New Wave of Thor Figures Coming to Funko Lines

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Funko has announced several Thor figures throughout their many lines of collectibles including Funko Pops and Dorbz. The figures released ahead of the highly anticipated third Thor film, will hit store shelves in August and feature a handful of variants and retail exclusives.

As a part of the Funko Pop Marvel line, the following figures will be added to the checklist. For a full checklist, click the associated hub at the top of this page.

  • 240 – Thor
  • 241 – Hulk
  • 242 – Loki
  • 243 – Hela
  • 244 – Valkyrie
  • 245 – Heimdall
  • 246 – Thor (Hot Topic exclusive)
  • 249 – Hulk (Walmart exclusive)
  • 250 – Bruce Banner (Toys R Us exclusive)
  • 251 – Hela (Target exclusive)
  • 252 – Surtur (Gamestop exclusive)

Note that several characters have multiple figures released for this wave. Because they have individual numbers, they are listed on our checklist simply as retail exclusives and not as variants.

Eight figures are being added to the massive Funko Dorbz line. Again, a full Dorbz checklist is available by clicking the associated hub button at the top of this article. The Thor Ragnarok figures added in this wave are as follows:

  • 364 – Thor
  • 364 – Thor (No helmet)
  • 365 – Loki
  • 366 – Hulk (5,000 piece limited edition)
  • 367 – Hulk (BAM exclusive)
  • 368 – Hela
  • 369 – Loki
  • 370 – Hulk

Beyond these two sequentially numbered lines, Funko will release Series 1 of Thor Ragnarok Mystery Mini figures. GameStop and Hot Topic will each have their own set of Mystery Mini exclusives.

Three new Hero Plushies will be released together as a three-pack and Pop Keychains will include Thor, Loki, and two versions of Hulk.

All of these releases are expected in August 2017 with more releases likely as the movie release nears. The checklist for each of the sequenced figure sets will be updated as new waves are announced.

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