1965 Donruss Freddie and the Dreamers trading card checklist

1965 Donruss Freddie and the Dreamers Checklist

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1965 Donruss Freddie and the Dreamers trading cards were a direct response to the massive success of Topps’ multiple sets dedicated to The Beatles the year prior. The Rolling Stones — the most logical competitor for British Invasion trading cards — were taken by A&BC and The Kinks were banned from touring America in 1965 so their commercial appeal among trading card collectors was a bit of a question mark so that left Freddie and the Dreamers.

Freddie and the Dreamers had a #1 hit song in 1963 with I’m Telling You Now but would only crack the top 20 once more in the USA. They were a bit more successful in the UK but it’s still a curiosity how this group got their own set.

The checklist consists of 66 cards and almost all of them are titled Freddie and the Dreamers except for #3 (Derek Quinn), #21 (Pete Birrell), #36 (Bernie Dwyer), #49 (Freddie Garrity), and #56 (Roy Crewdson). The backs of the cards could be puzzled together to form a large portrait of the band.

The packaging for these cards may rank among the most boring of the era as it’s simply a yellow wrapper with the name of the band.

1965 Donruss Freddie and the Dreamers

Base Set – 66 Cards