2023 Topps Throwback Thursday baseball card checklist

2023 Topps Throwback Thursday Checklist

Release Date: 1/5/23

Release Year Archive: 2023

Manufacturer Archive: Topps

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2023 Topps Throwback Thursday baseball cards blend baseball’s biggest players with some of Topps’ most iconic card designs from sports and non-sports card sets.

Each throwback design consists of 12 cards released three at a time over a four week period. Every Thursday, three new cards are added to the collection and available exclusively via the Topps website for one week. One of the three cards each week will be the subject of a short print image variant and all the cards have randomly distributed color variants.

Final print runs for each card are determined by consumer demand.

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2023 Topps Throwback Thursday Checklist

Base Set – 132 Cards
Blue – #/10
Pink – #/5
Gold – 1/1

1958 Baseball (Sets 1-4)
Print Run – 15,633

1960 Sophomores (Sets 5-8)
Print Run – 10,323

1993 Baseball (Sets 9-12)
Print Run – 22,470

1971-72 Hockey (Sets 13-16)
Print Run – 11,193

1954 Bowman Football (Sets 17-20)
Print Run – 8,337

1988 Topps UK (Sets 21-24)
Print Run – 9,198

1981 Indiana Jones (Sets 25-28)
Print Run – 13,110

1990 Topps TV All Star (Sets 29-32)
Print Run – 14,664

1989 Topps Future Stars (Sets 33-36)
Print Run – 24,942

1990 Topps RoboCop (Sets 37-40)
Print Run – 12,594

1964 Topps CFL Football (Sets 41-44)
Print Run – 14,196

2002 Topps Baseball (Sets 45-48)
Print Run – 13,338

1987 Topps Toys R Us (Sets 49-52)
Print Run – 14,880

This checklist is organized by teams. Scroll through the entire list or jump to a preferred team by selecting them from the list below. Clicking a link within the checklist will direct you to an affiliate retailer or to relevant eBay listings.


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
5Shohei Ohtani *1958 Baseball1,522
8Mike Trout *1958 Baseball1,281
44Shohei Ohtani *1971-72 Hockey1,588
77Shohei Ohtani *1981 Indiana Jones1,251
95Shohei Ohtani *1990 TV All Star1,617
122Shohei Ohtani *1964 CFL Football1,705
128Mike Trout *1964 CFL Football1,021
140Shohei Ohtani2002 Baseball1,906
*Shortprint Photo Variation Subject


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
12Yordan Alvarez1958 Baseball1,046
22Jeremy Pena1960 Sophomores768
63Hunter BrownRC1988 Topps UK544
79Jeremy Pena1981 Indiana Jones655
120Nolan Ryan1990 RoboCop1,678


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
53Rickey Henderson *1954 Bowman Football544
57Mark McGwire1954 Bowman Football733
72Esteury RuizRC1988 Topps UK916
*Shortprint Photo Variation Subject

Blue Jays

#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
47Vladimir Guerrero Jr *1971-72 Hockey566
*Shortprint Photo Variation Subject


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
3Greg Maddux1958 Baseball1,362
16Spencer Strider1960 Sophomores1,110
18Eddie Mathews1960 Sophomores1,110
26Michael Harris II *RC1993 Baseball2,383
33Chipper Jones1993 Baseball1,880
38Tom Glavine1971-72 Hockey849
41Ronald Acuna Jr *1971-72 Hockey728
43Vaughn GrissomRC1971-72 Hockey1,588
66Spencer Strider1988 Topps UK773
78Andruw Jones1981 Indiana Jones1,251
89Ronald Acuna Jr1990 TV All Star883
113Michael Harris II *RC1990 RoboCop852
125Ronald Acuna Jr *1964 CFL Football1,200
133Matt Olson2002 Baseball810
135Spencer Strider2002 Baseball810
143Ronald Acuna Jr2002 Baseball1,148
*Shortprint Photo Variation Subject



#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
7Paul Goldschmidt1958 Baseball1,281
28Nolan GormanRC1993 Baseball2,101
30Yadier Molina1993 Baseball2,101
71Nolan Gorman *RC1988 Topps UK916
76Nolan Arenado1981 Indiana Jones1,251
99Nolan GormanRC1989 Future Stars1,330
101Jordan Walker *RC1989 Future Stars1,432
111Albert Pujols1990 RoboCop920
116Jordan Walker II *RC1990 RoboCop748
151Jordan WalkerRC1987 Toys R US670


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
13Seiya Suzuki1960 Sophomores876
15Ron Santo1960 Sophomores876
21Ernie Banks1960 Sophomores687
37Christopher MorelRC1971-72 Hockey849
42Sammy Sosa1971-72 Hockey728
54Dansby Swanson1954 Bowman Football544
70Christopher MorelRC1988 Topps UK916
102Christopher MorelRC1989 Future Stars1,432


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
67Gabriel MorenoRC1988 Topps UK833
73Corbin CarrollRC1981 Indiana Jones1,520
86Corbin Carroll *RC1990 TV All Star1,247
108Corbin CarrollRC1989 Future Stars3,628
119Corbin Caroll *RC1990 RoboCop1,678
142Corbin Caroll2002 Baseball1,148
146Corbin Caroll *RC1987 Toys R Us1,527
*Shortprint Photo Variation Subject


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
10Mookie Betts1958 Baseball1,046
62Mookie Betts *1988 Topps UK544
65James Outman *RC1988 Topps UK773
85Mookie Betts1990 TV All Star1,247
96Freddie Freeman1990 TV All Star1,617
145James OutmanRC1987 Toys R Us1,527
153Bobby MillerRC1987 Toys R Us670
*Shortprint Photo Variation Subject


