/Relic1
663-FAnthony RizzoGold Auto/Relic1
664Ben Zobrist4445
664-BBen ZobristBlack Relic99
664-CBen ZobristBlue Relic49
664-DBen ZobristPurple Relic25
664-EBen ZobristRed Relic10
664-FBen ZobristGold Relic1
665Chicago Cubs6009
CHC-1Kris Bryant2270
CHC-2Anthony Rizzo2270
CHC-3Ben Zobrist2270
CHC-4Dexter Fowler2270
CHC-5Willson ContrerasRC2270
CHC-6Jorge Soler2270
CHC-7Addison Russell2270
CHC-8Javier Baez2270
CHC-9Jason Heyward2270
CHC-10David Ross2270
CHC-11Jake Arrieta2270
CHC-12Jon Lester2270
CHC-13Kyle Hendricks2270
CHC-14John Lackey2270
CHC-15Aroldis Chapman2270
OS-1Kris Bryant1509
OS-4Chicago Cubs1276
OS-5Kyle SchwarberRC981
OS-5BKyle SchwarberRCGreen Auto199
OS-5CKyle SchwarberRCBlack Auto99
OS-5DKyle SchwarberRCBlue Auto49
OS-5EKyle SchwarberRCPurple Auto25
OS-5FKyle SchwarberRCRed Auto10
OS-5GKyle SchwarberRCGold Auto1
OS-6Willson ContrerasRC898
OS-6BWillson ContrerasRCBlack Auto99
OS-6CWillson ContrerasRCBlue Auto49
OS-6DWillson ContrerasRCPurple Auto25
OS-6EWillson ContrerasRCRed Auto10
OS-6FWillson ContrerasRCGold Auto1
OS-32Kris Bryant3193
OS-38Wade Davis311
OS-43Chicago Cubs1200
OS-44Chicago Cubs1238
OS-45Chicago Cubs1301
OS-BZABen ZobristBlack Auto99
OS-BZBBen ZobristBlue Auto49
OS-BZCBen ZobristPurple Auto25
OS-BZDBen ZobristRed Auto10
OS-BZEBen ZobristGold Auto1
OS-TBAKris BryantPurple Auto25
OS-TBBKris BryantRed Auto10
OS-TBCKris BryantGold Auto1
618Cubs/Indians Infielders1577
619Cubs/Indians Outfielders1129
620Cubs/Indians Catchers and DH1132
621Cubs/Indians Starting Pitchers1330
622Cubs/Indians Relief Pitchers1132


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
134Zack Greinke281
387Paul Goldschmidt294


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
7Kenta MaedaRC952
21Jackie Robinson759
35Kenta MaedaRC784
45Clayton Kershaw453
65Trayce ThompsonRC566
71Clayton Kershaw694
80Clayton Kershaw421
92Clayton Kershaw511
102Julio UriasRC2992
109Trayce ThompsonRC749
123Corey SeagerRC1900
135Trayce ThompsonRC431
169Kenley Jansen310
175Yasiel Puig376
190Julio UriasRC872
209Corey SeagerRC749
231Yasmani Grandal286
239Kenta MaedaRC322
252Chris Taylor260
290A.J. Ellis261
310Josh Reddick256
332Rob Segedin524
334Corey SeagerRC886
362Chase Utley4221
383Adrian Gonzalez298
384Andrew Toles/Rob Segedin330
399Corey SeagerRC1084
413Andrew Toles458
426Jose De Leon426
440Rich Hill307
471Corey SeagerRC696
480Adrian Gonzalez233
505Corey Seager704
505Charlie Culberson704
506Los Angeles Dodgers433
551Corey SeagerRC869
557Corey SeagerRC817
574Chase Utley367
576Julio UriasRC817
577Joc Pederson509
579Clayton Kershaw2018
579-BClayton KershawBlack Auto199
579-CClayton KershawBlack Auto/Relic99
579-DClayton KershawBlue Auto/Relic49
579-EClayton KershawPurple Auto/Relic25
579-FClayton KershawRed Auto/Relic10
579-GClayton KershawGold Auto/Relic1
580Los Angeles Dodgers486
590Adrian Gonzalez397
591Clayton Kershaw695
592Kenley Jansen381
599Corey SeagerRC527
600Yasmani Grandal273
601Justin Turner264
602Rich Hill260
609Julio UriasRC475
LAD-1Corey SeagerRC383
LAD-2Adrian Gonzalez383
LAD-3Justin Turner383
LAD-4Yasmani Grandal383
LAD-5Joc Pederson383
LAD-6Chase Utley383
LAD-7Howie Kendrick383
LAD-8Yasiel Puig383
LAD-9Josh Reddick383
LAD-10Clayton Kershaw383
LAD-11Kenta Maeda383
LAD-12Julio Urias383
LAD-13Scott Kazmir383
LAD-14Joe Blanton383
LAD-15Kenley Jansen383
OS-3Kenley Jansen452
OS-16Corey SeagerRC1040
OS-16BCorey SeagerRCBlack Relic199
OS-16CCorey SeagerRCGreen Relic99
OS-16DCorey SeagerRCBlue Relic49
OS-16ECorey SeagerRCPurple Relic25
OS-16FCorey SeagerRCRed Relic10
OS-16GCorey SeagerRCGold Relic1
OS-22Corey SeagerRC665
OS-26Julio UriasRC665
OS-27Kenta MaedaRC665


