2022 Topps Throwback Thursday baseball card checklist

2022 Topps Throwback Thursday Checklist

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2022 Topps Throwback Thursday baseball cards blend baseball’s biggest players with some of Topps’ most iconic card designs from sports and non-sports card sets.

Each throwback design consists of 12 cards released three at a time over a four week period. Every Thursday, three new cards are added to the collection and available exclusively via the Topps website for one week. One of the three cards each week will be the subject of a short print image variant and all the cards have randomly distributed color variants.

Final print runs for each card are determined by consumer demand. This checklist is organized by baseball team. Scroll through the entire list or jump to your preferred team by selecting them from the list below. Clicking a link within this checklist will direct you to an affiliate retailer or to related eBay listings.

2022 Topps Throwback Thursday Checklist

Base Set – TBD
Blue – #/10
Pink – #/5
Gold – 1/1

1983 Football (Sets 1-4)
Print Run – 10,917

2008 Baseball (Sets 5-8)
Print Run – 5,493

1972/73 Basketball (Sets 9-12)
Print Run – 29,040

1955 Baseball (Sets 13-16)
Print Run – 12,705

2001 Bowman (Sets 17-20)
Print Run – 52,695

1976 Autos of 1977 (Sets 21-24)
Print Run – 13,179

1979 The Incredible Hulk (Sets 25-28)
Print Run – 23,172

1967/68 Hockey All Star (Sets 29-32)
Print Run – 11,853

1976 Football (Sets 33-36)
Print Run – 8,193

1991 Terminator 2 (Sets 37-40)
Print Run – 20,519

1962 World Series (Sets 41-44)
Print Run – 12,645

1987 Football “1000 Yard Club” (Sets 45-48
Print Run – 14,457

1991 Topps Glossy Rookie (Sets 49-52)
Print Run –


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
2Shohei Ohtani *1983 Football955
8Mike Trout *1983 Football1278
31Jo Adell1972/73 Basketball483
38Mike Trout *1955 Baseball1073
47Shohei Ohtani *1955 Baseball1724
69Vladimir Guerrero Sr1976 Autos of 1977837
80Shohei Ohtani *1979 Incredible Hulk2977
93Shohei Ohtani1967 Hockey All-Star2442
112Shohei Ohtani1991 Terminator 21312
118Mike Trout1991 Terminator 23456
* Shortprint Photo Variation Subject


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
32Yordan Alvarez *1972/73 Basketball483
66Nolan Ryan1976 Autos of 1977697
68Jeremy Pena *RC1976 Autos of 1977837
113Jeremy Pena *RC1991 Terminator 21312
123Justin Verlander1962 World Series627
127Jeremy Pena1962 World Series859
130Jose Altuve1962 World Series509
136Yordan Alvarez1987 Football “1000 Yard Club”1039
137Jeremy Pena *RC1987 Football “1000 Yard Club”1039
138Cristian Javier1987 Football “1000 Yard Club”1039
141Justin Verlander1987 Football “1000 Yard Club”2829
155Jeremy Pena *RC1991 Topps Glossy Rookie
*Shortprint Photo Variation Subject


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
63Rickey Henderson1976 Autos of 1977743
75Mark McGwire1979 Incredible Hulk2175
120Rickey Henderson1991 Terminator 23456

Blue Jays

#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
7Bo Bichette1983 Football1278
10Vladimir Guerrero Jr1983 Football741
18Rickey Henderson2008 Baseball462
41Bo Bichette *1955 Baseball570
67Vladimir Guerrero Jr1976 Autos of 1977837
115Vladimir Guerrero Jr1991 Terminator 21650
*Shortprint Photo Variation Subject


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
4Ronald Acuna Jr1983 Football665
25Ian Anderson1972/73 Basketball7902
33Austin Riley1972/73 Basketball483
42Greg Maddux1955 Baseball570
48Chipper Jones1955 Baseball1724
89Ronald Acuna Jr *1967 Hockey All-Star473
97Spencer StriderRC1976 Football661
124Ronald Acuna Jr1962 World Series2220
135Kyle Wright1987 Football “1000 Yard Club”551
147Spencer StriderRC1991 Topps Glossy Rookie
*Shortprint Photo Variation Subject


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
12Robin Yount1983 Football741
19Christian Yelich2008 Baseball468


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
27Ozzie Smith1972/73 Basketball7902
85Paul Goldschmdt1967 Hockey All-Star617
88Albert Pujols1967 Hockey All-Star473
110Albert Pujols *1991 Terminator 2755
143Paul Goldschmidt *1987 Football “1000 Yard Club”400
156Brendan DonovanRC1991 Topps Glossy Rookie
*Shortprint Photo Variation Subject


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
45Ryne Sandberg1955 Baseball868
50Seiya Suzuki *RC2001 Bowman5275
108Buck O’Neil1976 Football736
109Seiya SuzukiRC1991 Terminator 2755
148Seiya SuzukiRC1991 Topps Glossy Rookie
*Shortprint Photo Variation Subject



#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
23Cody Bellinger *2008 Baseball413
96Clayton Kershaw1967 Hockey All-Star419
98Mookie Betts *1976 Football661
111Mike Piazza1991 Terminator 2755
121Mookie Betts1962 World Series627
144Justin Turner1987 Football “1000 Yard Club”400
*Shortprint Photo Variation Subject


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
22Buster Posey2008 Baseball413


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
49Steven KwanRC2001 Bowman5275
62Steven Kwan *RC1976 Autos of 1977743
153Steven KwanRC1991 Topps Glossy Rookie


