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Funko Pop Trolls figurines hearken back to the original Troll design that has maintained popularity since its introduction in 1959. This collection is solely focused on the legendary toy and does not include character figures based on the popular Trolls films — those characters appear on the Funko Pop Movies checklist.

Keeping in line with other product lines, Funko has released chase figures and retail exclusives for this collection. There are also 10″ figures available on certain figures. All figures have real hair, like the original toys, and hold true to the original design without a lot of “Funko” stylization.

Some figures include a gemstone bellybutton while others do not. Collectors should pay close attention when purchasing these figures to ensure they are not purchasing movie figures or unboxed Mystery Minis.

Between color variants, poses, and accessories, the possibilities for Funko Pop Trolls expansion is virtually limitless. The possibility may exist to combine these characters with some of the hundreds of licenses currently managed by Funko.

Clicking a link within the checklist will direct you to an affiliate retailer or to relevant eBay listings for that figure.

1Rainbow Troll
2Teal Troll
3Pink Troll
3Pink TrollRainbow BodyLEWonderCon20/Barnes and Noble
4Orange Troll
5Yellow TrollGameStop
6Blue TrollBarnes and Noble
6Blue TrollRainbow BodyLEWonderCon20/Barnes and Noble
7Green TrollLEECCC20/Funko Shop
8Gold TrollDiamond CollectionLEFunko Shop
9Rainbow Troll (10″)
9Rainbow Troll (10″)Inverted ColorChase

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