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Funko Pop Books Checklist

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Funko Pop Books is a collection of vinyl figurines that features some of the most iconic characters of literature.

The line is one of Funko’s smallest and infrequently updated, probably in part due to the fact that many literary characters are released under the Funko Pop Movies branding.

Dr. Seuss is the most common source for characters on this checklist and Cthulhu dominates the list with a number of variants and exclusives. Some vaulted figures, such as Max (#1) which sold for $80 in October, 2019, can sell for higher than retail but, overall, this is an easy collection to compile on a budget.

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1MaxWhere the Wild Things Are
2CarolWhere the Wild Things Are
3CthulhuGITDCthulhuEntertainment Earth
3CthulhuPatinaCthulhuNYCC15/Hot Topic
3CthulhuGold MetallicCthulhuBAM!
3Nerd Cthulhu300CthulhuECCC16
3CthulhuNeon GreenCthulhuBAM!
4Cat in the HatDr. Seuss
4Cat in the HatFlockedDr. SeussBarnes and Noble
5Sam I AmDr. Seuss
5Sam I AmFlockedDr. SeussBarnes and Noble
6Sam’s FriendDr. Seuss
7Fox in SocksDr. Seuss
7Fox in SocksFlockedDr. SeussGameStop
8Horton 6″Dr. Seuss
9Cat in the HatFishbowlDr. SeussBAM!
10Cat in the HatBirthday CakeDr. SeussBoxLunch
10Cat in the Hatw/ UmbrellaDr. SeussBoxLunch
11LoraxFlockedDr. SeussSDCC17/Barnes & Noble
12GrinchThe Grinch
12GrinchBlueChaseThe Grinch
12GrinchFlockedThe GrinchBAM!
12GrinchB&WLEThe GrinchFunko Shop
13MaxThe Grinch
13MaxFlockedThe GrinchCalendar Club
14Grinch w/ Roast BeastFlockedThe GrinchBoxLunch
15Twisted FreddyTwisted Ones
16Twisted WolfTwisted Ones
17Twisted BonnieTwisted Ones
18Twisted FoxyTwisted Ones
19Twisted ChicaTwisted Ones
20TheodoreTwisted Ones
21StanleyTwisted OnesHot Topic
22EllaTwisted OnesGameStop
23Cthulhu10″LECthulhuFunko Shop
24WaldoWhere’s Waldo?
25Waldo & WoofWhere’s Waldo?Barnes and Noble