1965 A&BC Rolling Stones trading card checklist

1965 A&BC Rolling Stones Checklist

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1965 A&BC Rolling Stones trading cards were released in the UK following the massive popularity of their Beatles releases the year before. Unlike those Beatles releases, though, there is no American counterpart to this set which makes it a tough set to complete in the states.

Also unlike the Beatles set, this set didn’t sell well in A&BC’s test markets so a full national release was never issued leaving a very limited number of cards in the general public. Card fronts featured a color photograph with a simple white border and the backs were blank save for the name and number of the card.

Our checklist includes all of the cards in the set. Clicking a link within the checklist will direct you to an affiliate retailer or to relevant eBay listings.

1965 A&BC Rolling Stones Checklist

Base Set – 40 Cards

#Card Title
1Mick Jagger
2Bill Wyman
3Bill Wyman
4Bill Wyman
5Bill Wyman
6Bill Wyman
7Keith Richard
8Charlie Watts
9The Rolling Stones
10Bill, Mick & Brian
11Keith Richard
12Keith Richard
13Mick & Keith
14Charlie Watts
15Brian Jones
16Charlie & Bill
17Charlie Watts
18Charlie Watts
19Brian Jones
20Keith Richard
21Brian Jones
22Brian Jones
23Bill & Mick
24Bill, Brian, Mick & Keith
25Mick Jagger
26Mick Jagger
27Mick Jagger
28Mick Jagger
29The Rolling Stones
30Bill, Brian & Charlie
31Brian Jones
32The Rolling Stones
33Charlie Watts
34Mick, Charlie & Keith
35The Rolling Stones
36Keith, Bill & Mick
37The Rolling Stones
38The Rolling Stones
39The Rolling Stones
40The Rolling Stones