Eaglemoss Star Trek Busts figurine checklist

Eaglemoss Star Trek Busts Checklist

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Eaglemoss Star Trek busts are the perfect addition to any Trek collection with figures representing over 50 years of stories.

Beginning with Captain James T. Kirk, this collection of highly detailed busts will cover the entire scope of the Star Trek television and film universe creating an ever-expanding series with virtually infinite possibilities.

The entire collection is hand-painted in excellent detail on a polyresin mold. Figures stand between 4.5″ and 6″ tall.

Every figure is accompanied with a magazine that details the accompanying character’s history and back story.

Star Trek premiered on American television in 1966 and has been a pop culture institution ever since having spawned several television shows, over a dozen films, animated series, video games, and volumes of books. With such a rich and prolific catalog of characters, there will be no shortage of inspiration for this series of figurines.

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1Captain KirkStar Trek
2SpockStar Trek
3WorfStar Trek: The Next Generation
4DataStar Trek: The Next Generation
5Captain JanewayStar Trek: Voyager
6Seven of NineStar Trek: Voyager
7Benjamin SiskoStar Trek: Deep Space Nine
8Michael BurnhamStar Trek: Discovery
9Commander SaruStar Trek: Discovery
10Captain PicardStar Trek: The Next Generation
11Captain Jonathan ArcherStar Trek: Enterprise
12Doctor Leonard McCoyStar Trek