2016 Topps NOW WWE Checklist

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2016 Topps Now WWE trading cards bring all the greatest moments from the latest wrestling event to your card collection almost immediately. Available online for 24 hours, 2016 Topps NOW WWE highlight match winners from many Pay per View and weekly tournaments and are exclusively sold through the Topps website.

Because print runs are determined solely on demand, some cards from the collection are incredibly rare. Also, the design and numbering sequence was not changed after WrestleMania or at the new year so events broadcast in 2017 are also included in this series. Further, some events had all new numbering sequences meaning there are some duplicate numbers in the set.

Our checklist can be sorted by fighter, event, or final print run.

2016 Topps Now WWE Checklist
Base Set – 163 Cards
-#WrestlerVariantEventPrint Run
1Brock LesnarSummer Slam132
2Finn BalorSummer Slam221
3Dean AmbroseSummer Slam114
4CharlotteSummer Slam124
5A.J. StylesSummer Slam127
6A.J. StylesBacklash191
7Becky LynchBacklash212
8Heath Slater & RhynoBacklash104
10The MizBacklash85
11Kevin OwensClash of Champions68
12The New DayClash of Champions61
13CharlotteClash of Champions88
14Roman ReignsClash of Champions61
15Chris JerichoClash of Champions62
16A.J. StylesNo Mercy73
17NaomiNo Mercy70
18Heath Slater & RhynoNo Mercy65
19Dolph ZigglerNo Mercy73
20Bray WyattNo Mercy86
21Nikki BellaNo Mercy87
23Kevin OwensHell in a Cell98
24Charlotte FlairHell in a Cell151
25Roman ReignsHell in a Cell69
26The New DayHell in a Cell70
27Brian KendrickHell in a Cell72
28The MizSmackdown 90059
29EdgeSmackdown 90058
30UndertakerSmackdown 900126
32Team Smackdown MenSurvivor62
33Team RAW WomenSurvivor88
34Team RAW 10 on 10Survivor60
35Brian KendrickSurvivor59
37AJ StylesTLC122
38Alexa BlissTLC180
40Nikki BellaTLC93
41Baron CorbinTLC91
42Randy Orton/Bray WyattTLC115
43aKevin OwensRoadblock65
43bKevin OwensBlack RelicRoadblock25
44Cesaro and SheamusRoadblock65
45Sami ZaynRoadblock68
46Seth RollinsRoadblock63
47Rich SwannRoadblock65
48aCharlotte FlairRoadblock108
48bCharlotte FlairBlack RelicRoadblock25
49Naomi, Nikki Bella, Becky LynchRoyal Rumble88
50Luke Gallows & Karl AndersonRoyal Rumble64
51Charlotte FlairRoyal Rumble100
52Kevin OwensRoyal Rumble62
53NevilleRoyal Rumble61
54aJohn CenaRoyal Rumble82
54bJohn CenaBlack RelicRoyal Rumble25
54cGold RelicGold RelicRoyal Rumble1
55GoldbergRoyal Rumble73
56aRandy OrtonRoyal Rumble85
56bRandy OrtonBlack RelicRoyal Rumble25
56cRandy OrtonGold RelicRoyal Rumble1
57Nia JaxRoyal Rumble83
58Bray WyattElimination102
60Randy OrtonElimination54
61Nikki Bella/NatalyaElimination74
62American AlphaElimination39
63Becky LynchElimination73
67Roman ReignsFastlane64
69Sasha BanksFastlane141
70Luke GallowsFastlane74
70Karl AndersonFastlane74
71Samoa JoeFastlane81
72bUndertakerGold RelicWrestleMania1
74bGoldbergGold RelicWrestleMania1
75Randy OrtonWrestleMania69
75aRandy OrtonRelicWrestleMania25
75bRandy OrtonGold RelicWrestleMania1
76John CenaWrestleMania91
76aJohn CenaRelicWrestleMania25
76bJohn CenaGold RelicWrestleMania1
77Hardy BoyzWrestleMania114
79Kevin OwensWrestleMania71
80Shinsuke NakamuraWrestleMania78
81Tye DillingerWrestleMania37
82Finn BalorRAW46
84Dean AmbroseRAW40
85Alexa BlissRAW123
86Kevin OwensSmackDown Live49
87Charlotte FlairSmackDown Live57
88Braun StrowmanPayback55
89Bray WyattPayback49
90Seth RollinsPayback50
91Alexa BlissPayback223
92Hardy BoyzPayback65
93Chris JerichoPayback56
94Shinsuke NakamuraBacklash96
96Sami ZaynBacklash41
97Natalya, Carmella, and TaminaBacklash49
98Kevin OwensBacklash44
99Jinder MahalBacklash69
100MizExtreme Rules60
101Sasha Banks & Rich SwannExtreme Rules78
102Alexa BlissExtreme Rules264
103Cesaro & SheamusExtreme Rules53
