2018 Cryptozoic Rick and Morty Season 1 Checklist

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2018 Cryptozoic Rick and Morty trading cards highlight all of the funniest moments from season one of the popular Adult Swim cartoon. With a base set of 45 cards and several different chase sets, this should be a fun set for fans of the show to track down.

Inserts for this set include some classic concepts such as scratch and sniff — including Ass World which we’re a little scared to scratch or sniff — and temporary tattoos as well as the standard character cards and a set dedicated Anatomy Park.

Along with the usual hobby box collation, there are several chase cards exclusive to retail packs and this summer’s comic conventions. Retail packs are available at Hot Topic, BoxLunch, and Ikon Collectibles.

The odds of finding chase cards in hobby boxes are listed below. Retail packs have a much more scarce ratio with autographs and sketch cards distributed 1:500 and an overall special insert distribution of 1:250.

Base cards also come with a silver foil parallel and a laser gun deco foil parallel.

Autograph cards are limited from 10 to 100 per signer with some voice actors signing several times for different characters.

Our checklist includes all of the cards in this series including retail and convention exclusives. Clicking a link within the checklist will direct you to an affiliate retailer or to relevant eBay listings for that card.

2018 Cryptozoic Rick and Morty Checklist
Base Set – 45 Cards
Silver Foil – 1:3
Laser Gun Deco Foil – 1:8
Anatomy Park (AP) – 18 Cards, 1:3
Binder Exclusive (BK) – 3 Cards
Characters (CB) – 9 Cards, 1:6
Convention Exclusive – 1 Card
Standees (E) – 6 Cards, 1:12
Convention Exclusive – 3 Cards
Retail Exclusive – 3 Cards
Stickers (K) – 3 Cards, 1:12
Retail Exclusive – 3 Cards
Rixty Minutes (RM) – 9 Cards, 1:6
Convention Exclusive – 1 Card
Scratch and Sniff (SS) – 7 Cards, 1:12
Convention Exclusive – 1 Card
Retail Exclusive – 2 Cards
Temporary Tattoos (T) – 7 Cards, 1:12
Convention Exclusive – 3 Cards
Retail Exclusive – 2 Cards
Autograph Cards – 40 Cards, 1:48
Convention Exlcusive – 4 Cards
Sketch Cards – 1:16
Printing Plates – 1:306
-#Card TitleLimited
1Title Card
2Do it for Granpa
3Rick and Morty A Hundred Times
4Daydreaming in Class
5Dream Within a Dream
6Canine Intelligence
7Suppressed Subconscious
8Bad Human, Bad
9Human Holiday
10Haunted Liver
11Open Relationship
12Getting Freaky
13Nude Defense Strategy
14Doctor's Results
15Sweet, Sweet Ricktory
16Under the Inluence
17Improving Jerry's Golf Game
18Killing My Own Family
19Meeseeks Concerns
21Flu Season
24Thank Me
25World Domination
26Morty Jr.
27It's All a Lie
32You Don't Matter
35The Devil
36Cold Celestial Dwarf
37Human Shield
40Eating Sh**
41Female Attraction
42Glip Glop
43Wubba Lubba Dub Dub
CB01Rick Sanchez
CB02Morty Smith
CB03Beth Smith
CB04Jerry Smith
CB05Summer Smith
CB06Principal Vagina
CB09Mr. Goldenfold
RM1Ants in my Eyes Johnson
RM2Baby Legs and Regular Legs
RM3Ball Fondlers
RM4Hamster in Butt World
RM5Mrs. Sullivan
RM6Real Fake Doors Salesman