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
10Brandon Crawford316
15Trevor BrownRC590
90Madison Bumgarner632
93Johnny Cueto428
100Brandon Crawford379
104Buster Posey577
119Madison Bumgarner479
138Mac WilliamsonRC441
143Buster Posey365
161Willie McCovey1060
179San Francisco Giants405
184Bruce Bochy340
196Madison Bumgarner506
223Buster Posey402
240Madison Bumgarner386
243Johnny Cueto307
300San Francisco Giants389
335Brandon Crawford522
371Madison Bumgarner489
394Matt Moore366
511Buster Posey542
521Johnny Cueto339
521Jeff Samardzija339
521Matt Moore339
526Madison Bumgarner406
529Ty Blach425
536San Francisco Giants422
541San Francisco Giants322
542Conor Gillaspie361
543Madison Bumgarner585
543-BMadison BumgarnerBlack Relic99
543-CMadison BumgarnerBlue Relic49
543-DMadison BumgarnerPurple Relic25
543-EMadison BumgarnerRed Relic10
543-FMadison BumgarnerGold Relic1
567Conor Gillaspie350
568Joe Panik353
569Matt Moore317
570Conor Gillaspie330
SF-1Madison Bumgarner221
SF-2Buster Posey221
SF-3Brandon Belt221
SF-4Hunter Pence221
SF-5Denard Span221
SF-6Angel Pagan221
SF-7Eduardo Nunez221
SF-8Brandon Crawford221
SF-9Joe Panik221
SF-10Johnny Cueto221
SF-11Matt Moore221
SF-12Jeff Samardzija221
SF-13Albert SuarezRC221
SF-14Hunter Strickland221
SF-15Sergio Romo221


