1964 Topps Beatles Color Photos trading card checklist

1964 Topps Beatles Color Photos Checklist

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1964 Topps Beatles Color Photos is one of five sets released by Topps in the first year of the British Invasion. Each of the 64 cards in this set is fronted by a color image, bordered in white, and backed with a quote from one of the band members. Cards are not titled so the standard among collectors and graders is to title the card by who is on front and who is quoted on the back (John and Paul, Ringo speaks).

The series looks very similar to the Beatles Diary, also released by Topps that year and also in color. The packaging for this series was featured on card #4 of the Topps 80th Anniversary Wrapper Art set. Clicking a link within the checklist will direct you to an affiliate retailer or to relevant eBay listings.

1964 Topps Beatles Color Photos Checklist

Base Set – 64 Cards

#Card Title
1Meet John Lennon
2Meet Paul McCartney
3Meet George Harrison
4Meet Ringo Starr
5John, Paul, George, Ringo – Paul Speaking
6John, Paul, George, Ringo – John Speaking
7George and Paul – Ringo Speaking
8Paul – George Speaking
9Ringo and Paul – Paul Speaking
10John – John Speaking
11George – Ringo Speaking
12John, Paul, Ringo – John Speaking
13John and Paul – Paul Speaking
14John – George Speaking
15John, Paul, George, Ringo – Ringo Speaking
16Ringo, Paul, John – John Speaking
17Ringo, George, John, Paul – George Speaking
18Ringo, George, John, Paul – George Speaking
19John – Ringo Speaking
20Ringo – John Speaking
21George, John, Ringo, Paul – Paul Speaking
22Paul, George, John, Ringo – George Speaking
23John, Paul, Ringo – Ringo Speaking
24John, Ringo, Paul – John Speaking
25John, Paul, Ringo, John – Ringo Speaking
26George – Paul Speaking
27Paul, Ringo, George – Paul Speaking
28Ringo – George Speaking
29Paul, John, Young Boy, Ringo – Ringo Speaking
30Paul, George, John, Ringo – Paul Speaking
31Ringo, George, John, Paul – George Speaking
32John, Dog, Ringo – John Speaking
33Ringo, George, John, Paul – John Speaking
34Paul, John, Ringo – Ringo Speaking
35Paul, Ringo, George, John – George Speaking
36Paul, John, George, Ringo – Paul Speaking
37Paul, George, John – Ringo Speaking
38Paul – John Speaking
39John and George – John Speaking
40John, Ringo, Paul – Paul Speaking
41Paul – Paul Speaking
42Ringo, John, Paul – George Speaking
43Paul, Ringo, John, George – Ringo Speaking
44Paul, George, John – John Speaking
45Ringo – Paul Speaking
46Paul, George, John, Ringo – Ringo Speaking
47Ringo and John – John Speaking
48Ringo, John, Paul – George Speaking
49Paul – Ringo Speaking
50Paul, George, Ringo – John Speaking
51Paul and Ringo – Ringo Speaking
52Ringo, Paul and John – Paul Speaking
53Ringo, Paul, John and George – Paul Speaking
54Paul and Ringo – John Speaking
55Paul, Ringo, George, John – John Speaking
56Ringo – Paul Speaking
57Paul, Ringo, John – John Speaking
58Ringo and Paul – George Speaking
59John, Paul, Ringo – Ringo Speaking
60John, Ringo, Paul – Paul Speaking
61Paul, George, John, Ringo – Paul Speaking
62John, Paul, Ringo, George – Paul Speaking
63George and John – Paul Speaking
64Ringo, Paul, John – John Speaking