2019 Cryptozoic Rick and Morty Season 3 Checklist

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2019 Cryptozoic Rick and Morty Season 3 trading cards break from the standard distribution style used for Season One and Season Two.

For season three, Cryptozoic opted for premium packs that include three sketch cards and one autograph per pack. One in 10 packs will also include a “Final Cut” memorabilia card that includes a piece of Justin Roiland’s personal script for the “Rickmancing the Stone” episode.

Additionally, there is an extremely rare one-of-one Redemption card that allows the lucky fan to redeem the card for an authentic page from the popular Rick and Morty episode “Rickmancing the Stone” script which is also signed by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon.

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2019 Cryptozoic Rick and Morty Season 3 Checklist

Autographs – 34 Cards, 1 per pack
Final Cut Memorabilia (FC) – 300 Cards
Base – 1/1 (1:10 packs)
Redemption (R) – 1 Cards
Base – 1/1

Sketch Cards – 115 Artists, 3 per pack
Promotional Cards (P) – 9 Cards
Not found in packs

FC1 – FC300Final Cut Memorabilia
BJ-GFBrandon Johnson as Mr. Goldenfold199
CP-CJChris Parnell as C-137 Jerry25
CP-JS3Chris Parnell as Jerry Smith25
JR-PRJustin Roiland as Pickle Rick25
KD-TPKeith David as The President199
KW-DSKari Wahlgren as Diane Sanchez50
KW-J3Kari Wahlgren as Jessica50
MB-FKMelique Berger as Fedora Kid55
MB-JMelique Berger as Jacquelyn105
MB-MRSMelique Berger as Mrs. Pancakes105
ML-CMaurice LaMarche as Crocubot50
ML-FPMaurice LaMarche as Federation President40
ML-GLMaurice LaMarche as Gordon Lunas50
ML-WMaurice LaMarche as Waiter50
RR-ARyan Ridley as Assassin50
RR-AWRyan Ridley as Alien Waiter50
RR-CARyan Ridley as Customs Alien50
RR-SORyan Ridley as Slave Owner50
SC-BS2Sarah Chalke as Beth Smith50
SC-CBSarah Chalke as C-137 Beth50
SC-YBSarah Chalke as Young Beth50
SG-CSSpencer Grammer as C-137 Summer105
SG-SS2Spencer Grammer as Summer Smith105
TK-CTom Kenny as Conroy50
TK-GNTom Kenny as Gene25
TK-MATom Kenny as Million Ants50
TK-S1Tom Kenny as Secret Service Agent25
TK-SATom Kenny as Secretary of the Interior25
TK-SBTom Kenny as Shnoopy Bloopers50
TK-TG3Tom Kenny as Tour Guide25
TS-PMGTara Strong as Presidentress of the Mega Gargantuans120
TS-STara Strong as Stacy160
WH-MWilliam Holmes as Mascot155
WH-PGWilliam Holmes as Pastor Gregma105
P1San Diego Comic-Con, 2019
P2Non-Sport Update Magazine, Aug/Sep ’19
P3Non-Sport Update Magazine, Aug/Sep ’19
P4Non-Sport Update Magazine, Aug/Sep ’19
P5National Sports Collectors Convention, 2019
P6New York Comic Con, 2019
P7L.A. Comic Con, 2019
P8Philly Non-Sports Card Show, 2019
P9National Hobby Shop Day, 2019
R1Signed “Rickmancing the Stone” Script Page

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