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
51Corey Kluber229
83Francisco Lindor473
160Carlos Santana269
171Corey Kluber274
174Cleveland Indians317
181Francisco Lindor255
181Carlos Carrasco255
195Carlos Carrasco318
197Carlos Santana410
202Rajai Davis316
260Frank Robinson324
266Danny Salazar225
289Francisco Lindor293
325Andrew Miller282
350Cleveland Indians262
372Tyler NaquinRC729
406Jason Kipnis261
425Lonnie Chisenhall262
466Jose Ramirez221
484Brandon Guyer300
507Cleveland Indians415
507-BCleveland IndiansBlack Relic99
507-CCleveland IndiansBlue Auto/Relic49
507-DCleveland IndiansPurple Auto/Relic25
507-ECleveland IndiansRed Auto/Relic10
507-FCleveland IndiansGold Auto/Relic1
549Roberto Perez324
549Jason Kipnis324
549Francisco Lindor324
552Lonnie Chisenhall243
553Corey Kluber267
563Cleveland Indians370
581Francisco Lindor356
582Corey Kluber273
584Andrew Miller277
584Cody Allen277
585Carlos Santana339
586Andrew Miller381
586Cody Allen381
593Trevor Bauer296
594Mike Napoli272
595Jason Kipnis269
596Cleveland Indians274
603Carlos Santana385
604Ryan MerrittRC478
605Andrew Miller428
605-BAndrew MillerBlack Relic99
605-CAndrew MillerBlue Relic49
605-DAndrew MillerPurple Relic25
605-EAndrew MillerRed Relic10
605-FAndrew MillerGold Relic1
606Cleveland Indians574
624Danny Salazar330
625Cleveland Indians758
626Francisco Lindor529
627Corey Kluber692
627-BCorey KluberAuto199
627-CCorey KluberBlack Auto/Relic99
627-DCorey KluberBlue Auto/Relic49
627-ECorey KluberPurple Auto/Relic25
627-FCorey KluberRed Auto/Relic10
627-GCorey KluberGold Auto/Relic1
629Andrew Miller489
630Roberto Perez493
636Josh Tomlin462
637Coco Crisp518
638Andrew Miller552
639Cleveland Indians553
639-BCleveland IndiansBlack Relic99
639-CCleveland IndiansBlue Relic49
639-DCleveland IndiansPurple Relic25
639-ECleveland IndiansRed Relic10
639-FCleveland IndiansGold Relic1
640Carlos Santana439
641Corey Kluber473
642Jason Kipnis515
643Andrew Miller508
644Cleveland Indians665
644-BFrancisco LindorBlack Auto99
644-BCorey KluberBlack Auto99
644-CFrancisco LindorBlue Auto49
644-CCorey KluberBlue Auto49
644-DFrancisco LindorPurple Auto25
644-DCorey KluberPurple Auto25
644-EFrancisco LindorRed Auto10
644-ECorey KluberRed Auto10
644-FFrancisco LindorGold Auto1
644-FCorey KluberGold Auto1
653Jason Kipnis1522
659Rajai Davis1799
CLE-1Francisco Lindor271
CLE-2Jason Kipnis271
CLE-3Carlos Santana271
CLE-4Mike Napoli271
CLE-5Rajai Davis271
CLE-6Tyler NaquinRC271
CLE-7Lonnie Chisenhall271
CLE-8Jose Ramirez271
CLE-9Roberto Perez271
CLE-10Corey Kluber271
CLE-11Carlos Carrasco271
CLE-12Danny Salazar271
CLE-13Trevor Bauer271
CLE-14Cody Allen271
CLE-15Andrew Miller271
MN-AMike Napoli Black Auto99
MN-BMike Napoli Blue Auto49
MN-CMike Napoli Purple Auto25
MN-DMike Napoli Red Auto10
MN-EMike Napoli Gold Auto1
OS-25Tyler NaquinRC665
TF-ATerry Francona Auto99
TF-BTerry Francona Blue Auto49
TF-CTerry Francona Purple Auto25
TF-DTerry Francona Red Auto10
TF-ETerry Francona Gold Auto1


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
16Dae-Ho LeeRC363
25Hisashi Iwakuma424
63Felix Hernandez429
67Chris Iannetta215
97Leonys Martin314
120Seattle Mariners322
178Adam Lind230
263Adam Lind267
268Leonys Martin257
408Pat Venditte412
453Taijuan Walker241
474Alex Rodriguez442
487Robinson Cano282


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
55Giancarlo Stanton259
89Ichiro Suzuki551
127Jose Fernandez273
154Ichiro Suzuki2798
200Jose Fernandez403
212Giancarlo Stanton254
218Giancarlo Stanton335
241Giancarlo Stanton812
261Jose Fernandez244
298Derek Dietrich258
324Giancarlo Stanton378
327-BIchiroBlack Relic99
327-CIchiroBlue Relic49
327-DIchiroPurple Relic25
327-EIchiroRed Relic10
327-FIchiroGold Relic1
532Martin Prado281


