Topps Wrapper Art Set 3 Features Angels, Hockey, and McFly

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The Topps 80th Anniversary Wrapper Art set 3 pays homage to three very different sets from Topps’ expansive library. The full checklist can be found by clicking the associated hub button at the top of this screen but Wrapper Art Set 3 includes the following cards.

  • #7 – 1977 Charlie’s Angels
  • #8 – 1989 Back to the Future II
  • #9 – 1954 Hockey

The 1977 Charlie’s Angels set was a massive set for its day, by non-sports card standards, released in four different series and eventually growing to 253 cards and 44 stickers. The sell sheet for the set advertised the “sensuous sleuths” as being very popular with the kids and many cards featured the Angels in swimsuits. Your dime got you five cards, one sticker, and a stick of bubble gum back in 1977.

The 1989 Back to the Future II cards are less noteworthy and is a fairly generic non-sports card set for the era. The checklist includes 88 cards and 11 stickers with card backs telling a through-story and sticker backs combining to create a puzzle of Michael J. Fox. If you’re wondering how 11 square cards make up one puzzle, the last card in the set was a picture of the completed puzzle. Of note, this paragraph appeared completely void of Back to the Future quotes.

The final card in this week’s edition is probably the most noteworthy as 1954 Hockey was the first year Topps ever covered the sport. The set isn’t nearly as comprehensive as the Parkhurst cards of the same year — the Topps cards only feature the four American teams — but it is a big moment for the trading card giant. These cards are also oversized as Topps hadn’t standardized their sizing until 1957.

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This set, though, isn’t so much about the card sets as much as it is about the wax and all three sets have gorgeous packaging. Topps sells each card individually or as a group of three (for cheaper), as well as large posters of each wrapper. The cards are available for only one week and can be purchased using the links on this page. Final print runs are based solely on the number of orders received and are reflected on our checklist.