1953 Bowman Frontier Days trading card checklist

1953 Bowman Frontier Days Checklist

Release Year Archive: 1953

Manufacturer Archive: Bowman

Tag Archive: Western

Category Archive: Non-Sports Card Checklists

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1953 Bowman Frontier Days trading cards tell the story of the wild west with 128 cards featuring action packed artwork.

The artwork for this set was borrowed from the 1949 Bowman Wild West series, though that set contained 52 more cards than Frontier Days. To accommodate for the differing dimensions of the two sets, Frontier Days include a wider border on the short ends of the cards which is filled in with a relevant line drawing — guns, bow and arrows, rope, etc.

The recycling of artwork from an earlier set not yet five years old is usually believed to be a last ditch effort to earn revenue by releasing a set with minimal overhead costs. Bowman would be bought out by Topps just two years later.

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1953 Bowman Frontier Days Checklist

Base Set – 128 Cards

ACC# – R701-5

1Pike’s Peak or Bust
2Chicago Fire
3False Face Society
4White Bear
5Perilous Work
6Killer Bear
7Wells Fargo Holdup
8Riding Out an Earthquake
10Montana Gold
11Buffalo Trap
12Red Cloud
13Hayfield Fight
14Look! The Stagecoach
15Citizens Rout Bandits
16Heroic Captain
17Hazards of Track Laying
18Snowbound Train
19Fishing for Salmon
20Simon Kenton
21Death by Moonlight
22Cowboy Capers
23Whip Beats Pistol
25Peril at the Pass
26Bridge Disaster
27Indian Lacrosse
28Andrew Jackson
29Wagon Box Fight
30Night Visitors
31Jesse James Holdup
32The “Mosselle” Blows Up
33Indians Attack Wagon Train
34Prairie Fire
35An Indian Never Forgets
36Daniel Boone
37Battle of Tippecanoe
38Bronco Busting
39Jail Break
40Wreck of the “Tennessee”
41Fremont in the Rockies
42Buffalo Stampede
43The War Whoop
44Captain Jack
46Branding a Calf
47Bill Hickok at Hays City
49Death at the Waterhole
50The Alamo
51Smoke Signals
52Buffalo Bill
53Burnt-Arrow Punishment
54Pony in the Parlor
55Deputy Sheriff
56River Pirate
57Battle of New Orleans
58Lone-Star Settlers
59Sign Language
60Calamity Jane
61Boy Captives
62Cowboys Go to Town
63The Daltons
64Villains’ Cave
65Out to Stake a Claim
66Virginia City Boom
67Building Birch Bark Canoe
68Sam Houston
69Saving the Wounded
70Battle of Wild Stallions
71Run Out of Town
72Seeing the Show
73The Gold Rush Is On
74Dealing with Claim-Jumpers
75Young Indian Learns
76Chief Joseph
77Rushing a Stockade
78Range War
79Two-Gun Marshal
80Hark! The Calliope
81Gun Runners
82James Marshall Strikes Gold
83Peace Pipe
84Annie Oakley
85Escaping the Comanches
86Fighting a Blizzard
87Outlaws at Bay
88Steamboat Burns Bridge
89Battling a Tempest
90Mormons Settle Utah
91Stalking Game
92Davy Crockett
93Battle of Horseshoe Bend
95Sheriff Defies Mob
96Cub Pilot
97Buffaloes Stop Train
98Down Goes the Telegraph
99The Medicine Man
100Sitting Bull
101Fort Kearny Massacre
102Sheep and Cattle War
103Rangers Chase Apaches
104Steamboat Race
105Indians Attack Iron Horse
106Train Robbery
107Torture Stake
109Angry Squaw
110Chuck Wagon
111Rangers Battle Outlaws
112The River Rises
113Stage Coach Robbery
115Cliff Dwellers
116Marcus Whitman
117In the Nick of Time
118Cowgirl Race
119Rangers Ride
120Rifles at 30 Yards
121Panning Gold
122Saddling Pony Express
123Woman’s Work
124Black Hawk
125Battle Of Bad Axe
126An Easterner Learns
127Stick ‘Em Up
128New Orleans Bullfight