Funko Pop Arrested Development Checklist

By: Tony Frye

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The initial wave of Funko Pop Arrested Development figures focused solely on the men of the iconic television series and despite a wide range of costumes, characters, and women to honor in Pop form, the series has not expanded since.

Arrested Development ran for three seasons on Fox and was later revived for additional seasons on Netflix and is one of the most acclaimed and celebrated comedies of all time.

This checklist compiles all of the Arrested Development figures released in a Funko Pop line. Any other Funko products to feature these characters will have respective lists. Many of these figures have been vaulted meaning they are no longer produced and must be obtained on the secondary market.

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Master List: Funko Pop Television

Funko Pop Arrested Development Checklist

Base Figures – 8

113Michael Bluth
114Gob Bluth
115Buster Bluth
116Tobias Funke
116Tobias FunkeBlue Himself
117George Michael Bluth
118Michael Bluth
119George Bluth
120Buster Bluth