The Office Funko Pop figure guide

Whether you’ve been impish or admirable, these Office Funko figures are sure to delight you. Though inspired by the general characters of the show, many of these figurines pay tribute to specific moments of the series which will please die-hard fans of the iconic sitcom.

Each figure is released as a part of the Funko Pop Television line. Final release numbers have not been announced for each figure but they will be updated as information becomes available.

Below are the figures which have been released or announced. Clicking a link within this page will direct you to an affiliate retailer or to relevant eBay listings for that figure.

With The Office maintaining a loyal following — the show was streamed for over 50 billion minutes during 2018 on Netflix and is seen in syndication daily — and a large cast of characters and iconic moments, there will undoubtedly be future waves of Office Funko releases. Who wouldn’t want to have Creed as Joker or Meredith with a pelvic cast on their shelf next to these figures?

Final numbers for these figures will be added to the Television checklist.