1964 Topps Beatles Diary trading card checklist

1964 Topps Beatles Diary Checklist

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The 1964 Topps Beatles Diary trading card set is one of several collections Topps released during the first year of Beatlemania in the United States.

The conceit of this series is that it tells the story of The Fab Four through their eyes. While the card fonts feature generic photographs, usually not associated with the text on the reverse, the card backs are designed as journal entries from the band. For example, on card #2, John’s journal entry tells the story of the band meeting their manager, Brian Epstein.

This is the only set released by Topps that attempted to tell the Beatles story. The Black and White and Beatles Plaks had no information on the reverse, the Color Photos set offered trivia and interview answers, and A Hard Day’s Night focused on the film.

This checklist simply lists the band members who appear on the card front. The “diary entry” on the reverse of the cards does not necessarily match with the photo or person on the card front. Clicking a link within the checklist will direct you to an affiliate retailer or to relevant eBay listings.

1964 Topps Beatles Diary Checklist

Base Set – 60 Cards

#Photo Subjects
1AJohn, Paul
2AJohn, Paul, George, Ringo
3AJohn, Paul
4AJohn, Paul, George, Ringo
5AJohn, Paul, George, Ringo
8APaul, George
9AJohn, Paul, George, Ringo
10AJohn, Paul, George, Ringo
11AJohn, Paul, George
12AJohn, Paul, George, Ringo
13AJohn, Paul, George
14APaul, George, Ringo
15AJohn, George
16APaul, George
18APaul, George
19AJohn, Paul, George
20APaul, George
21AGeorge VAR
22AJohn, Ringo
23AJohn, Paul, George, Ringo
25APaul, George, Ringo
26AGeorge, Ringo
27AJohn, Paul, George
31AJohn, Paul, George, Ringo
33AJohn, Paul, Ringo
34AJohn, Paul
35AJohn, Paul, George, Ringo
36APaul, George
37APaul, George
38AJohn, Paul, George
39AJohn, Paul, Ringo
41AJohn, Paul, George, Ringo
43AGeorge, Ringo
44AJohn, Paul, George, Ringo
45AJohn, Paul, George
46AJohn, Paul, George, Ringo
48AJohn, Paul, George, Ringo
49AJohn, Paul, George, Ringo
50AJohn, Paul, George, Ringo
51AJohn, Paul, Ringo
53AJohn, Paul, George, Ringo
54AJohn, Paul, George, Ringo
55AJohn, Paul, George
56AJohn, Paul, Ringo
57AJohn, Paul, George, Ringo
58APaul, George
59AJohn, Paul, George