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Random Articles


A complete checklist of the 2016 Cryptozoic Justice League trading card set including all chase sets and easily customizable.

Decision 2016 Pack Opening

Hero Habit opens five packs of Decision 2016 trading cards. All cards appearing on this video will be available on our auction page.

The oddities of the second Mike Fiers no-hitter

Mike Fiers threw the first no-hitter of 2019, his second career no-hitter, and baseball's 300th no-hitter and created some interesting stats, too.

Has a New Outlander Autograph Surfaced?

Less than a month after the release of the Cryptozoic Season 1 Outlander cards, an unofficial Outlander autograph has surfaced on eBay. Is it real

The 15 MLB players with 1,000 hits for two different teams

A total of 280 players to date have amassed at least 2,000 hits in the majors but only 15 guys have at least 1,000 hits coming for 2 separate teams.

Fraggle Rock Returns to HBO the Right Way

Instead of a big budget reboot or a modern re-imagining, Fraggle Rock will return to television airwaves in its original, but remastered, form.

Topps Honor Cubs with Nice ’69 Throwback

The Topps Trading Card Company has honored the Chicago Cubs with a short print, online exclusive, series of cards designed like the 1969 Topps series.

Beauty and the Beast are Coming to Funko

The live-action version of Beauty and the Beast is generating a lot of buzz and Funko is adding characters from the film to many of their popular lines.

Paul Simon Discusses His Memories of George Harrison

Paul Simon recounts a few moments he shared with George Harrison over the many years they were friends including a little prank on Ringo.

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