104NevilleExtreme Rules53
105Samoa JoeExtreme Rules56
106CarmellaMoney in the Bank112
107UsosMoney in the Bank41
108NaomiMoney in the Bank49
109Jinder MahalMoney in the Bank41
110Baron CorbinMoney in the Bank60
111Brock LesnarGreat Balls of Fire61
112Braun StrowmanGreat Balls of Fire39
113MizGreat Balls of Fire33
114Sasha BanksGreat Balls of Fire103
115Cesaro & SheamusGreat Balls of Fire33
116Big CassGreat Balls of Fire32
117Bray WyattGreat Balls of Fire37
118NevillieGreat Balls of Fire32
119Jinder MahalBattleground50
120New DayBattleground49
121John CenaBattleground59
122Kevin OwensBattleground44
124Baron CorbinBattleground38
125Triple H & Stephanie McMahonSummerslam216
127Sasha BanksSummerslam114
127aSasha BanksRelicSummerslam25
127bSasha BanksGold RelicSummerslam1
128Dean Ambrose & Seth RollinsSummerslam80
128aDean Ambrose & Seth RollinsRelicSummerslam25
128bDean Ambrose & Seth RollinsGold RelicSummerslam1
129AJ StylesSummerslam63
130Jinder MahalSummerslam38
131Brock LesnarSummerslam50
131aBrock LesnarRelicSummerslam25
131bBrock LesnarGold RelicSummerslam1
132Brock LesnarNo Mercy51
133Enzo AmoreNo Mercy48
134Roman ReignsNo Mercy46
135Alexa BlissNo Mercy138
136Dean Ambrose & Seth RollinsNo Mercy38
137Finn BalorNo Mercy40
138Kevin OwensHell in a Cell39
139Bobby RoodeHell in a Cell32
140Jinder MahalHell in a Cell29
141NatalyaHell in a Cell53
142Baron CorbinHell in a Cell30
143UsosHell in a Cell32
144Kurt Angle, Seth Rollins, & Dean AmbroseTLC75
144aKurt AngleRelicTLC25
144bKurt AngleGold RelicTLC1
145Alexa BlissTLC191
146Demon Finn BalorTLC94
147bAsukaGold RelicTLC1
148Enzo AmoreTLC55
149Sasha BanksTLC100
150bShieldGold RelicSurvivor1
151Team RawSurvivor35
151bAsukaGold RelicSurvivor1
152Charlotte FlairSurvivor102
153Team RawSurvivor153
154AJ StylesClash of Champions65
155Kevin Owens & Sami ZaynClash of Champions34
156Charlotte FlairClash of Champions63
157UsosClash of Champions33
158Dolph ZigglerClash of Champions33
159Scott HallRAW 25
160UndertakerRAW 25
161MizRAW 25
162John CenaRAW 25
163Stone Cold Steve AustinRAW 25
163aStone Cold Steve AustinRelicRAW 2525
163bStone Cold Steve AustinGold RelicRAW 251
1Samoa JoeNXT43
4Authors of PainNXT44
5Bobby RoodeNXT40
7Eric YoungNXT50
8Roderick StrongNXT71
9Authors of PainNXT49
10bAsukaBlack RelicNXT25
10cAsukaGold RelicNXT1
11aBobby RoodeNXT56
11bBobby RoodeBlack RelicNXT25
11cBobby RoodeGold RelicNXT1
12Seth RollinsNXT62
13Bobby RoodeNXT74
14Roderick StrongNXT Takeover27
15AsukaNXT Takeover74
16Bobby RoodeNXT Takeover25
17Authors of PainNXT Takeover27
18Tommaso CiampaNXT Takeover43
20SanityNXT Takeover47
21AsukaNXT Takeover86
22Drew McIntyreNXT Takeover46
23Adam ColeNXT Takeover104
24Undisputed EraNXT Takeover57
24aUndisputed EraRed RelicNXT Takeover10
24bUndisputed EraGold RelicNXT Takeover1
25Andrade Cien AlmasNXT Takeover46
26Ember MoonNXT Takeover63
1Asuka vs Ember MoonNXT Takeover47
2Bobby Roode vs Shinsuke NakamuraNXT Takeover47
3Authors of Pain vs RevivalNXT Takeover47
4Aleister Black vs Andrade \"Cien\" AlmasNXT Takeover47
5Tye Dillinger, Roderick Strong, No Way Jose, Ruby Riot vs SanityNXT Takeover47
1Goldberg vs Brock LesnarCountdown to Wrestlemania74
2Bray Wyatt vs Randy OrtonCountdown to Wrestlemania74
3Chris Jericho vs Kevin OwensCountdown to Wrestlemania74
4Undertaker vs Roman ReignsCountdown to Wrestlemania74
5Bayley vs Charlotte Flair vs Sasha Banks vs Nikki JaxCountdown to Wrestlemania74
6Alexa Bliss vs Smackdown Live Women\'s DivisionCountdown to Wrestlemania74
7John Cena and Nikki Bella vs Miz and MaryseCountdown to Wrestlemania74
8Seth Rollins vs Triple HCountdown to Wrestlemania74
9AJ Styles vs Shane McMahonCountdown to Wrestlemania74
10Dean Ambrose vs Baron CorbinCountdown to Wrestlemania74
11Neville vs Austin AriesCountdown to Wrestlemania74