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
31Curtis Granderson294
37Neil Walker289
41Yoenis Cespedes325
46Bartolo Colon298
57Bartolo Colon8826
69Noah Syndergaard3670
88David Wright1014
103Curtis Granderson626
156Noah Syndergaard810
206Wilmer Flores740
234Yoenis Cespedes481
258Jacob DeGrom775
265Jeurys Familia460
309Jay Bruce505
315Bartolo Colon741
316Jay Bruce489
354Wilmer Flores771
360Bartolo Colon1120
365Noah Syndergaard771
365Tom Seaver771
396Bartolo Colon492
405Yoenis Cespedes841
414Jeurys Familia503
450T.J. Rivera613
467Curtis Granderson565
488Asdrubal Cabrera491
490Jose Reyes815
490Asdrubal Cabrera815
515Jeurys Familia461
527New York Mets771
544Noah Syndergaard497
545Curtis Granderson417
NYM-1Noah Syndergaard392
NYM-2Yoenis Cespedes392
NYM-3Jay Bruce392
NYM-4Curtis Granderson392
NYM-5Jose Reyes392
NYM-6Asdrubal Cabrera392
NYM-7T.J. Rivera392
NYM-8James Loney392
NYM-9Neil Walker392
NYM-10Jacob deGrom392
NYM-11Bartolo Colon392
NYM-12Robert Gsellman392
NYM-13Seth Lugo392
NYM-14Addison Reed392
NYM-15Jeurys Famila392
OS-2Curtis Granderson488
OS-35Yoenis Cespedes375


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
3Bryce Harper782
20Bryce Harper1286
28Bryce Harper489
28Stephen Strasburg489
36Bryce Harper400
36Chris Heisey400
59Bryce Harper1366
68Max Scherzer3746
122Trea TurnerRC1276
125Stephen Strasburg496
139Stephen Strasburg472
148Jayson Werth326
155Jayson Werth478
188Lucas GiolitoRC1891
194Danny Espinosa482
198Ben Revere339
233Bryce Harper708
249Stephen Strasburg555
277Stephen Drew292
294Washington Nationals702
326Jayson Werth327
333Daniel Murphy540
338Max Scherzer365
373Ben Revere357
434Wilson Ramos278
437Trea TurnerRC754
455Daniel Murphy410
501Washington Nationals544
501-BWashington NationalsBlack Relic99
501-CWashington NationalsBlue Relic49
501-DWashington NationalsPurple Relic25
501-EWashington NationalsRed Relic10
501-FWashington NationalsGold Relic1
558Jose Lobaton333
559Daniel Murphy340
562Anthony Redon346
562Jayson Werth346
575Daniel Murphy367
578Chris Heisey432
NAT-1Bryce Harper288
NAT-2Trea TurnerRC288
NAT-3Jayson Werth288
NAT-4Ben Revere288
NAT-5Anthony Rendon288
NAT-6Danny Espinosa288
NAT-7Daniel Murphy288
NAT-8Ryan Zimmerman288
NAT-9Wilson Ramos288
NAT-10Max Scherzer288
NAT-11Tanner Roark288
NAT-12Stephen Strasburg288
NAT-13Gio Gonzalez288
NAT-14Joe Ross288
NAT-15Mark Melancon288
OS-23Trea TurnerRC665
OS-30Max Scherzer499
OS-34Anthony Rendon283
OS-40Adam Eaton233


