1979 Topps Rocky II Checklist

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1979 Topps Rocky II trading cards borrow heavily from the movie set that preceded them with a 99 card set of production stills atop a yellow background.

The boxing mitt title image on the front of each card is red (it was black in the first Rocky series), and includes the title of the card. The backs of each card are either a story, told in parts over the span of several cards, or a piece of a larger image puzzle.

The artwork for the packaging was used as card #5 in the 2018 Wrapper Art series released by Topps.

1979 Topps Rocky II Checklist

Base Set – 99 Cards
Stickers – 22 Stickers

#Card Title
1Meet “Rocky”
2Rocky’s Girl, Adrian
3Stickball Champ!
4Sultan of Stickball!
5Yo, Butkus!
6The Champ and His Dog
7Rocky Pops the Question
9It’s Cold Outside!
10Rocky’s Speech
11Inside the Meat Factory
12The Rock at Work
13Rappin’ with Paulie
14Don’t Mess with the Rock!
15Actress Talia Shire
16Rocky’s Training Technique
17Mrs. Balboa … Expecting!
18Encouraging Words
19Visions of Victory
20The Verbal Bout
21Training at the Gym
22You Can Do It!
23Fists of Fury
24Man behind the Muscles
25The Rope Exercise
26Shapin’ Up!
27Punch That Bag!
28Rocky’s Trainer, Mickey
29Rocky’s Hope
30Splatter the Stallion!
31Actor Burgess Meredith
32Weighty Task!
33The Living Legend
34Tuning Up!
35Feelin’ Strong Now!
36Fury of Apollo
37Demolishing His Opponent!
38Nothing Can Stop Me Now!
39Gonna Fly Now!
40Philly’s Favorite
41The Big Battle
42The Square Jungle
43The Contender
44Man-Mountain Creed
45World in His Corner
46The Gladiators
47Chin-Up, Rock!
48It’s Now or Never
49The World’s Champ
50Formidable Foe
51Stupendous Struggle
52The Slugfest Continues!
53Power of Apollo
54Against the Ropes
55Stay in Control!
56Man of Destiny
57Apollo’s Dynamic Fists
58Bloody Confrontation
59A Left to Rocky’s Chin!
60Creed … Smashed!
61The Undefeated Champ
62Rocky Rocked by Apollo
63The Raging Giants
64Fire in Every Muscle
65In Over His Head!
66Flesh and Fury
67Rocky Gets Riled!
68Rocky on the Offensive
69Round Nine Coming Up!
70Bruised But Not Beaten!
71The Warriors Clash!
72In the Rock’s Corner
73I Won’t Give Up!
74Balboa’s Dream
75The Final Round
76Creed Creamed!
77Devastating Sock!
78Both Men Are Down!
79The Champ’s Been Floored!
80The Moment of Truth
81One Last Chance …
82Summoning Hidden Strengths
83Hand in There, Rocky!
84Down for the Count!
85Four … Five … Six!
86Do It Rocky!
87Stumbling to His Feet!
88The Reeling Champ
89The Winner!
90The Victorious One!
91A Hard-Fought Battle!
92Moment of Glory
93Now … Number One!
94Balboa’s Triumph
95Interviewing the Champ
96Man of the Hour
97Face of a Champion
98High Spirits
99We Did It, Adrian!
Sticker 1Rocky Balboa
Sticker 2Apollo Creed / Rocky Balboa
Sticker 3Rocky Balboa
Sticker 4Rocky Balboa
Sticker 5Rocky Balboa
Sticker 6Rocky Balboa
Sticker 7Rocky Balboa
Sticker 8Apollo Creed
Sticker 9Apollo Creed
Sticker 10Mickey Goldmill
Sticker 11Rocky Balboa
Sticker 12Rocky Balboa
Sticker 13Rocky Balboa
Sticker 14Rocky Balboa
Sticker 15Rocky Balboa
Sticker 16Apollo Creed
Sticker 17Rocky Balboa
Sticker 18Rocky Balboa
Sticker 19Rocky Balboa / Adrian Balboa
Sticker 20Rocky Balboa
Sticker 21Adrian Balboa
Sticker 22Rocky Balboa