Funko Pop Big Bang Theory Checklist

By: Tony Frye

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The Big Bang Theory was one of the most popular and long lasting sitcoms of all time and continues to be seen in syndication around the world. Funko Pop has featured many characters from the show among their collections virtually from the beginning of the Television line.

This checklist compiles all Funko Pop Big Bang Theory figures specifically branded as Pops. Any characters appearing in other lines (Dorbz, Rock Candy, etc.) appear on those respective checklists.

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Funko Pop Big Bang Theory Checklist

Master List – Funko Pop Television

11Sheldon Cooper
11Sheldon CooperBatman TSDCC12
11Sheldon CooperFlash TAstro Zombies
11Sheldon CooperHawkman TSDCC12
11Sheldon CooperSuperman TSDCC12
42Amy Farrah Fowler
42Amy Farrah FowlerColorSDCC13
42Amy Farrah FowlerColorJMD
45Leonard Hofstadter
57Raj Koothrappali
58Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz
59Howard Wolowitz
73Sheldon Cooper Star Trek
73Sheldon Cooper Star TrekTeleportingSDCC13
74Leonard Hofstadter Star Trek
74Leonard Hofstadter Star TrekTeleportingSDCC13
75Howard Wolowitz Star Trek
75Howard Wolowitz Star TrekTeleportingSDCC13
76Raj Koothrappali Star Trek
76Raj Koothrappali Star TrekTeleportingSDCC13
776Sheldon Cooper
777Howard WolowitzAstronaut
778Leonard HofstadterRobe
779Amy Farrah Fowler
781Raj Koothrappali
782Stuart Bloom
783Bernadette Rostenkowski
832Raj Koothrappali (as Aquaman)SDCC19
833Sheldon Cooper (as Flash)SDCC19
834Howard Wolowitz (as Batman)SDCC19
835Penny (as Wonder Woman)SDCC19
836Leonard Hofstadter (as Green Lantern)SDCC19