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
13Chris Davis266
23Mark Trumbo285
145Chris Davis328
192Baltimore Orioles526
215Manny Machado407
242Mark Trumbo263
278Mark Trumbo256
283Nolan Reimold295
329Manny Machado712
346Zach Britton338
358Baltimore Orioles308
375Baltimore Orioles298
402Mark Trumbo270
410Manny Machado468
456Mark Trumbo275
464Michael Bourn272
464Manny Machado272
481Trey Mancini457
494Mark Trumbo299
499Trey Mancini432
519Hyun-Soo KimRC428
534Baltimore Orioles369
535Matt Wieters350
BAL-1Manny Machado160
BAL-2Jonathan Schoop160
BAL-3Mark Trumbo160
BAL-4Chris Davis160
BAL-5Adam Jones160
BAL-6Matt Weiters160
BAL-7JJ Hardy160
BAL-8Hyun-Soo KimRC160
BAL-9Pedro Alvarez160
BAL-10Trey Mancini160
BAL-11Chris Tilman160
BAL-12Dylan Bundy160
BAL-13Kevin Gausman160
BAL-14Brad Brach160
BAL-15Zach Britton160
OS-3Zach Britton452


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
24Melvin Upton Jr226
87Melvin Upton Jr268
112Christian Bethancourt330
124Melvin Upton Jr349
180Drew Pomeranz232
205Melvin Upton Jr292
248Tony Gwynn693
297Adam Rosales262
377Ryan SchmipfRC378
454Ryan SchimpfRC310
512Hunter Renfroe959
518Hunter Renfroe1544
OS-20Ryan SchimpfRC665


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
165Mickey Moniak2763
18Vincent Velasquez557
43Ryan Howard280
74Philadelphia Phillies398
147Max KeplerRC471
211Zach EflinRC511
273Zach EflinRC404
349Jake Thompson451
462Jimmy Paredes281
468Jeremy Hellickson204
OS-19Tommy JosephRC665


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
1Francisco Liriano266
39Andrew McCutchen524
54Jung Ho Kang439
110Jeff Locke344
137Jameson TaillonRC1084
153Jameson TaillonRC852
185Chad KuhlRC750
224Tyler Glasnow995
236Josh Bell925
264Josh Harrison319
292Gerrit Cole418
320Sean Rodriguez299
340Roberto Clemente668
496Jacob Stallings374
514John Jaso348


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
12Nomar MazaraRC1427
47Nomar MazaraRC468
75Drew Stubbs301
98Nomar MazaraRC996
131Rougned Odor270
149Cole Hamels319
187Texas Rangers286
285Adrian Beltre280
296Mitch Moreland296
308Carlos Beltran284
308Johnathan Lucroy284
342Prince Fielder369
391Yu Darvish753
392Carlos Gomez234
412Rougned Odor308
463Johnathan Lucroy280
478Ian Desmond280
498Texas Rangers345
498-BTexas RangersBlack Relic99
498-CTexas RangersBlue Relic49
498-DTexas RangersPurple Relic25
498-ETexas RangersRed Relic10
498-FTexas RangersGold Relic1
525Texas Rangers335
OS-24Nomar MazaraRC665
TEX-1Adrian Beltre254
TEX-2Roughne Odor254
TEX-3Ian Desmond254
TEX-4Nomar MazaraRC254
TEX-5Carlos Gomez254
TEX-6Mitch Moreland254
TEX-7Jonathan Lucroy254
TEX-8Carlos Beltran254
TEX-9Elvis Andrus254
TEX-10Jurickson Profar254
TEX-11Cole Hamels254
TEX-12Yu Darvish254
TEX-13Colby Lewis254
TEX-14A.J. Griffin254
TEX-15Sam Dyson254


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
73Matt Andriese284
128Evan Longoria277

