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Funko Pop Sanrio figures feature characters from the popular Japanese creator.

Most widely known for their Hello Kitty franchise, Sanrio — who specialize in kawaii, or “cute”, characters — have created hundreds of characters since 1963.

Most figures are labeled simply as Sanrio but the Gudetama figures, though numbered in the Sanrio sequence, are branded under their own moniker.

To further add to the confusion, Funko has released a Funko Pop Pusheen line that appears to be separate from the Sanrio line but also appears to be a part of the same numbering sequence.

This collection is not updated regularly and the gap in checklist numbering belongs to the “separate” Pusheen line. That said, there are several retail exclusives in this collection for collectors to track down.

Clicking a link within the checklist will direct you to an affiliate retailer or a relevant eBay listing for that figure.

1Hello Kitty
4My Melody
7Chi Chai Monchan
8GudetamaHot Topic
9Gudetama w/ BaconHot Topic
10Gudetama (Lazy)Hot Topic
11PusheenicornPastelLEFunko Shop
12PusheenosaurusPinkHot Topic
13Pusheen MermaidBAM!
13Pusheen MermaidPinkBAM!
13Pusheen MermaidPinkLEMCM19
15Super Pusheenicorn
20Dragonsheen with GemBarnes and Noble
22Aggretsuko w/ Chainsaw
23Aggretsuko (Rage)
23AggretsukoMetallicBarnes and Noble
25Aggretsuko (Date Night)Target
26Pusheen w/ Heart
27Pusheen w/ Pizza
28Pusheen w/ CupcakeTarget
28Hello Kitty (Rainbow)Pride
28Hello Kitty (Classic)FlockedTarget
29Pusheen w/ Pizza10″Target
32Hello KittyDIY
39Hello Kitty (Robot)LESDCC20/GameStop
40Hello Kitty (Land)
41Hello Kitty (Sea)
42Hello Kitty (Space)
42Hello Kitty (Space)GITDTarget
43Hello Kitty (Sky)
44Hello Kitty (Mecha)
69Hello Kitty (Polar Bear Outfit)
73KuromiHot Topic
74My Melody
75Hello KittyDiamondLETarget Con 2024