RM7Strawberry Smiggles
RM8Trunk People
RM9Turbulent Juice
AP01Alveoli Forest
AP02Anatomy Park
AP03Bladder Falls
AP04Cerebral Cortex Carousel
AP05Colon Log Ride
AP06Great Moments with Ruben
AP07Hall of Marrows
AP08Haunted Liver
AP09Hemoglobin River Run
AP10It's a Small, Small Intestine
AP11Lung Lift-Off
AP12Pirates of the Pancreas
AP13Rectum Bumper Cars
AP14Single-Celled Carousel
AP15Spleen Mountain
AP16The Testicle Drop
AP17The Funny Bone Club
AP18The Titty Twister
T1Rick Vaporwave 1
T2Marty Vaporwave 1
T3Rick (3D Glasses)
T4Rick (Worms)
T5Morty (Worms)
T7Rick and Morty Skateboarding
SS2Trunk People
SS3Pizza Man
SS4M.C. Shave's Aftershave
SS5Turbulent Juice
SS6Mr. Meeseeks
SS7Strawberry Smiggles
E1Mega Tree
E4The Smiths
E6Dr. Scraps
CP-ACChris Parnell as Actor Jerry#/100
CP-JSChris Parnell as Jerry Smith#/100
JH-DJess Harnell as Dog Soldier #2#/100
JH-GJess Harnell as Greebybobe#/100
JH-RJess Harnell as Roger#/100
JH-RRJess Harnell as Ruben Ridley#/100
JR-MJustin Roiland as Morty Smith#/50
JR-RJustin Roiland as Rick Sanchez#/50
JR-KJustin Roiland as Mr. Meeseeks#/50
JR-XJustin Roiland as Wildcard#/10
KW-CKari Wahlgren as Cynthia#/50
KW-GJKari Wahlgren as Gazorpian Judge#/50
KW-HWKari Wahlgren as Hot Woman#/50
KW-JKari Wahlgren as Jessica#/50
KW-PKari Wahlgren as Plutonian Chat Show Host #1#/50
KW-SKari Wahlgren as Samantha#/50
KW-TDKari Wahlgren as Talking Doll#/50
ML-BMaurice LaMarche as Brad Anderson#/50
ML-CMaurice LaMarche as Ship Captain#/50
ML-MMaurice LaMarche as Adult Morty Jr.#/100
ML-SMaurice LaMarche as Stu#/100
PH-DPhil Hendrie as Davin#/100
PH-MPhil Hendrie as Mr. Booby Buyer#/100
PH-NPhil Hendrie as Newscaster#/100
PH-PPhil Hendrie as Principal Vagina#/100
PH-SPhil Hendrie as Scary Glenn#/100
RP-CRob Paulsen as Centaur#/100
RP-GRob Paulsen as Giant Judge#/100
RP-QRob Paulsen as Quick Mystery Judge#/100
RP-RRob Paulsen as Regular Legs#/100
RP-SRob Paulsen as Snuffles#/100
RR-BRyan Ridley as The Bachelor#/50
RR-FPRyan Ridley as Frank Palicky#/50
RR-GLRyan Ridley as Giant Lawyer#/50
RR-TRyan Ridley as Tom#/50
TK-CTom Kenny as Chair #1#/50
TK-FTom Kenny as Phone #1#/50
TK-MTom Kenny as Mr. Jellybean#/50
TK-PTom Kenny as Pawnshop Clerk#/50
TK-STom Kenny as Squanchy#/50
CB10SnufflesConvention Exclusive
RM10Corns of Action RixtyConvention Exclusive
T10Scary TerryConvention Exclusive
T11Skull with Rick and Morty EyeballsConvention Exclusive
T12Rick and Morty in Black RectangleConvention Exclusive
SS10Hot DogConvention Exclusive
E10RickConvention Exclusive
E11MortyConvention Exclusive
E12SummerConvention Exclusive
JH-STJess Harnell as Scary Terry#/100, NYCC18
ML-AMaurice LaMarche as Abradolf Lincoler#/100, StocktonCon
RR-TMRyan Ridley as Trunkman#/50, SDCC18
TK-ZTom Kenny as Pizza #1#/50, SDCC18
T8Rick and Morty SpaceshipRetail Exclusive
T9Rick and Morty Rorshcach TestRetail Exclusive
SS8Eat Your Big MeatRetail Exclusive
SS9Ass WorldRetail Exclusive
E7TitanicRetail Exclusive
E8LucyRetail Exclusive
E9JerryRetail Exclusive
K4Anatomy ParkRetail Exclusive
K5Rick's GymRetail Exclusive
K6GwendolynRetail Exclusive
BK2Meeseeks Box
BK3Mr. Meeseeks