Red Sox

#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
5David Ortiz471
44David Ortiz346
61David Ortiz851
61Carl Yastrezemski851
70Boston Red Sox363
72David Ortiz919
86Jackie Bradley Jr.492
94Jackie Bradley Jr.438
113Mookie Betts784
116Mookie Betts1075
161David Ortiz1060
176Xander Bogaerts355
199David Ortiz756
216Xander Bogaerts444
228Mookie Betts397
229Jackie Bradley Jr349
230David Ortiz474
245David Ortiz4506
269Hanley Ramirez317
299Dustin Pedroia405
299Xander Bogaerts405
312Andrew Benintendi1224
318Steven Wright322
333Mookie Betts540
355Mookie Betts1646
355Ted Williams1646
355-BMookie BettsBlack Relic99
355-CMookie BettsBlue Relic49
355-DMookie BettsPurple Relic25
355-EMookie BettsRed Relic10
355-FMookie BettsGold Relic1
379David Ortiz884
379Carl Yastezemski884
379Ted Williams884
385Andrew Benintendi846
389David Ortiz2394
389-BDavid OrtizBlack Auto99
389-CDavid OrtizBlue Auto49
389-DDavid OrtizPurple Auto25
389-EDavid OrtizRed Auto10
389-FDavid OrtizGold Auto1
404Wade Boggs532
418Yoan Moncada2333
438Rick Porcello381
445David Ortiz584
458Hanley Ramirez434
476Rick Porcello355
482David Ortiz759
483Mookie Betts562
483Nomar Garciaparra562
500Boston Red Sox513
503Boston Red Sox398
517Boston Red Sox721
517-BBoston Red SoxBlack Relic99
517-CBoston Red SoxBlue Relic49
517-DBoston Red SoxPurple Relic25
517-EBoston Red SoxRed Relic10
517-FBoston Red SoxYellow Relic1
524David Ortiz542
530David Ortiz2690
548Andrew Benintendi552
564David Ortiz1564
564-BDavid OrtizGreen Auto199
564-CDavid OrtizBlack Auto99
564-DDavid OrtizBlue Auto49
564-EDavid OrtizPurple Auto25
564-FDavid OrtizRed Auto10
564-GDavid OrtizGold Auto1
BOS-1David Ortiz612
BOS-2Mookie Betts612
BOS-3Dustin Pedroia612
BOS-4Xander Bogaerts612
BOS-5Andrew Benintendi612
BOS-6Jackie Bradley612
BOS-7Hanley Ramirez612
BOS-8Sandy Leon612
BOS-9Travis Shaw612
BOS-10Yoan Moncada612
BOS-11David Price612
BOS-12Steven Wright612
BOS-13Rick Porcello612
BOS-14Drew Pomeranz612
BOS-15Craig Kimbrel612
OS-1David Ortiz1509
OS-29Rick Porcello398
OS-33Rick Porcello265
OS-36Chris Sale286


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
27Cincinnati Reds278
132Joey Votto354
210Billy Hamilton296
259Billy Hamilton207
311Scott ScheblerRC363
331Billy Hamilton444
417Eugenio Suarez223


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
4Trevor StoryRC981
6Trevor StoryRC759
9Trevor StoryRC1298
17Nolan Arenado268
42Trevor StoryRC800
53Colorado Rockies231
183Mark Reynolds264
226Trevor StoryRC1041
237Tyler AndersonRC365
279Trevor StoryRC620
291David Dahl520
344David Dahl484
348Charlie Blackmon273
376Ryan Raburn256
428Chad Bettis275
435Cristhian Adames213
465Daniel Descalso260
470Jon GrayRC322


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
2Kansas City Royals356
50Lorenzo Cain280
64Lorenzo Cain352
78Kendrys Morales227
105Brett EibnerRC904
151Whit MerrifieldRC757
213Eric Hosmer372
217Salvador Perez376
225Salvador Perez341
247Eric Hosmer993
247-BEric HosmerBlack Relic99
272Kansas City Royals1002
303Danny Duffy479
343Lorenzo Cain303
403Rally Mantis1029
433Kansas City Royals314
OS-39Jorge Soler264


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
82Justin Verlander794
95Francisco Rodriguez386
130Michael FulmerRC636
146Michael FulmerRC658
158Victor Martinez336
167Miguel Cabrera430
168Justin Upton301
189Miguel Cabrera427
256Jarrod Saltalmacchia242
274Miguel Cabrera448
295Justin Verlander355
313J.D. Martinez319
357Michael FulmerRC609
378Al Kaline579
411JaCoby Jones714
472Miguel Cabrera462
510Miguel Cabrera394
540Miguel Cabrera271
OS-17Michael FulmerRC587
OS-17BMichael FulmerRCBlack Auto99
OS-17CMichael FulmerRCBlue Auto49
OS-17DMichael FulmerRCPurple Auto25
OS-17EMichael FulmerRCRed Auto10
OS-17FMichael FulmerRCGold Auto1


