Funko Pop The Office Checklist

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Whether you’ve been impish or admirable, these Funko Pop Office figures are sure to delight you. Though inspired by the general characters of the show, many of these figurines pay tribute to specific moments of the series which will please die-hard fans of the iconic sitcom.

With The Office maintaining a loyal following — the show was streamed for over 50 billion minutes during 2018 on Netflix and is seen in syndication daily — and a large cast of characters and iconic moments, there will undoubtedly be many future waves of Office Funko releases. Who wouldn’t want to have Creed as Joker or Meredith with a pelvic cast on their shelf next to these figures?

This checklist includes all of the figures released by Funko. Clicking a link within the checklist will direct you to an affiliate retailer or to relevant eBay listings for that figure.

Funko Pop The Office Checklist

Master Checklist – Funko Pop Television

869Michael Scott
870Jim Halpert
870Jim HalpertFacebookChase
871Dwight Schrute
871Dwight SchruteBlondeTarget
872Pam Beesly
873Darryl Philbin
874Kevin Malone
875Prison MikeHot Topic
876Dwight Schrute (Hay King)Walmart
877Jim Halpert (Goldenface)Target
878Andy BernardTarget
879Jim Halpertas DwightBoxLunch
880Jim HalpertThree Hole PunchLEFunko Shop
882Dwight Schrute w/ Bobblehead
904Date MikeCalendar Club
905Dwight Schrute as Elf
906Michael Scott as Classy Santa
907Dwight Schrute as Belsnickel
927Dwight SchruteCPR Dummy MaskFYE
938Dwight Schrute as RecyclopsLEECCC20/Walmart
972Stanley Hudsonw/ PretzelLEGameStop
1004Dwight SchruteJello Stapler
1005Michael Scott (Survivor)
1006Florida Stanley
1007Meredith PalmerCasual Friday
1008Kelly KapoorCasual Friday
1009Dwight Schrutew/ Princess UnicornFunko Shop
1010Dwight Schruteas Dark LordSpecialty Series
1015Dwight Schrute as RecyclopsLESDCC20/Walmart
1024Angela MartinGameStop
1041Dwight Schrute as RecyclopsNYCC20
1044Michael Scott in Straight Jacket
1045Dwight Schrute as Scranton Strangler
1046Jim Halpert
1047Jan Levinson
1048Kevin Malone (Halpert Wedding)BoxLunch
1049Dwight Schrute as Pam BeeslyLEFunko Shop
1059Michael KlumpGameStop
1060Michael ScarnGo!
1061Andy Bernard (Sumo Suit)Target
1062Dundie AwardAmazon
1072Dwight Schrute (Kerrigan)ECCC21
1103Dwight Schrute Chalice Exclusive
1103Dwight SchruteChaseChalice Exclusive
1104Creed Bratton Specialty Series
1104Creed Bratton BloodyChase
1130Ryan HowardWalmart
1130Ryan HowardBlondeWalmart
1131Phyllis VanceWalmart
1132Oscar MartinezWalmart
1145Stanley Hudson (Samurai Warrior)FunKon21
1159Angela Martin (Fun Run)GameStop
1170Michael Scott (Burnt Foot)
1171Dwight (Pumpkinhead)
1172Pam Beesly (w/ Teapot)
1173Oscar w/ Scarecrow
1174Erin Hannon
1175Kevin as Dunder Mifflin Superhero
1176Young Michael ScottFunko Shop
1177Michael Scott (Willy Wonka)
1178Dwight Schrute (Fire Drill)
1179Mose SchruteLEFall Convention 2021
Combo PackToby vs. Michael

Funko Hallmark The Office Ornament Checklist

Master List – Funko Hallmark Ornaments

Dwight SchruteWalmart
Michael ScottWalmart
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