1964 Topps Beatles Plaks trading card checklist

1964 Topps Beatles Plaks Checklist

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The 1964 Topps Beatles Plaks trading card set is one of the rarest and difficult to collect Beatles card sets of all time.

There are 55 oversized cards in this series, making it one of the smallest Beatles sets from 1964 (Topps Hard Day’s Night was also 55 cards) but the difficulty in collecting this series is in finding quality cards. Each card included perforations — hooks on the top, slits on the bottom — that allow fans to connect the cards and hang the set on their walls.

Instructions for handling the perforations appear on the reverse of each card so the focus is 100% on the card fronts. Each front is a landscape photo and caption on a “wood” background. Due to the perforations and the tattered edge design, it is very difficult to find high-quality cards that are not damaged or off-center.

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1964 Topps Beatles Plaks Checklist

Base Set – 55 Cards

1I Dig the Beatles
2Paul, John, George, Ringo
3Seal of Approval, Beatles Are OK
4The Beatles for Congress
5Ringo, Ringo, Ringo
6Beatles 4 Ever
7Love That Ringo
8The Greatest Ever
9I Love You
10George Harrison
11The Chairmen of the Board
12The Beatles Are the Gear
13Paul is All
14John, John, John
15Keep the Beatles Here
16Go-Go-Go with Ringo
17Beatles, Beatles, Beatles
18Hail the Beatles
19I Pledge Allegiance to the Beatles
20John Lennon
21The World’s Fairest
22Thank You England
23John Sends Me
24I Have Beatlemania
26George is Gorgeous
27John is Fab
28I Love the Beatles
29Beatles, You Are Beautiful
30The Boys from Liverpool Are Real Cool
31Hats Off to the Beatles
32The 8th Wonder of the World, The Beatles
33I Go Ape for the Beatles
34Paul is the Living End
35Smile, the Beatles Are Singing
36Next to Me, I Love the Beatles
37Paul McCartney
38I Flip for George
39I’m Hooked on the Beatles
40Stamp Out Everyone Who Wants to Stamp Out the Beatles
41I Flip My Beatles Wig
42Paul, Paul, Paul
43A Gas
44Ringo is the Cutest
45George, George, George
46The Beatles Are Real Boss
47Ringo Starr
48Fab, Fab, Fab
49Never Leave Me
50Silence, I’m Listening to the Beatles
51The U.S.A. Wants You to Stay
52The Beatles Are Happening
53Ringo For Kingo
54Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
55Think How Wonderful the Beatles Are
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