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Funko Pop Pusheen features the internet-famous cat in many of her iterations.

The series is one of the smallest Funko lines and can be a little confusing for collectors to keep track of due to its odd numbering sequence.

The figures in this collection align with the number sequence for Funko Pop Sanrio figures. The Sanrio line has a gap from 11 to 20 which happens to be the number sequence of the Pusheen line. It isn’t clear why the decision was made to brand these separately but utilize the same sequence numbers, especially since Pusheen is not owned by Sanrio.

This collection has been slow to grow but there are several retail exclusives and variants on the checklist just from wave one and the potential for future additions to the line may make it a sizeable collection.

Our checklist includes all of the figures designated specifically to the Pusheen branding. Clicking a link within the checklist will direct you to an affiliate retailer or a relevant eBay listing for that character.

11PusheenicornPastelLEFunko Shop
12PusheenosaurusPinkHot Topic
13Pusheen MermaidBAM!
13Pusheen MermaidPinkBAM!
13Pusheen MermaidPinkLEMCM19
15Super Pusheenicorn
20Dragonsheen with GemBarnes and Noble
26Pusheen w/ Heart
27Pusheen w/ Pizza
28Pusheen w/ CupcakeTarget
29Pusheen w/ Pizza10″Target