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
108Miguel SanoRC721
133Brian Dozier293
182Harmon Killebrew413
203Max KeplerRC631
248Rod Carew693
304Max KeplerRC620
330Miguel SanoRC588
427Brian Dozier306
441Joe Mauer281
449Brian Dozier483
449Harmon Killebrew483
491Brian Dozier324
493Byron Buxton323

White Sox

#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
22Chris Sale244
33Chicago White Sox321
62Todd Frazier367
85Chris Sale513
115Matt Albers743
142Tim AndersonRC701
150Avisail Garcia289
150Adam Eaton289
161Ted Williams1060
244Chris Sale318
284Adam Eaton260
286Tyler Saladino306
369Adam Eaton411
395Todd Frazier240
446Chris Sale361
457Carlos Sanchez259
477Jose Abreu245
522Carlos Rodon216
OS-37Yoan Moncada411
OS-41Lucas GiolitoRC341


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
25Masahiro Tanaka424
32Jacoby Ellsbury326
34Brett Gardner278
76Carlos Beltran415
107New York Yankees360
173Starlin Castro299
193Didi Gregorius355
207Mark Teixeira339
250Carlos Beltran337
262Aroldis Chapman377
317Mark Teixeira302
341Gary SanchezRC673
347Alex Rodriguez1394
351Tyler Austin5250
351Aaron Judge5250
352Tyler Austin1633
353Aaron Judge2537
356Aaron Judge1169
368Gary SanchezRC740
380Brett Gardner310
386Gary SanchezRC1054
388Gary SanchezRC1395
388-BGary SanchezRCBlack Relic99
388-CGary SanchezRCBlue Relic49
388-DGary SanchezRCPurple Relic25
388-EGary SanchezRCRed Relic10
388-FGary SanchezRCGold Relic1
400Gary SanchezRC2334
422Gary SanchezRC422
436Tyler Austin592
443Gary SanchezRC590
451Jacoby Ellsbury303
451Didi Gregorius303
473Gary SanchezRC895
486Gary SanchezRC3282
509Gary SanchezRC1893
509-BGary SanchezRCBlack Relic99
509-CGary SanchezRCBlue Relic49
509-DGary SanchezRCPurple Relic25
509-EGary SanchezRCRed Relic10
509-FGary SanchezRCGold Relic1
516Mark Teixeira363
531Mark Teixeira426
OS-18Gary SanchezRC665
OS-42Aroldis Chapman300

Non-Team Specific

238Yoan Moncada1452All Star Week
AS1Ken Griffey Jr.1730All Star Week
AS1Tony Gwynn1730All Star Week
48Manny Machado540American League
121Jackie Bradley Jr.456American League
201Jose Altuve334American League
421Gary Sanchez825American League
OS-7Jose Altuve266American League
OS-8Jose Altuve283American League
OS-8Rick Porcello283American League
OS-8Michael Fulmer283American League
OS-8Mark Trumbo283American League
281Ken Griffey Jr1930Hall of Fame
282Mike Piazza1309Hall of Fame
111American Troops699MLB
162Father’s Day431MLB
270Turns Back the Clock401MLB
302Trade Deadline297MLB
444Major League Baseball551MLB
OS-10Infield Silver Sluggers552MLB
OS-11Outfield Silver Sluggers347MLB
OS-12Pitcher, DH, Catcher Silver Sluggers450MLB
OS-13Infield Defensive Player of the Year441MLB
OS-14Outfield Defensive Player of the Year289MLB
OS-15Pitchers, Catchers Defensive Player of the Year286MLB
48Bryce Harper540National League
121Daniel Murphy456National League
201Wil Myers334National League
421Kris Bryant825National League
OS-7Curtis Granderson266National League
OS-9Daniel Murphy459National League
OS-9Kyle Hendricks459National League
OS-9Corey Seager459National League
OS-9Jose Fernandez459National League