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This line of Funko Pop Universal Monsters figurines focuses on the most legendary movie monsters of all time.

There is a different collection of Funko Pop Monsters which is a Funko original line with no connection to this series.

This checklist compiles all of the Funko Pop Movie Monsters figures released. Characters appearing in non Pop lines (Dorbz, Rock Candy, etc.) will be listed on the respective checklists for that collection.

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Funko Pop Movie Monsters Checklist

Master List – Funko Pop Movies

112FrankensteinGITDHot Topic
113Bride of Frankenstein
113Bride of FrankensteinGITDHot Topic
114Wolf Man
114Wolf ManFlockedToy Tokyo
116Creature from the Black Lagoon
116Creature from the Black LagoonGITDGemini Collectibles
116Creature from the Black LagoonGITDGemini Collectibles
117Phantom of the Opera
118Metaluna Mutant
607Frankenstienw/ FlowerWalgreens
608The Invisible ManWalgreens
608The Invisible ManClearChaseWalgreens
Combo PackUniversal Monsters 4-PackB&WGemini Collectibles
Combo PackUniversal Monsters 4-PackMetallic300Gemini Collectibles