Can Charlotte Elevate SmackDown Live Women’s Division?

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It took one week for Charlotte to earn a championship title match on SmackDown Live. But, can she bring the “flair” that the women’s division on WWE’s Tuesday show needs?

In just under two years on the main roster, Charlotte (with help from the likes of Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch) has gotten the women’s division a ton of respect when it comes to in-ring ability. She was a five-time champ while on Raw where she had feuds with both Banks and Lynch.

After achieving so much on Mondays, WWE decided it be in their best interest to move her to SD Live. With Raw flooded in talent such as Banks, Nia Jax and Bayley (and now with the addition of Alexa Bliss), it’s now up to Charlotte to carry a women’s revitalization with a lesser amount of talents.

Lynch is on SD Live, along with names like Naomi — who’s the current champion —, Natalya, Carmella, Tamina, Nikki Bella and possibly Lana if WWE decides to use her as a competitor.

Of that list of names, I’d say I’d be willing to listen to promos from two of them. The wrestling talent of Naomi and Natalya is undeniable, but neither can put on a top-notch promo, however Carmella doesn’t have as much skill inside the squared circle, but makes up for it with charisma. Nikki Bella doesn’t really appeal to me as a wrestler, plus she’s taking a bit of a break and Tamina hasn’t really been given much of a story since returning after being off air for almost a year.

Aside from Lynch, there really isn’t an all-around top-tier wrestler on that list of names which is why adding Charlotte is something WWE needed to do. The writers have done an excellent job at keeping the division interesting and it’s been watchable, but it didn’t have the star power. That’s where The Queen comes in.

She’s been at the top of the wrestling ranks since the time she turned heel on Paige and Lynch and split up Team PCB and was at the front line of the Women’s Revolution that Stephanie McMahon called for.

It’s no surprise she’s already earned a title shot and I’d be surprised if she doesn’t win it in her first try. Charlotte has proven to be one of the best champions WWE can have and I don’t only mean in the women’s division and her heelish character may only be second to The Miz in the company.

She is almost always capable of putting on an incredible match and if SD Live uses her properly, there’s a chance she can turn a decent division into one that rivals Raw’s women.

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