#PlayerThrowbackPrint Run
84Vladimir Guerrero1981 Indiana Jones944


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
81Buster Posey1981 Indiana Jones655


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
46Oscar GonzalezRC1971-72 Hockey566


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
17Julio Rodriguez *1960 Sophomores1,110
27Ichiro1993 Baseball2,383
50Julio Rodriguez *1954 Bowman Football936
75Alex Rodriguez1981 Indiana Jones1,520
87Ken Griffey Jr1990 TV All Star1,247
88Julio Rodriguez1990 TV All Star883
110Julio Rodriguez *1990 RoboCop920
*Shortprint Photo Variation Subject


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
45Mike Piazza1971-72 Hockey1,588
60Sandy Alcantara1954 Bowman Football566
69Jazz Chisholm1988 Topps UK833
90Luis Arraez1990 TV All Star883


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
35Brett Baty *RC1993 Throwback1,126
36David Wright1993 Throwback1,126
64Pete Alonso1988 Topps UK773
80Francisco Alvarez *RC1981 Indiana Jones655
98Kodai Senga *RC1989 Future Stars1,330
105Francisco AlvarezRC1989 Future Stars1,924
121Kodai SengaRC1964 CFL Football1,705
152Kodai Senga *RC1987 Toys R Us670
*Shortprint Photo Variation Subject



#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
29Adley Rutschman *RC1993 Baseball2,101
32Gunnar Henderson *RC1993 Baseball1,880
51Cal Ripken Jr1954 Bowman Football936
61Ryan Mountcastle1988 Topps UK544
91Adley Rutschman RC1990 TV All Stars1,141
103Adley RutschmanRC1989 Future Stars1,924
107Gunnar Henderson *RC1989 Future Stars3,628
114Cal Ripken Jr1990 RoboCop852
124Adley RutschmanRC1964 CFL Football1,200
127Gunnar HendersonRC1964 CFL Football1,021
139Gunnar HendersonRC2002 Baseball1,906
149Gunnar HendersonRC1987 Toys R Us1,261
156Adley RutschmanRC1987 Toys R Us1,502
*Shortprint Photo Variation Subject


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
4Juan Soto1958 Baseball1,522
38Juan Soto *1971-72 Hockey849
55Xander Bogaerts1954 Bowman Football733
144Blake Snell2002 Baseball1,148
*Shortprint Photo Variation Subject


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
49Trea Turner1954 Bowman Football936
*Shortprint Photo Variation Subject


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
23Oneil Cruz *1960 Sophomores768
82Andrew McCutchen1981 Indiana Jones944
*Shortprint Photo Variation Subject


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
52Jacob deGrom1954 Bowman Football544
92Josh Jung *RC1990 TV All Stars1,141
93Marcus Semien1990 TV All Stars1,141
100Josh JungRC1989 Future Stars1,432
136Adolis Garcia2002 Baseball582
137Corey Seager *2002 Baseball582
138Josh JungRC2002 Baseball582
155Josh Jung *RC1987 Toys R Us1,502
*Shortprint Photo Variation Subject


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
19Wander Franco1960 Sophomores687
74Wander Franco *1981 Indiana Jones1,520
94Randy Arozarena1990 TV All Star1,617
*Shortprint Photo Variation Subject

Red Sox

#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
40Triston CasasRC1971-72 Hockey728
58Rafael Devers1954 Bowman Football566
68Masataka Yoshida *RC1988 Topps UK833
97Masataka YoshidaRC1989 Future Stars1,330
123Masataka YoshidaRC1964 CFL Football1,705
148Masataka YoshidaRC1987 Toys R Us1,261
150Triston CasasRC1987 Toys R Us1,261


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
6Barry Larkin1958 Baseball1,522
48Johnny Bench1971-72 Hockey566
104Spencer Steer *RC1989 Future Stars1,924
118Will BensonRC1990 RoboCop1,678
147Spencer SteerRC1987 Toys R Us1,527



#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
9Bo Jackson1958 Baseball1,281
14Bobby Witt Jr *1960 Sophomores876
31Vinnie PasquantinoRC1993 Baseball1,880
109Bobby Witt Jr1990 RoboCop920
132Bo Jackson1964 CFL Football806
*Shortprint Photo Variation Subject


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
1Miguel Cabrera1958 Baseball1,362
20Spencer Torkelson *1960 Sophomores687
24Al Kaline1960 Sophomores768
34Riley GreeneRC1993 Baseball1,126
112Riley GreeneRC1990 RoboCop852
130Miguel Cabrera1964 CFL Football806
*Shortprint Photo Variation Subject


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
126Joe Mauer1964 CFL Football1,200

White Sox

#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
117Oscar ColasRC1990 RoboCop748
129Frank Thomas1964 CFL Football1,021


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
2Aaron Judge *1958 Baseball1,362
11Derek Jeter *1958 Baseball1,046
25Oswald PerazaRC1993 Baseball2,383
56Aaron Judge1954 Bowman Football733
59Don Mattingly *1954 Bowman Football566
83Anthony VolpeRC1981 Indiana Jones944
106Anthony VolpeRC1989 Future Stars3,628
115Aaron Judge1990 RoboCop748
131Aaron Judge *1964 CFL Football806
134Aaron Judge *2002 Baseball810
141Gerrit Cole2002 Baseball1,906
154Anthony VolpeRC1987 Toys R Us1,502
*Shortprint Photo Variant Subject
2022 Topps Throwback Thursday baseball card checklist
2022 Topps Throwback Thursday