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Funko Pop Ad Icons feature some of the most well-known product mascots of the past 50+ years. Many of the figures included in this line are exclusive to comic conventions or the Funko Shop and, of those, several have very limited releases such as the Big Boy figure which had a run of 480 pieces.

Unlike most Funko collections, there are several instances of two completely different figures utilizing the same sequence number.

Clicking a link within the checklist will direct you to an affiliate retailer or to relevant eBay listings. Choose a franchise from the list below to view all of the associated figures.

Funko Pop Ad Icons Checklist


19Bazooka JoeTarget

Cap’n Crunch

14Cap’n CrunchTarget
15Crunchberry BeastSDCC18
16Jean LaFooteLEFunko Shop
20Cozmic Cap’n CrunchGITDLEFunko Shop
36Cap’N Crunch (w/ Sword)
95Cap’N Crunch10″LEFunko Shop


21BuzzLEFunko Shop


77Chester Cheetah
77Chester CheetahGITDTarget
78Chester Cheetahw/ Crunchy CheetosFunko Hollywood Store


58Coca-Cola Polar Bear
58Coca-Cola Polar BearFlockedLEFunko Shop
59Coca-Cola Polar Bear10″LEFunko Shop

Cocoa Puffs

9Sonny the CuckooLEFunko Shop

Ding Dongs

28King Ding DongLEFunko Shop
28King Ding DongPlatinumLEFunko Shop


17The NoidTarget
17The NoidGITDTarget

Dr. Pepper

79Lil’ SweetKeurig Dr. Pepper

Dum Dums

105Dum-Dums Drum ManNYCC20

Emerald City Comic Con



73Energizer Bunny
73Energizer BunnyFlockedLEFunko Shop
73Energizer BunnyDiamond CollectionTarget


57Fanta ClownLEFunko Shop

Forest Fire Prevention

75Smokey Bear
75Smokey BearFlockedHot Topic
76Smokey Bear (w/ Bucket)LEFunko Shop/GameStop

Froot Loops

13Toucan SamLEFunko Shop
13Toucan SamMetallic1000Funko Charity Events

Frosted Flakes

8Tony the Tiger3000Funko Shop
8Tony the TigerFlocked2000Funko Shop
63Tony the Tiger w/ SunglassesFunko Hollywood Store
70Tony the Tiger 10″LEFunko Shop

Fruit Pies

26Fruit Pie the MagicianLEFunko Shop
26Fruit Pie the MagicianPlatinumLEFunko Shop

General Mills

1Count Chocula
1Count ChoculaMetallic480SDCC11
2Franken Berry
2Franken BerryMetallic480SDCC11
3Boo Berry
3Boo BerryMetallic480SDCC11
3Boo BerryGITD24SDCC11
33Count Chocula (w/ Cereal Bowl)LEFunko Shop
34Franken Berry (w/ Cereal Bowl)LEFunko Shop
35Boo Berry (w/ Cereal Bowl)LEFunko Shop
60Count ChoculaLEFunko Shop
60Count Chocula10″LEFunko Shop
61Franken Berry 10″LEFunko Shop

Golden Crisp

22Sugar BearTarget

Green Giant

42Green Giant
ComboGreen Giant & SproutMetallicSDCC19/Target

Hawaiian Punch


Honey Smacks

25Dig Em’ Frog

Hostess Cupcakes

66Captain CupcakeLEFunko Shop
66Captain CupcakePlatinumLEFunko Shop

Hot Topic

SEHot Topic GirlHot Topic
SEHot Topic GuyHot Topic


72Icee Polar BearLEFunko Shop
72Icee Polar BearScented (Purple)Hot Topic
106Slush Puppie
106Slush PuppieCherry ScentedHot Topic
106Slush PuppieFlockedTarget

Jack in the Box

100Jack BoxSDCC20/Funko Shop


30JollibeeFlockedLEToycon Philippines 2019
30JollibeeGold Metallic1000Funko Charity Events
51JollibeeGITDHobbiestock Collectibles
98Hetty SpaghettiGlitter5000
Combo PackJollibee & Hetty SpaghettiJollibee


44Kool-Aid Man
83Kool-Aid Man10″Target

Lucky Charms

11Lucky the LeprechaunLEFunko Shop
11Lucky the LeprechaunGITDLEFunko Shop


85Ronald McDonald
88Mayor McCheese
89Officer Mac
99Captain CrookNYCC20
109Rock Out Ronald McDonald
110Birdie the Early Bird
111Cowboy McNugget
112Fireman McNugget
113Rockstar McNugget
114Tennis McNugget
ComboFry Guys
ComboOfficer Mac, Grimace, Ronald McDonald, Hamburglar, Mayor McCheese
ComboFry KidsRed/GreenLEFunko Shop
ComboFry KidsBlue/Orange

Monster Cereals

6Fruit Brute2500Funko Shop
7Yummy Mummy2500Funko Shop

Morton Salt

84Morton Salt Girl
84Morton Salt GirlDiamond CollectionBoxLunch

New York Comic Con

23Paulie PigeonBlackNYCC19
23Paulie PigeonRedNYCC19
23Paulie PigeonStriped JerseyNYCC19

Otter Pops

45Poncho Punch
46Alexander the Grape
47Strawberry Short Kook
48Louie-Bloo Raspberry4000SDCC19
49Sir Isaac Lime
50Little Orphan Orange


52Peter PezSDCC19/Toy Tokyo
52Peter PezBlue Hat
64Mimic the Monkey
64Mimic the MonkeyRed OverallsLENYCC19
80Pez GirlBrown Hair
81Pez GirlBlonde HairLENYCC19
82Pez GirlRed HairPez Candy
91Pez Boy (Fireman)LEECCC20/Funko Shop


37Pillsbury DoughboyLEFunko Shop
41Pillsbury Doughboyw/ Shamrock CookieLEECCC19/Funko Shop
65Pillsbury DoughboySanta SuitLEFunko Shop
93Pillsbury Doughboyw/ HeartLEFunko Shop
94Pillsbury Doughboyw/ Easter EggLEFunko Shop


107Mr. Peanut
108Baby NutTarget

Pop Tarts

56Milton the ToasterLEFunko Shop

Quaker Oats

67QuakeLEFunko Shop
68QuispLEFunko Shop

Rice Krispies

Combo PackSnap, Crackle, PopLEFunko Shop

San Diego Comic Con

102ToucanSDCC20/Funko Shop
103ToucanAstronaut WhiteSDCC20/Funko Shop
103ToucanAstronaut Red Metallic1000Comic-Con Museum
53ToucanSDCC19/Funko Shop

Singapore Airlines

18Singapore GirlKrisShop

Slush Puppie

106Slush Puppie


54Charlie the TunaLEFunko Shop

Sugar Corn Pops

71Big YellaLEFunko Shop


5BullseyeFlocked (Red Collar)Target
32Bullseye 10″Target
118BullseyeBlack T-ShirtLETarget Con 2021

Tootsie Roll Pops

62Mr. OwlLEFunko Shop

Toys R Us

12GeoffreyToys R Us
12GeoffreyFlockedToys R Us
29Geoffrey as Iron ManFan Expo Canada
69Geoffrey as BatmanTRU Canada
104Geoffrey as SupermanToys R Us Canada


10Trix the RabbitLEFunko Shop
10Trix the RabbitFlocked3500Funko Shop


27Twinkie the Kid
27Twinkie the KidRetroChase
27Twinkie the KidPlatinumLEFunko Shop
31Twinkie the KidGITDTarget

United States Forest Service

96Woodsy OwlFlockedLEFunko Shop


55Wally WarheadsLEFunko Shop

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