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
39Randy Johnson1955 Baseball1053
56Julio Rodriguez *RC2001 Bowman3423
73Julio RodriguezRC1979 Incredible Hulk2175
92Julio Rodriguez *RC1967 Hockey All-Star2442
119Julio Rodriguez *RC1991 Terminator 23456
125Julio Rodriguez *RC1962 World Series2220
140Julio Rodriguez *RC1987 Football “1000 Yard Club”2829
146Julio Rodriguez *RC1991 Topps Glossy Rookie
*Shortprint Photo Variation Subject


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
36Gary Sheffield1972/73 Basketball673
142Sandy Alcantara1987 Football “1000 Yard Club”400


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
17Jacob deGrom *2008 Baseball462
29Pete Alonso *1972/73 Basketball622
48Chipper Jones1955 Baseball1724
82Max Scherzer1979 The Incredible Hulk1197
100Jacob deGrom1976 Football848
103Francisco Lindor1976 Football486
105Gil Hodges1976 Football486
133Pete Alonso1987 Football “1000 Yard Club”551
*Shortprint Photo Variation Subject


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
14Juan Soto *2008 Baseball488
65Juan Soto *1976 Autos of 1977697
95Juan Soto *1967 Hockey All-Star419
*Shortprint Photo Variation Subject


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
3Cal Ripken Jr1983 Football955
72Cal Ripken Jr1976 Autos of 1977836
117Cal Ripken Jr1991 Terminator 21650


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
11Fernando Tatis Jr*1983 Football741
44Fernando Tatis Jr*1955 Baseball868
54Tony Gwynn2001 Bowman2730
58CJ AbramsRC2001 Bowman6137
61Manny Machado1976 Autos of 1977743
74MacKenzie Gore*RC1979 Incredible Hulk2175
126Juan Soto1962 World Series2220
*Shortprint Photo Variant Subject


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
5Bryce Harper *1983 Football665
21Steve Carlton2008 Baseball468
34Alec Bohm1972/73 Basketball673
77Bryce Harper1979 Incredible Hulk1375
128Bryce Harper *1962 World Series859
131Bryson Stott *RC1962 World Series509
132Kyle Schwarber1962 World Series509
154Bryson StottRC1991 Topps Glossy Rookie
*Shortprint Photo Variation Subject


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
16Ke’Bryan Hayes2008 Baseball462
83Oneil Cruz*RC1979 Incredible Hulk1197
101Oneil Cruz *RC1976 Football848
145Oneil CruzRC1991 Topps Glossy Rookie
*Shortprint Photo Variation Subject


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
24Ivan Rodriguez2008 Baseball413
114Nolan Ryan1991 Terminator 21312


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
13Randy Arozarena2008 Baseball488
26Wander Franco *RC1972/73 Basketball7902
37Vidal BrujanRC1955 Baseball1053
59Wander Franco *RC2001 Bowman6137
79Wander FrancoRC1979 Incredible Hulk2977
149Wander Franco *RC1991 Topps Glossy Rookie
*Shortprint Photo Variation Subject

Red Sox

#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
15Dustin Pedroia2008 Baseball488
28Rafael Devers1972/73 Basketball622
87Rafael Devers1967 Hockey All-Star617
99David Ortiz1976 Football661


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
43Jonathan India1955 Baseball868
52Hunter GreeneRC2001 Bowman2730
104Hunter Greene *RC1976 Football486
151Hunter GreeneRC1991 Topps Glossy Rookie
* Shortprint Photo Variation Subject



#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
53Bobby Witt Jr *RC2001 Bowman2730
64MJ MelendezRC1976 Autos of 1977697
76Bobby Witt JrRC1979 Incredible Hulk1375
116Bobby Witt Jr *RC1991 Terminator 21650
152Bobby Witt Jr *RC1991 Topps Glossy Rookie
*Shortprint Photo Variation Subject


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
30Matt ManningRC1972/73 Basketball622
55Spencer TorkelsonRC2001 Bowman3423
60Al Kaline2001 Bowman6137
78Ivan Rodriguez1979 Incredible Hulk1375
90Miguel Cabrera1967 Hockey All-Star473


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
51Kirby Puckett2001 Bowman5275
70Royce LewisRC1976 Autos of 1977836
84Harmon Killebrew1979 Incredible Hulk1197
91Byron Buxton1967 Hockey All-Star2442
102Tony Oliva1976 Football848
106Joe RyanRC1976 Football736
150Joe RyanRC1991 Topps Glossy Rookie

White Sox

#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
6Frank Thomas1983 Football665
20Luis Robert *2008 Baseball468
81Frank Thomas1979 Incredible Hulk2977
*Shortprint Photo Variation Subject


#PlayerRCThrowbackPrint Run
1Aaron Judge1983 Football955
9Don Mattingly1983 Football1278
35Derek Jeter *1972/73 Basketball673
40Gerrit Cole1955 Baseball570
57Thurman Munson2001 Bowman3423
71Aaron Judge *1976 Autos of 1977836
86Aaron Judge *1967 Hockey All-Star617
94Giancarlo Stanton1967 Hockey All-Star419
107Aaron Judge *1976 Football736
122Aaron Judge *1962 World Series627
129Gerrit Cole1962 World Series859
134Aaron Judge *1987 Football “1000 Yard Club”551
139Aaron Judge1987 Football “1000 Yard Club”2829
*Shortprint Photo Variation Subject