1949 Bowman Wild West trading card checklist

1949 Bowman Wild West Checklist

Release Year Archive: 1949

Manufacturer Archive: Bowman

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1949 Bowman Wild West trading cards were a massive hit for the gum company and would be one of its best selling sets to date. The 180 card set is broken up into eight subsections all with a different alpha prefix.

  • A – Winning The West
  • B – Indian Customs
  • C – Famous Characters
  • D – Indian Warfare
  • E – Cowboy Life
  • F – Law and Order
  • G – River Days
  • H – Western Stars

Bowman reissued 128 cards from this set in 1953 under the title “Frontier Days”. The differing dimensions of the reissue required a “western” border so modern collectors are unlikely to confuse the two sets.

1949 Bowman Wild West

Base Set – 180 Cards

ACC # – R701-19

#Card Title
A-1Capturing a British Fort
A-2Louisiana is Ours
A-3Exploring the Wilds
A-4Mountain Men
A-5Trap-Line Trouble
A-6Horseback Duel
A-7Shooting the Rapids
A-8At war with Britian
A-9Battle of New Orleans
A-10Death at the Waterhole
A-11Lone-Star Settlers
A-12The Alamo
A-13Fremont in the Rockies
A-14Indians attack Wagon Train
A-15Buffalo Stampede
A-16Prairie Fire
A-17Battling a Tempest
A-18Gun Runners
A-19Mormons Settle Utah
A-20James Marshall Strikes Gold
A-21The Gold Rush is On
A-22Out to stake a claim
A-23Dealing with Claim-Jumpers
A-24Virginia City Boom
A-25Panning Gold
A-26Stage Coach Robbery
A-27Saddling Pony Express
A-29Indians Attack Iron Horse
A-30Buffaloes Stop Train
A-31Train Robbery
A-32Down goes the Telegraph
A-33Peril at the Pass
A-34Hazards of Track Laying
A-35Bridge Disaster
A-36Snowbound Train
A-38Pike’s Peak or Bust
A-39Montana Gold
A-40Chicago Fire
B-1Scalp Dance
B-2Running the Gauntlet
B-4Bow & Arrow Hunting
B-5Sign Language
B-6Smoke Signals
B-7The War Whoop
B-8An Indian Never Forgets
B-9Stalking Game
B-10Peace Pipe
B-11Young Indian Learns
B-12Building Birch Bark Canoe
B-13Woman’s Work
B-14Cliff Dwellers
B-15Torture Stake
B-16The Medicine Man
B-17Indian Lacrosse
B-18Fishing for Salmon
B-19Buffalo Trap
B-20False Face Society
C-2Kit Carson
C-3James Bowie
C-4Pawnee Bill
C-5Calamity Jane
C-6Buffalo Bill
C-7Captain Jack
C-8Daniel Boone
C-9Davy Crockett
C-10Annie Oakley
C-11Chief Joseph
C-12Sam Houston
C-13Black Hawk
C-14Marcus Whitman
C-16Sitting Bull
C-17Andrew Jackson
C-18Simon Kenton
C-19Red Cloud
C-20White Bear
D-1Defeat of General Harmer
D-2Defending Their Home
D-3Captive’s March
D-4Indian Money
D-5Boy Captives
D-6Burnt-Arrow Punishment
D-8Battle of Tippecanoe
D-9Battle of Horseshoe Bend
D-10Escaping the Commanches
D-11Rushing a Stockade
D-12Saving the Wounded
D-13Battle of Bad Axe
D-14In the Nick of Time
D-15Angry Squaw
D-16Fort Keaney Massacre
D-17Wagon Box Fight
D-18Death by Moonlight
D-19Hayfield Fight
D-20Perilous Work
E-1Trail Drive
E-2Roping Wild Horses
E-4Bulldozing a Longhorn
E-5Cowboys Go to Town
E-6Pony in the Parlor
E-7Branding a calf
E-8Bronco Busting
E-10Fighting a Blizzard
E-11Range War
E-12Battle of Wild Stallions
E-13An Easterner Learns
E-14Cowgirl Race
E-15Chuck Wagon
E-16Sheep and Cattle War
E-17Night Visitiors
E-18Cowboy Capers
E-19Look! The Stagecoach!
E-20Killer Bear
F-1Sherriff Gets His Man
F-2Vigilantes Ride
F-3Horse Thieves
F-4Surprising Cattle Rustlers
F-5The Daltons
F-6Deputy Sheriff
F-7Bill Hickok at Hays City
F-8Jail Break
F-9Sherriff Defies Mob
F-10Outlaws At Bay
F-11Two-Gun Marshall
F-12Run out of Town
F-13Stick ’em Up
F-14Rangers Ride
F-15Rangers Battle Outlaws
F-16Rangers Chase Apaches
F-17Jesse James Holdup
F-18Whip Beats Pistol
F-19Citizens Rout Bandits
F-20Wells Fargo Holdup
G-1Mighty Paul Bunyan
G-2Flatboatman on Rampage
G-3King Cotton
G-4Lone Traveler, Beware!
G-5Villain’s Cave
G-6River Pirate
G-8Wreck of the Tennessee
G-9Cub Pilot
G-10Steamboat Burns Bridge
G-11Hark! The Calliope
G-12Seeing the Show
G-13New Orleans Bullfight
G-14Rifles at 30 Yards
G-15The River Rises
G-16Steamboat Race
G-17The Mosselle Blows Up
G-19Heroic Captain
G-20Riding out an Earthquake
H-1Lash LaRue
H-2Fuzzy St. John
H-3James Ellison
H-4Cannonball Taylor
H-5Chris-Pin Martin
H-6James Millican
H-7Andy Clyde
H-8Max “Alibi” Terhune
H-9Monte Hale
H-10Raymond Hatton
H-11Allan “Rocky” Lane
H-12Pat Brady
H-13Rex Allen
H-14Don “Red” Barry
H-15Holly Bane
H-16Robert Lowery
H-17Ray Bennett
H-18Marshall Reed
H-19John Cason
H-20Tom Neal